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I’m sorry

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

I’m sorry livejournal, but I cannot update here. I try to but I never really feel like typing in this box. I’ve tried livejournal for a while. I’ve tried my own website …. and nothing ever works. Something is holding me back. Pictures need to be posted. I need links. I need a cool calendar. I need more stuff. I need to be able to make it the way I want it, and I need some space for other things besides words. Sometimes I do not feel like sitting down and posting anything at all. Lately I’ve been consumed with other things. Livejournal is not making me happy anymore. I used to love LJ, but now I just think it is not for me. Obviously I have not updated in a long time. Now I have a new place to put junk. I still can’t promise regular updates, but I will have a journal section. So everyone, keep your eyes open for my new place

Whoo Christmas was here!

Thursday, January 1st, 2004

Ok, so Christmas came and went and it was “the most wonderful time of the year!”. So there is lots of other subjects I could write about since I have not updated in over a month, but I just want to brag about all the kick-ass things I got for Christmas!

Lets start off with my grandparents. They got me: Purple sweater, navy blue sweater, pink/orange sweater, silver tommy hilfiger bracelet w/my initial and matching necklace/earrings, and bath & body works gear.

My uncle got me a WalMart giftcard and I was very excited about that!

My parents got me a lot of stuff. Lets see … I got a new comforter, pillowcases, a toaster oven, a DVD Player, Cheers Season 1 DVD, Three’s Company season 1 DVD, a curling iron, gloves, a hat, KITTY Slippers!, comfy fleece blanket, a new hooded sweatshirt, and a candle.

Todd got me a pretty silver bracelet and a webcam, woohoo!

I think I got everything and more that I wanted for Christmas … so here is the part where I tell you what I got for everyone else!

I got my grandma a daily calendar and a Grandma’s Kitchen ornament/hanging wooden thing. I got my dad a comfy fleece blanket, I got my mom socks, Trading Spaces Book, and some perfume. I got my brother socks and boxers, and I got Todd some DVD’s, boxers, new slippers, and a daily calendar that says funny stuff.

I love Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I promise to update more more and more!