Nothing new

I will recap the latest happenings in my life, but it isn’t much, seriously. My birthday was great and I got lots of stuff, mostly money. I had to work on my birthday but that was ok because everyone bought me lottery tickets and my boss gave me some loot. I also got a surprise cupcake party at at work, with candles too! It was nice.

Then Todd came over and brought me my birthday present, a big memory card for my digital camera and the first cherry tomatoes from his tomato garden. I guess I have to become a crazy photographer now. AND, I do have lots of pictures to post, but I need to finish my picture album first. I hate the way my website looks. I think I am going to go back to something plain and simple. I can’t design, so I should probably just stop trying.
I have two weeks off from work starting August 8th, so I have to spend my time wisely, finding myself a real career! Today I sat down and talked with my boss and he offered me a pretty handsome raise, AND 40 hours a week IF I stay. Well, even though working full-time at a decent level above minimum wage is liveable, I seriously can’t make a career out of making pizza forever. It sounds stupid, but they make it almost impossible for you to leave. It is like some kind of evil psychological curse. I like working there, I like the people, and they kind of feel like your family after a while. I think that leaving there will be really hard for me and when I get a new job I still plan on working there whenever I can.
Enough work talk, lets see what else is new. Oh, yeah. I have developed a fear of mad cow disease. Partly because I keep seeing stuff on the news about it, and because Jaime educated me about it and made me read about it in Michael Moore’s book, “Stupid White Men”. Now I don’t know if I hate beef or if I hate Michael Moore. I ate wedding soup the other day at Eatin’ Park, but other than that I haven’t eaten beef in almost two weeks. I hate always feeling paranoid about everything I do, but I feel that way anyways. Mad Cow disease can live in your body for a long time before you die from it. I was reading about it on the internet and somewhere it said that 15% of people who die from Alzheimer’s actually have Mad Cow Disease (or at least from the same bacteria that causes it). BUT, why don’t young people start getting alzheimers if it is really Mad Cow? I am just going to wait until the first celebrity dies from Mad Cow disease …. because then at least it will be publicized. Or, I will just go to the library and get his book so I can become paranoid about more things. Sometimes I wish I was really dumb because really dumb people always seem happy and carefree. Or maybe I am really dumb and I just make problems up to keep myself occupied.

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  1. Nellie says:

    I’ve read about half of Michael Moore’s book now. I don’t know why I wrote any of this before reading his book. My new opinion is that Michael Moore IS a big fat stupid white man … maybe I should read that book next! I don’t think I can finish this book. I’m still afraid of beef though. Haven’t eaten it in a month now. I just need to stop believing stupid opinions and form some of my own. My quest for truth in everything, and the inability to find anything but forged opinions causes me great conflict in everything I do. Help me be normal … please.