Moving on out

I have been slacking on updating like always but at least I have a reason.  I have been busy every night after work packing up all my junk because I’m moving this weekend.  I’m trying to come up with something I’m going to miss about this place but I’m drawing a blank.  Living in Lawrenceville hasn’t been a blast but it has been a lot quieter than most of the places I have lived.  It is a small dead-end street with neighbors that keep to themselves and usually don’t cause any commotion. 

So we have been really busy.  Half of my things are already there and we painted one of the rooms that is going to be the office/library/history room because Bryan probably has enough stuff to fill the whole house with it.  He is working on cleaning everything out of the bedroom so we can paint it next.

I’m really looking forward to moving to a street with yards and even fewer houses, you know like suburban living.  I didn’t even really have that when I lived in a little town with my parents because the neighbors’ houses were still literally on top of us.  I think Peppsi is going to miss Boo but I know he is excited about moving because I keep telling him how exciting it will be and he meows.  He sure is excited about all the boxes and newspaper everywhere.  He is trouble as Bryan says but we both love him and I’m really happy that Bryan is excited about welcoming him into our home because I would be sad if Bryan didn’t love him.  Bryan even bought him an awesome rolling litter box that I saw on Amazon and wanted.  I took tomorrow off to finish packing and I think we will be moving my bed on Monday morning, so thats it folks.  I’m out of here.  😉

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