Independence Day and Stuff

Yesterday was another glorious 4th of July.  Bryan dressed like a human flag, wearing some flag shirt he bought at Kohl’s.  I know he is patriotic and I usually like his taste in clothing, so I think it upset him that I did not care for his new shirt.  He claimed other people bought it because there were some missing from the rack although I wasn’t buying it until we actually saw someone wearing the same shirt later and he was like “see!”.  Whatever, shirts that look like they were made out of a flag just don’t turn me on.  I tried to be patriotic in a more subtle way.  I wore a red tank top, a blue jean skirt, painted my toes red, and took my white purse.

We visited with my grandparents and I showed Bryan a lot of old pictures of me, and then we headed to my parents house.  My dad salivated over Bryan’s car for a while and then Bryan and my mom talked about movies that they share an interest in, which I share no interest in.  We went to my hometown’s annual festival and got some food and hung out for a while, listened to my dad tell Bryan horror stories about getting his wisdom teeth removed (since Bryan is getting his out next Thursday).  I don’t think Bryan took him too seriously though.  My mom yelled at my dad and called him the king of exaggeration.  We went with my parents to watch our town’s fireworks which turned out to be quite nice.  There were also quite a few people in our area setting off their own fireworks which must have cost a fortune, but we watched them for free!  Around 11:30pm we left to come back to Pittsburgh and spent the night at my house since we were both pretty exhausted by the time we got back here.  It was a really fun day though!  We are both on vacation from work today and tomorrow so I’m taking advantage of this free afternoon with nothing much to do.  Bryan is at home getting some stuff done, and I am kind of just sitting around like a bum.  I do have a lot of cleaning and organizing I should be doing.  I’ll get to it, maybe. 

I think we are going to do something this evening.  I told Bryan I would take him out to dinner, anywhere he wants!  Tomorrow we are going to go visit his parents and spend the weekend there.  We might stop at the Grove City Outlets on the way there and do some shopping and eating though! 

That is about it, 23 days until we go to Isle of Palms/Charleston for vacation!  I’m getting very excited!  😉

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