My new skill …..

Last week I purchased two sweaters on sale at Macy’s.  I had tried them on and they fit perfectly, so when I came home I tossed the receipt.  Later that day I wanted to wear the pretty red sweater, but to my dismay I discovered the anti-theft device was still attached to it.  I went downstairs and got the receipt out of the trash but it was kind of nasty and covered in some type of liquid, eww.  Someone said I could take it back to the store and bring the receipt in a zip lock bag ….. errr. Being the lazy, impatient person I am, along with the “I can do everything myself” attitude, tonight I decided to remove it myself.  Luckily it was just a magnetic one. 

I put all the handy tools I got for Christmas to use and managed to break open the seam and wedge the pliers inside so I had access to the pin that was clamping the device to my shirt.  I needed to break the pin, but of all the tools I have, I did not have wire cutters!  So I sawed the pin apart with a metal file, and surprisingly the pin broke in half after only about thirty seconds of sawing.  Then waaa-la (well almost)…. I just had to unscrew the pin which sounds easy, but it had become bent at some point so it wasn’t as easy as I thought. So after about five minutes of twisting and muttering things under my breath, it just fell apart.  And not even a mark on the sweater.

I rock … I should go add this new skill to my resume right now! 

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