Addicted to love

I don’t know why that is my title.  I’m not so great at coming up with witty titles for my blog entries.  I guess I haven’t updated in forever-ish, but blame it on work, laziness, and excess amounts of time I must spend with Peppsi. 

Since the last post, hmm well that was in the midst of a big snow storm in Pittsburgh which postponed my Valentines Day dinner with Bryan.  We made up for it last weekend by going out to dinner, giving each other gifts, and being cool like we always are.  Bryan wrote a good recap of our weekend here, so if you care go read it. 

I love the heart watch I got and I am going to wear it every day until Bryan buys me another watch, or until it breaks which has been the case with the last two fossil watches I have owned.  I am trying not be obsessed with the Sonic the Hedgehog mega-collection that Bryan got me for XBox, but I already told him that he is never getting his XBox back so he better marry me.  Prior to the gift of Sonic, Bryan’s XBox had been sitting in my room, neglected and sad, except when Bryan came over and played Deer Hunter and Grand Theft Auto, which don’t interest me.  Sega Genesis games on XBox rock.  See, I can use these advanced systems.  Bryan lent me the XBox in hopes of getting me into playing games with him, and he has no need for it because he has moved on to more advanced gaming systems… it never ends.  So for me, I’m happy with Sonic until we get a Wii, which Bryan is set on and so am I, ever since I learned that there is now a Sonic game for Wii that just came out yesterday.  I’m having visions of myself rolling around on the floor to make Sonic spin through tunnels of rings, ok not seriously, but that’d be kinda cool.  Anyways, they are ridiculously expensive at the moment, so we are going to wait until they are actually available in stores.  We played a few weeks ago over at Julie & Nate’s, and ever since that I think Bryan has been more in love with daydreaming about owning a Wii, than being in love with daydreaming about me.  Ah well.  I mentioned that a Wii wouldn’t go over too well in my bedroom since it is kind of small and you can’t really throw things at the television here.  But Bryan has a big living room and a whole house that isn’t ugly like mine, and plans to buy this awesome big Samsung flat screen TV.  I’ve seen it at Best Buy and it is nice!  Soon, we’ll be Wii’ing all night long, oh baby! 

My exciting Friday evening plans consist of cleaning the house, changing cat litter boxes, doing dishes, and cleaning floors so I can skip the normal Saturday morning ritual and go shopping!  I got my tax refund today, and half of it went into savings, and about half of the remaining half was sent to the evil soul-sucking credit card company …. and the other half of that half, that was also originally going to go to the evil soul-sucking credit card company is now going to go out and buy me something new to wear tomorrow, and/or a new pair of boots since the heel just broke off the sole.  Arghh, I just bought them two months ago!  Anyways, I’m really trying to be more wary about my spending, and I rarely buy things for myself, so tomorrow I’m going to go to Old Navy and buy one pair of pants, one shirt, maybe a purse (if they are on sale), and hopefully some shoes somewhere because I desperately need boots.

That’s all I have time for because I want to clean and have time to play Sonic for a little while, and I know I will be exhausted by midnight. 


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