I’m a baby kitty and I need a name!

Tonight Jaime, Bryan, and I went to the Animal Rescue League to look at cats.  I was set on adopting an adult cat, but none of them seemed to call out to me. Then I saw a little black kitten that looked just like Nine when he was a baby.  So I loved him and had to bring him home.  He is exactly two months old and he sure is the little rascal!  Here’s some pics.  Get used to it, this is going to turn into the kitty blog, I’m sure.

(Making a tunnel out of my pillows!)

(Yeah, I’m cute!)

(I’m little itty-bitty!)

(I will make it onto the bed, I swear!)

(Bryan makes me happy, just like he makes Jess happy!)

 Ok, that is all I will torture you with for now.  I have more important things to do, like kitten-proof the house so I can let him out of my bedroom, oh …. and give him a name.  So far I have no leads except that Bryan keeps calling him “Mo” …. yeah that’s not gonna fly. 

3 Responses to “I’m a baby kitty and I need a name!”

  1. Bryan says:

    What’s wrong with “Moe”? 🙂 It’s better than “Larry”, right? 😉

  2. Julie says:

    How about Darryl?