Seven years of bad luck

I broke a mirror today. Not like a little compact mirror, I mean a huge full-length mirror! Maybe its good luck if you break a big mirror. I haven’t had any bad luck so far, so we’ll see. Last night I got this crazy idea that I was going to trim my hair myself. I am sick of spending $20 for a hair-trimming that needs done once a month. I needed two mirrors so I could see the back of my head so I sat in front of my closet door mirror and I propped my other full length mirror against my computer chair. Cut Cut Cut. It went ok. I just trimmed it. My scissors weren’t very sharp though so it was kind of like I was just hacking off pieces of my hair. When I woke up this morning I wanted to check my email to see if the cigarette whores emailed me back. Another story: I purchased two cartons of cigarettes online for like $40 and they never came. I was emailing them to find out what the deal was. Anyways, out of habit I just sort of grabbed my computer chair, forgetting about the mirror. It went crash right on top of my computer tower and shards of glass flew everywhere. I went “aaaahhhh!!!” and I covered my eyes for about 30 seconds, sitting completely still, hoping that I had just imagined it. I didn’t imagine it so I just ignored it and proceeded to check my email. The cigarette whores did email me back and they said that my purchase was returned to them because of an error on their part and they would either resend them or refund my debit card. Also they said they would send me a free carton of cigarettes for my inconvenience. I chose to have the refund and the free carton. The cigarettes come from Russia and Todd bought some regular Marlboro Reds Russian style from a friend and he says they are fine. But he heard that the menthol ones aren’t very menthol-y, so I will try them out first. Damn Russians!! Hahahaha. So that was actually really cool news — free stuff! No bad mirror news. And in other news, it was beautiful today and I went out and got myself a hefty sunburn! Yay! Time to watch soap operas then go to work. Have a nice day!

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