Kleenexes stuffed up my nose again

I feel the need to document this: I’m sick.  I have a cold.  I have been taking zicam chewables and so far they are not working.  I am taking Robitussin cough and cold which helps the congestion and hurting cough.  I chose to ignore how sick tylenol cold has made me before … I’m stupid.   I tossed the tylenol cold after being up until 4am last night clutching my chest to make sure my heart was still beating.  I have replaced it with Comtrex – Deep chest cold.  Other than having kleenexes stuffed up my nose and feeling like the room is spinning round and round, I feel just great, not.  I wish medicine would work instead of making me feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest and I am going to fall flat on my face from being dizzy.  I am not mixing medicine unsafely or overdosing – and I’d feel a lot better if I could find one medicine that does everything.  Not that any of the medicine really makes me feel better, it just makes it somewhat more tolerable.  Anyways, haven’t completely lost my voice yet – I’m sure that is coming tomorrow.  I know I haven’t updated in a while.  I will later …. after my next dose of medicine.  At least maybe I’ll be humorous since cold medicine is the equivalent of 5glasses of wine and a big fat blunt.  Hopefully I never get seriously ill and need strong meds …. I’ll probably hallucinate that I’m being chased by 1000 poisonous toads and I’ll jump into a ravine and die.

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