A good weekend

I’m taking a break from trying to write a letter to my landlord stating why I should get my security deposit back and it isn’t fun. I can’t wait to move … one month and two weeks til I have windows to look out of! Wooh Wooh!

I’m going to recap my weekend since I can’t remember anything that happened over five years ago. I love it how Julie or Jaime or someone I’ve been friends with forever is like “hey remember the time we _____” and I’m like “uhhh not really”. I figure I better log everything I do from now on so I have some documentation that I did something in life besides take up space.

On Friday Bryan and I went to Eat ‘n Park at the Waterfront after failing to find anywhere in Pittsburgh that serves chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Then we went to Giant Eagle so I could pick up some bagels and veggie cream cheese. It was only last week that I discovered the wonders of cream cheese. After years of despising it, I have acquired a taste for it. Much like mushrooms, sour cream, and thousand island dressing. Weird how my tastes are changing. We also went to Barnes and Noble to buy books and stuff, well I bought a logic puzzle book. I’m saving it for the beach since I’ll probably be left alone by the pool while Courtney sits in the hotel room and plays World of Warcraft all day.

On Saturday I went to Julie’s bridal shower and then came home and went to Mad Mex for dinner with Bryan. We went to the big cool one in Robinson and then came back to dirty Oakland and went to Dave and Andy’s for icecream. I have never been there before but they have some really good icecream cones. After we got back to my place I began to feel quite ill and layed on the floor for most of the night. But Bryan got sick when he went home later too so I think we were either poisoned by Mad Mex or icecream. Bryan says Mad Mex, I say icecream. I think I’m just becoming lactose intolerant, it sucks.

On Sunday I decided to go checkout the GoodWill that they opened down by Whole Foods since they closed the one on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield. To my dismay it was not your regular GoodWill, it was very very small and more like a GoodWill Boutique. Everything there was more expensive and they really only had dressy nice stuff there. Like a “GoodWill Select” or something. It sucked and I stayed for approximately 6 minutes and then headed over to Whole Foods to get one of those tasty ‘make your own salad’ things. Mmmm, it was good. On Sunday night I went to Schenley Park to see a free movie with Jaime, Laura and Jess. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was pretty good. I had never seen it before, but the Oompa Loompas were kind of weird in this movie. Gotta love Johnny Depp though!

Today I went back to hell … ahem, I mean work. Another joyous week. I can’t wait for vacation! Gettysburg with Bryan and beach with Courtney. Then I’m moving and it will be grand. You also need to mark your calendars for July 14th – Gin Blossoms at Station Square at 8 pm, it’s going to be awesome!

Summer is great.

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