Buy me presents

Buy me presents.

Since I’m pretty broke these days if anyone feels like being charitable, there are several things I would really like. I am moving in August so I need moving things … such as an air-conditioner although I believe I have already delegated that to my parents to buy for me since they love me. Of course my dad says to me, “well you can have the one that used to be in our bedroom. It’s outside laying by the side of the house, I’d just have to clean it up.” My parents have had this air-conditioner since before I was even born I think. It is roughly the size of me and I have no idea how it even fits into a standard window. It is huge and brown, and I Think it is actually made out of wood.” So I reply “Ummm … well I can’t really afford high electric bills, how energy efficient do you think it is?” I was seriously trying to be nice, but my dad just started laughing at me. When I was talking to my parents I also asked my mom if my microwave was still there because I needed one. She replied that I could have the one that is sitting out on the front-porch under the mailbox. I’ve decided not to even ask why there is an air-conditioner sitting on the ground on the side of the house or a microwave under the mailbox. Now you’re probably thinking trailer-court with junk outside everywhere … well no, at least not last time I was home. As long as nothing crawled inside and made a home, I’m cool with it.

I also need a new set of bath towels, a hamper with a lid, a dresser, money … or if you really want to cheer me up, just buy me something off of my Amazon WishList, and by the way … I really really want the comforter on there. It goes with my sheets that I recently purchased at Macy’s and the comforter would complete my set and I would then have the most awesome bed in the entire world.


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