Weekend and stuff

I’m tired.
My weekend was good … but too short. On Friday I watched Girl Interrupted with Jaime. I had forgotten how weird that movie is, but good nonetheless. On Saturday I slept in and did laundry. Bryan and I went to the Arts Festival for a few hours. It was really crowded and I really didn’t get to look at things, but I don’t have money to buy anything anyways, so maybe it’s for the best. It got really cold and I had to lay on the ground in order not to shiver while Bryan ate a snow-cone. Seriously … cold! Bryan took me to Dave and Buster’s … my first time there. Fun, odd … kids, adults, beer, food, and arcade games … all in one room. And me, who sucks horribly at all games that require skill … well I did ok at ski-ball anyways. And I got to sit in the electrocution chair and I made it the whole way without letting go … and the damn thing didn’t even reward me with any tickets! Arghh. It was such a fun evening though. I think I slept a lot on Sunday and did a lot of nothing like a lazy bum, but that’s what weekends are for!

Bryan and I are going to Gettysburg for a couple days during the fourth of July. I’m really excited. New places, fireworks, a cute boy … I never went anywhere with a boy before. I feel special :).

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