Don’t buy lunchables

Last night I bought some lunchables at K-Mart. I wasn’t excited about the price of them, but they are good, they fill me up, and make me feel like I have an excuse to eat cheese. I am in the habit of throwing away the cookies that come with them because cookies aren’t going to help me look hot in a swimsuit, ok neither is cheese …. Anyways, I decided to eat one for lunch today, turkey and american cheese. I diligently put the first one together, a cracker, piece of turkey, and cheese. I took my first bite and there was no crunch. The cracker was soft. Ewww. So I began inspecting all the crackers to try to determine why they were wet. I took out all the crackers and I found something very disgusting at the bottom of the cracker pile:

WTF? I believe it is a piece of rotten shriveled up ham. I have no desire to ever eat again. Thank you lunchables, I may actually lose some weight now (or die).

In other news, I found the comforter from Macy’s that goes with my bed-sheets for $79.99 at It is still sold through Macy’s but is $20 cheaper online. I added it to my Amazon wishlist and perhaps one day I will buy it for myself. I really want it. I wish I had a lot of money.

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