I love Amazon

I’m addicted to Amazon.com. Recently I was offered a free Prime Account for three months so that means that everything I order is free two-day shipping. And one day shipping for $3 . It’s like instant gratification because I can buy whatever I want and get it in like a day. I just wish Amazon.com had a buyer-rewards program because I’d be so eligible for some free stuff. I don’t go that crazy, but I also shop on Amazon.com at work for stuff and use my boss’s credit card. I’ll always be a fan of Amazon because the time my stuff got stolen from the stupid USPS who delivered my package on SUNDAY (retards) … Amazon replaced it, no hassle or questions asked. And it was a combined shipment of lots of stuff (over $100) for Christmas presents and I got it all replaced before Christmas so I didn’t look like a cheapskate with no presents for anyone. Now I just get everything delivered at work because it’s safer.

I just booked my first plane ticket ever and I’m quite excited. I’m going to go up in the air, weee! I’ve never been on an airplane before. I want to find a new job because I’ve had this desire to kill some people the past few days. Except my one boss, who snuck up behind me this morning and hugged me and messed up my hair and then brought me a salad because he didn’t want me to be quote ‘hungry and sad.’ Normally this behaviour isn’t welcomed by me, but I love him. Of course if I find a new job I may not be guaranteed any paid vacation or even allowed vacation, and I have my plane ticket and nothing is going to stop me from lounging on the beach and floating in the pool all day and night.

My future roommate informed me that she wants to adopt a puppy. Ok, puppies scare me but I’m sure I’ll love it. She already has a cat that is awesome. Remind me to invest in lots and lots of lint rollers or I’m going to be a furry.

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