A bunch of random stuff

So it’s 10:30 am on a Saturday and I’m already bored. I was up today at 8:30 am today … not by choice, but regardless I couldn’t go back to sleep and so I brewed myself a big pot of coffee and now I’m ready to dance. I also feel an cold sore outbreak coming on … my lip is tingly and in the past twenty minutes two small bumps have already formed. I haven’t had one since November so I can’t complain too much. I take 2000 milligrams of lysine everyday and I use SPF chapstick with lysine and I have abided by the no chocolate, no chicken soup rule in my diet (almost) … and I’ve been cold sore free for six months now … but then yesterday I ate a brownie and on Wednesday I was out all day in the sun and had forgotten my chapstick. I knew my lips got burned a little bit because they were stinging when I got home. Sun is very bad for cold-sore proned people. So I guess I have to deal with it, I just don’t want to! If you get cold-sores then you know my whining isn’t for nothing, these things hurt and suck and are impossible to ignore. And if you have had cracked-lip or a bump on the corner of your motuh, don’t call it a cold-sore and say you know what I’m talking about … it isn’t the same thing.

Anyways, my week has been hectic as ususal at work. I was outside all day Wednesday for a festival we had. I was at the park from 9 am – 10 pm and I busted my ass all day. On Thursday I thought I was going to pass out at work. I was sunburned, tired, sore, and bruised from falling and having a table attack me when I was trying to break stuff down at the end of the night. My fingers also got a bit blistered. All morning we were setting up tables for tents and they’re the kind that you have to pull up the legs and then pull on the hinge thing to make sure they lock in place. After pulling on over 100 tables my hands hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. I like being active and doing stuff outside but I was just irritated that there were just three of us doing all of the setup and it took us until 2pm just to get all the tables, chairs and banners up. Around 1pm all of the people who were working in each tent came and they decorated their own tents so that was good. The event was fabulous, seriously. About 2,500 people showed up and the weather cooperated! I’d love to post pictures, but … oh well.

So here’s an interesting story, also related to the above paragraph. I was cleaning off tables where people had been eating and I just happened to see something shiny on the one table and went over to discover it was a cell phone. I decided to be a nice person and not throw the phone away. I had assumed that someone would call the phone eventually and see if someone had found it, but by Thursday afternoon nobody had called. I wanted to find the owner before the battery died because then I wouldn’t be able to answer it if anyone called. So I browsed through the contacts and found a number that said ‘home’ so I called it and left a message that I had found a phone. Then on Thursday evening, someone in their address book kept calling and hanging up on me. I kept answersing ‘hello … do you know who this phone belongs to?’ There would be no reply and then it would say that the call had ended. Finally the fourth time this person called I answered and said ‘Hi, I found this phone the other night and would like to return it to its owner.’ The person finally said ‘oh yeah, here’s her daughter’s cell phone number.’ So I call that number and leave a message. Finally, around 11pm the lady calls my cell phone and is like “OMG Thank you so much!!!!” It turns out that I actually know her because I planned and staffed an event that she came to a few months ago and I had the pleasure of getting to know her a bit. She goes on about how her life is so crazy that she didn’t even realize it was missing because she has six cell phones. Ok, who the hell has six cell phones? Anyways, she says she’ll come by first thing in the morning and pick it up where I work. She never came. Guess you don’t really care when you have five other phones! See, I try to do something nice and went to way too much trouble to hunt this person down … I should have just kept the phone. It was such a nice little Samsung. Just like my nice Samsung that I was forced to quit using because Cingular people are bastards.

In other unrelated news, Bryan and I went on a hunt yesterday … yes my first experience at this cool thing called geocaching. It was fun even though I did not find the hidden treasure. I was sooo close and I missed it. Bryan ended up finding it and I was mad that I was right beside it but oh well … I got to carry around a GPS that was surprisingly not too hard to use. I thought I wouldn’t understand it, but it was pretty easy. I think it is a fun hobby … it’s like playing hide and seek! We wanted to go to Mad Mex for Cinco de Mayo but it was way too crowded so we were going to go to Max and Erma’s in Monroeville but Bryan spotted Boston Market before we got there so we ate there. So much for Cinco de Mayo. It was very good … I’m sad to have to admit it, but their turkey dinner was better than the one at Kings. I still like Kings because their mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce are sooo good, but Boston Market’s turkey was better than Kings. Not that I’d EVER pass up a turkey dinner at King’s or anything … just nice to know that there are other places that have Thanksgiving everyday :-). Then we came back here and fell asleep by 11pm. Guess we were both pretty tired from a long week, hunting for treasure, and eating turkey!

I’m defrosting some chicken in the refrigerator because I’m going to attempt to make my made up chicken-cabbage-stir-fry meal later. I love Napa Cabbage more than anything in the world and I’m always trying to think of things I can make with it. Napa Cabbage is the cabbage they use in Asian salads but I don’t really care for them because I don’t like the peanut oil-dressing that they use. Last time I made chicken napa cabbage soup. It was delicious. Just like chicken soup, except more cabbage than noodles. I found out you can use it in stir-fry too so I bought chicken and lots of frozen stir-fry veggies. I might use some soy sauce and add a few other things in too. However, I bought the cabbage three days ago and now it is looking a bit wilted. I hope it is just the outside layer … if not I’m going to have to go buy more. And I wish I could be a vegetarian because I paid $12 for a three pound bag of chicken! I swear, chicken used to be cheaper. I don’t know what happened. I’m just going to blame it on Giant Eagle. That always makes me feel better. I spent $42 the other day on chicken, frozen veggies, and fresh vegetables. I ended up buying organic celery because I just wanted the celery hearts and the organic ones were cheaper than the non-organic ones. And it was $5.80 for three tomatoes! Seriously, I need to buy a house and grow a garden so I can have all the free vegetables I want. It’s trips like that to the grocery store that remind me why I eat out so often.

3 Responses to “A bunch of random stuff”

  1. liz says:

    I’ve been geocaching! It is fun. We have found a couple in the Freeport area, one in Kittanning and one at Crooked Creek. Its exciting to find the “treasure” after looking.

  2. Julie says:

    What kind of treasures do you get?

  3. liz says:

    There are these metal boxes when you find the right spot… people write a little journal to tell where they are from and when they found the box and stuff, then everyone can leave something … and if they do, they can take something from the box too. I’ve gotten some nice magnets, an odometer, keychain…