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Yesterday was April Fool’s day and I completely forgot so I guess I’ll just have to pick a random day and fool someone. Be warned, “Jess feels like messing with you Day”, (JFLMWYD for short) is coming soon!

I made chocolate chip cookies and chicken yesterday. Now I have a big container of cookies that will never get eaten because I can tolerate about one cookie or sweet thing a week. Once I eat something sweet I just want to pour salt in my mouth. Bryan did eat two of them though … and I ate two, so now I only like 25 cookies to get rid of. Today I made homemade cheesy potatoes with velveeta cheese sauce. I just tasted some of it and its good, but it isn’t my moms. It was her recipe and she made it during Christmas and I loved it so much. But then again, nothing tastes like my mom’s food. Not even a grilled cheese sandwich. My mom is just magic I guess.

The other night I went out with Julie, Nate, Bill and Steve and I learned from Steve that I am going to die because I am left-handed. Yes, I will die from a random accident when I attempt to use something that is designed for right-handed people. I better start practicing being right-handed. Except I think there is more of a likelihood that I’d die attempting to use something with my right-hand because I can’t do anything right-handed except cut with scissors.

I went to the movies with Bryan and saw Basic Instinct 2. It was pretty good but I was still kind of confused at the end. Maybe I should have watched the first one. Next week he invited me to a work-function thing that involves dressing up which is fun. But the best part involves a hotel room and getting to take a bubble bath. I can’t wait! I hope this week goes by fast.

I’ve kind of lost interest in writing much lately. I guess I can’t think of anything to complain about, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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