I have concluded that coffee from Kiva Han is no better than coffee from the Exxon Station across from where I work. I love that coffee so much, I drink it everyday. Now the Exxon Station is going out of business, or rather … the franchise owner is selling it back to the corporation and that makes me sad. It seriously has to stay open because it is in a huge lot right on Forbes Avenue and Pittsburgh is going to start looking pretty bad if huge gas stations on main roads start shutting down. But anyways, the store is bare and there’s really nothing to buy there except coffee. I just hope that the new owners maintain the superior quality of the coffee. If not, that alone will be an excuse for me to find a new job. Every job I ever have must have good coffee readily accessible for me to drink.

Today I saw a turkey in our parking lot at work. Then someone proceeded to send out an email to everyone saying I saw a turkey. Then began this chain of emails saying I could add ‘turkey spotter’ to my resume, and then an email saying that I didn’t even need a resume because I was never going to leave. I refused to respond to any of them. I really must find a new job at some point sooner rather than later. Others spotted the turkey later on, so I felt a little better. Yesterday at work I won a Starbucks giftcard, and next month I’m going to start taking foreign language lessons, I’m already signed up and ready to become bilingual. It’s just weird that I sit at work all day and never know what half of the people are saying. They could be standing right beside me talking shit on me and I’d have no idea. That’s all. Wow, isn’t my life exciting?

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