Give me a reason to like March

Another reminder it is March, ANTS are in my apartment AGAIN. If you don’t recall the trauma it gave me last year, please feel free to read about it here. Last year was horrible really. I thought that they were crawling on my while I was trying to fall asleep, I had nightmares about them, they literally took over my apartment and I was so close to calling an exterminator to get rid of them. I was prepared for it this year. New ant traps were set out last month in preparation for the attack. There is really nothing I can do … I live on the ground floor and they come in from outside. I can’t put ant traps outside because the area that they come in from is fenced off and someone else owns the other half of the house … and I don’t know that it would really help. I hate having to murder anything, even ants, but they aren’t allowed in my living quarters! Anyways, the first sign of the attack began this morning in my bathroom. Last year I didn’t pay too much attention to a few ants, but then a week later the amount had seriously multiplied by 1000. Don’t ignore three or four ants. You’ll be VERY sorry if you do.

Although I’ve already claimed January and February as my least favorite months, I am adding March onto it. Unless something awesome happens in March that will forever change my life, I will continue to hate March. GRRR!

In other news, nothing. I hate my blog.


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