Five good things

In light of having the worst day in quite some time, I am dedicating the rest of this post to talking about good things. In no particular order, I resolve to list five things that are awesome and have happened in the last few days.

1. Yesterday I went shopping and got a bunch of stuff on sale at Kauffmann’s because they are going out of business. I have no idea why they are going out of business, but I took advantage of the 60-80% off sale and bought myself some new bras, a purse, and a cool shirt for under $30, woo! And my friend got a dress that was like originally $160 for $13.

2. I bought a feather-bed and new sheets for my new bed and my bed is like heaven. My sheets are made out of pima cotton and they are a 400 thread-count. Please, I know nothing about cotton or thread-counts but I wanted something really comfortable so I bought them and must say that even though they weren’t insanely expensive, it is the most I’ve ever spent on sheets. I also bought a feather-bed for on top of my mattress and I love it. My new bed was really firm and hard and I was used to my cushiony saggy bed or my cushiony couch and honestly, I was sleeping a lot better in my new bed, but sometimes I felt like I was laying on the floor because it was so hard. Anyways the feather-bed and new sheets make the bed awesome. Last night was the most amazing sleeping experience I’ve had in a long long time.

3. On Saturday I went on a date with someone I like A LOT and we went to a place called the Funny Bone at Station Square. The show was really funny although our waitress was kind of scary and mean. Afterwards we walked around and took some pictures of Pittsburgh and I found out my new camera doesn’t like night pictures either, but that isn’t what really matters. It was like the perfect night, I had a great time.

4. I logged onto my credit card account today and found out that they just doubled my limit so I decided to transfer the balance of my Dell Account onto it. It isn’t that much and I should just pay it off, but it is so annoying and the interest rate is high, so yay … now I can accumulate more debt if I choose to and I can close that dumb Dell Account. But I’m not really going to accumulate anymore debt hopefully. My goal is actually the opposite.

5. It was 76 degrees today according to the temperature/clock at Eureka Bank. I went to lunch with my boss and we were like ‘yay summer!’ Then we started talking about Florida and how he is going next week. And then Pittsburgh suddenly sucked again. But for that very brief moment, I enjoyed Pittsburgh in March. Of course it will be cold tomorrow and rain for the next two months and I’ll be in a rain coma, but again … for a moment, it was good!

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  1. Julie says:

    Did you find that the comic was unnecessarily foul-mouthed? I’ve been to comedy shows twice, and both times I have been a little disturbed at how crass the comedians can be in a live setting. I guess I am just used to the watered down major network-friendly comedy.