My blog sucks

It’s been a long week. I had a successful work event the other night and got to be photographer extraordinare with my new camera. I’d post pictures but the whole work / blog thing exists so that isn’t a good idea. Anyways, I’m alive. I don’t feel like writing anything or doing anything. Here’s an ugly picture of me except my hair is awesome, except it needs to grow faster. I’ve been using new shampoo that definitely brings out the natural highlights in my hair. I hope my hair never turns grey, I don’t ever want to dye my hair again, it makes it smell funny and look dumb. Unfortuantely I don’t have the motivation to photoshop a hot guy or a sunny beach into the picture. That would just depress me anyways, not that thinking about it doesn’t already depress me, and that’s the truth. Goodnight.

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