Steelers vs. Roseanne

I found my MP3 player. It was just sitting on the shelf hanging on my wall in the hall. Last night I went to the Penguins game and it was the most exciting night I’ve had in a long time. I had lots of fun even though they lost. I guess that having an awesome hockey watching partner also weighs heavily on the awesome-ness of an evening. I can’t wait to go again. Hopefully next one will be a winning game for Pittsburgh!

I’m trying to watch the football game, but its not really happening. I’m interested in the results but not the actual getting to the results part. I can seriously watch football if someone is sitting beside me yelling and cheering, and doesn’t mind explaining things to me. It is a social thing for me. I can’t watch football alone. And there is a Roseanne marathon on Nick@Nite right now. This game needs to be over soon so I can watch it. I shouldn’t have even written that. I might get maimed now …. or some rotten tomatoes thrown at me.

I guess I should get a shower and prepare myself for another exciting week at work … whoo or not whoo. I haven’t felt very good today. I think its post-stress syndrome. The last two months have sort of sucked in the life department. Stressed out at work, ending a big long relationship, quitting smoking. It always happens this way. I’m fine while I’m going through the chaos, but when things finally settle down and nothing is going on, it comes right out of the blue. I’m ok though. Kind of frustrated at times, but I have so many things to look forward to … I’ve actually been in a very good mood the last few weeks. I just need to get a good night of sleep without these crazy dreams that wake me up at 5:30 am on my weekends when I’m supposed to sleep until 1pm.

And not that anyone cares, but I changed my comments thing so you can leave a comment without entering an email address or a website url. So you can just put your name in or make one up. I’ll leave it like that unless I start getting crazy comment spam. I also noticed that if you have your info saved and you click on “change my information” that an error pops up on the page. I don’t know how to fix it so if you really want to change your identity you’ll have to clear your cache and reload the page. And I really hope you all view my page with Internet Explorer 6+. I didn’t realize how bad it looked in Firefox. Sad. I’m going to just redesign everything soon or at least try, so bear with me for a while.


One Response to “Steelers vs. Roseanne”

  1. Julie says:

    I like Roseanne – over Halloween, they had all the Halloween episodes on from every season. They always had good ones… except in the later ones, the show really started to suck and I think I stopped watching. Then the original Becky came back, and I liked the new one much better.