Am I going crazy?

I can’t find a whole bunch of important things. First, I cannot find my souveniers from the summer. I had them in a big fancy white bag and the bag was sitting on my floor for a long time. When I finally decided to give out the souveniers, the entire bag was just gone. Like $100 worth of t-shirts, mugs, ashtrays, and other fun stuff just gone! I lost my social security card for the second time. I’m still hopeful that it is around here somewhere. The third important thing that I cannot find is a shoebox that is filled with old pictures. Gahh!! I want my stuff, and it is just NOT here. It makes me wonder what else is missing that I just don’t realize because I’m not really using it. I did find a picture CD that was missing. Onto things that aren’t missing, I came upon a Christmas list that I made for LAST Christmas that includes all of the ideas I had about what I was going to get for people last year. It was in a purse I haven’t used in a while. Now I’m excited because I can reuse some of these grand ideas I had last year. Well now that I’m looking at it I just realized that most of these ideas suck. And Todd got the entire back-side of the list. Well, Christmas is going to be a lot cheaper this year. I love buying gifts, I just hate having to make decisions. I am always afraid everyone will hate what I buy for them. Oh well.

I went to see Shopgirl tonight and it was a good movie. I think Steve Martin wrote that story just for me. I could have totally been the girl in that movie. I’m single and lonely, although I do lack a cat named Sylvia, a bathtub, a truck, and I don’t work in retail or draw pictures …. but other than that, we are the same! Well I’ve never dated any significantly older men or any font artists, but still … minor details. Claire Danes kicked some actress butt in that movie. I hope her and that dude lived happily ever after in their happy world of recriprocated love. I loved at the end of the movie he was like “oh my girlfriend drew that!” That is all us girls want, some recognition, to know that someone is truly proud of us. But every guy I’ve ever dated is just like Steve Martin … except the old man part. Oh and the rich part too. Hello rich old guys, you can pay off my student loans too …. I won’t get mad, I promise! I think I’m going to buy the book and put it on my “things that make jess happy shelf” with my Wheatus CD. Well I’ll have to buy a shelf too. It will be very small. And sorry if I ruined the movie for nobody reading this.

I’m tired. Blah. Goodnight.

And I managed to forget the main thing that is missing that caused me to get mad about everything else that is missing and write this post. My MP3 player. Where the f— are you? Grrrr.

One Response to “Am I going crazy?”

  1. Kim says:

    I read the Shopgirl book and I was a little disappointed. I saw Steve Martin as the author and I expected at least a bit of quirky humor, but there really wasn’t any. I’m still going to eventually see the movie, this might be one situation where I like the movie better than the book. I’ve also heard that Claire Danes did a really good job.