Happy 21st B’Day to me!!!

Sunday, July 28 2002

Due to the comments I have been receiving about lack of updates, here you go!!! I’m very sorry for making your lives miserable for the last few weeks. Unfortunately there is no earth shattering news to report. Life is same old but that doesn’t mean that its not exciting! Here is what I have done the past few weeks. Every day I wake up at some point and I usually drink some pop because I am heavily dependent on pop. I smoke a few cigarettes because I am addicted to them. I sit at my computer and stare at the screen. Then I get a shower and watch my soap opera. Courtney usually comes home from work around 5. By that time I have woken up and done nothing. Courtney demands food the minute she walks in the door because she is too dumb to eat on her lunch break at work. She usually makes sad faces at me and wants me to cook food for her. Sometimes I do and sometimes I ignore her. In the evenings I spend time either talking to my boyfriend on the phone or spending some real-life time with him. I have been trying to think of a new design for my page. I learned how to use Dreamweaver, but I can’t seem to design a nice layout that I am not going to hate when I go back and look at it the next day. I have about 4 different templates made now but I don’t like any of them. Tonight I decided to make a frames page with some cool designs but I was too hot to sit here and I was feeling irritated by it. School is starting in less than a month so I doubt a new page is going to surface any time soon. Oh well.

SO, today is my birthday!!! I am 21!!! It was honestly the best birthday I think I’ve had since the year Julie ditched me to go to Seaworld with her dad … LOSER. Seriousy, it was a Grrrreeeat day … I got some cool presents too. Care to know what I got? OK, I will tell you! Nevermind, I am just going to recap the entire day. My day started at 10:48 am this morning. The phone was ringing and I was in a dead sleep. “Grrr phone, DIE PHONE DIE.” I manage to open my eyes and look at the caller ID. Oh yay, its my boyfriend calling me, better answer it! So I answer the phone and Todd tells me to read his profile. SUPER YAY! A birthday present for me already! My first and best present EVER, the sock puppet video, made by Todd and his socks, this morning at like 7am. Sometimes I seriously think he is insane, but it makes me happy … I heart insanity and I heart socks! Todd — you are the best boyfriend ever. After laughing until I almost died, going back to sleep was no longer an option. I showered at some point and watched the sock puppet video several times throughout the day. Around 3:30 Todd appeared with a kitty-bag. The bag was very cute. The tissue paper was also very kittenish cute. I dig into the bag, first coming across 3 Barbie lollipops. Hmm … interesting. Little did I know that the entire bag was filled with Barbie lollipops … I don’t even know how many there are. Not sure what I am supposed to do with them. Hmmm … next — a Teletubbies coloring book, yay!! And then a very interesting card … I love the card — its the cutest card ever, I feel so privileged. I also got a very cute kitten music box thingy. Its not exactly a music box because there is no box. But the kitty plays music, and its adorable! After the presents, we headed to good ol’ FC to collect more presents and go out for some steaky seafood. My mom informed me that my present wasn’t there but she told me what it was. She had “my” ring fixed because she lost a diamond in it. I have never worn the ring because it has been stored away for many years. Apparently it is finally going to be mine on August 8. But I also got a card with 21 dollars and a gold watch (also rightfully mine) however I probably will never wear it in fear that I will destroy it. Anywzz, we headed off to steaky seafood hut to meet my grandparents and get some food. The food was good — I got a steak salad mum mammy yummy. My grandma got me some perfume, a gold bracelet, and some mo mo. My uncle also sent a card with more mo mo. I like mo mo. Yeah. After the ok dinner with my family and obnoxious brother we came back to Pittsburgh. We topped the night off with some good quality time together and Todd went home around 11. I had the best birthday EVA! It was full of merriment and laughter, because I have the funniest, craziest, BESTEST boyfriend in the whole world. I love you!

So I haven’t taken advantage of the being 21 thing yet. That is happening tomorrow, so my birthday is far from being over! Courtney, me, Ash, and the boyz are going to the South Side tomorrow evening to hit up the bar scene. Woo Hoo! It should be fun. Rewind to yesterday (Saturday) — Courtney came home from work and said she was going to bake Julie and I a cake for our BDays. The cake making process, of course, did not occur until like 9PM. But she even decorated it and wrote “Happy birthday Julie and Jess”, and we had candles too! There were only 20 candles, so we had to use a bottle rocket as a makeshift candle. Hehe. I ran it under water and we didn’t light it … I think I learned my lesson with fireworks. The cake was yummy … we ate it, and then spent the evening in the living-room watching the news about the trapped miners. Julie and I began to ask Courtney questions about sex, giving her tips and asking her funny questions. I don’t think she enjoyed it. Then Courtney started falling asleep and Julie kept probing her with the remote control. It was quite a fun night. I was awake until like 4, contemplating just staying up to celebrate my birthday at 7:18am, but I am glad that I went to sleep because my puppet awakening at 10:48am would have really sucked.

Anyways, I will be sure to update more often now and I will let everyone know how my fun night in the South Side was. Happy Birthday to me! I heart LIFE!!!!! Meow!

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