Don’t live at home but I still get an allowance!

Thursday, July 11 2002

Tomato plant is back in action!! Planty is happy once again. Today I cut his dead leaves off, added more soil, and gave him some tender lovin’. There are thousands of little tomatoes sprouting out everywhere, so I think he will be providing my tummy with many cherry tomatoes in no time! Yay! I am much happier today — yesterday I was kind of not all about writing anything when I updated. Today was a great day! I rolled out of bed in the normal “I don’t ever want to get out of my bed” mood, but I figured I had better wake up anyways because going back to sleep would have resulted in a coma lasting several hours.

Besides, someone was endlessly pounding something that was making my bedroom vibrate, so more sleep was kind of impossible. I later found out that some men were replacing the carpet in the downstairs apartment. I got excited when I went down and saw closest doors in the hallway. I thought they might be replacing closets and could give me a new spacer for mine so I could finally close my closet door, but I was not that lucky. I contemplated cleaning the bathroom but decided against it because I am sick of cleaning. My bedroom really needs some organization — no matter what I do, it is always a mess. I need somewhere to put stuff and I have nowhere to put it. I think maybe I will just have to put the frame on my bed so I can store stuff under it. That was Todd’s bright idea, and even though the thought of putting my big wonderful squishy bed on a frame kills me, I just might have to do it.

I finally got a laundry basket the other day. My main goal was to buy a laundry basket and some clothes hangers when I went to Walmart, but do you think I remembered? Of course not. I need to start making lists because the minute I walk into Walmart, everything I needed to get just erases itself from my memory, and the evil marketing strategies of Walmart coerce me into buying trivial things that aren’t necessary. I used to be such a thrifty shopper back in the day when I got an allowance — oops I still do get an allowance, well it used to last me the whole allowance period. Lately, I am just “I want, I want, I want”. I don’t know what is happening to me! Back to the allowance thing — yes I still get an allowance. I have no idea why. I once told my parents that it was unnecessary. Last summer when I moved to Ohio and was making lots of money, my mother informed me on the phone that my allowance had built up and I could either have it mailed to me, or I could wait until I got home to retrieve it. The day I came home my mom gave me an envelope that said “Jess’s allowance” on it, and it contained my $260 of allowance that I would have accumulated over the summer. My parents are weird. I hope I still get an allowance when I am 30 and have 47 children. Maybe they will extend my allowance every time I have a kid too! And I will have my allowance + kid allowance. That would be awesome. I wonder if my parents really want to be grandparents. My mom once said that I should have a kid, but I think she was just kidding. I wonder if they would get sad if I told them I was pregnant right now. I bet they’d be sad for like a minute, but then they’d get really happy. But the way things are going, I have a feeling that my brother is going to make them grandparents before I do, but I sure hope that isn’t the case.

Anyways, continuing on with my wonderful day …… Todd and I decided to go to the movies tonight. We went to Monroeville to see “Mr. Deeds” with Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder. I must say the movie was really good even though I am not a huge Winona fan. I sure do heart Adam Sandler though. Just thinking about it makes me want to watch the Wedding Singer right now. It is the most wonderful movie ever. I really think that Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler would make a great couple. You know — I don’t even know if Adam Sandler is married. I am sure he is, but I seriously don’t know. And I say that I am a huge Adam Sandler fan. Ha, well I am definitely a huge Wedding Singer fan. I wish they would make another Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler happy love story movie. That would make me soooo happy. So, the movie was wonderful. Afterwards, Todd and I came back to the apartment and Courtney and Todd had yet another PCI slot discussion. Boy do I love PCI slots! So I took off all my clothes and thankfully Courtney and her PCI obsession did not witness the event. I guess she doesn’t really want to get it on with me as much as she says she does. Courtney claims there is to be a party of some sort here on Saturday with some really awesome people, yeah! Can you sense some sarcasm? I don’t know what I will do because I am sure they will all drink beer and I have vowed not to drink again until I turn 21. I am irresponsible and stupid when I drink. I mean even three beers and I am lighting illegal fireworks off of a balcony. I am glad that Todd has all of my fireworks now and he can keep them — I am sure they will just get me in trouble. Tomorrow I am going over to Todd’s to witness the making of GOD (aka his new computer). Should be fun! Well I’m off to bed because its time to sleep and if I don’t sleep I will be a grumpy bunny tomorrow!! Peace out YO. Shizza me timbers. Bye!

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