4th o’ July Weekend recap

Wednesday, July 10 2002

I haven’t updated in almost a week so I will just have to dedicate this news section to bringing you up to date on all the fun events occurring in my life. So the 4th of July was fun. Todd and I went to his house in Johnstown. His parents cooked a really good steak dinner and we set off fireworks. Todd and his brother tried to make a bomb out of a pop bottle, but their attempts at doing so failed and it just ended up being a flaming pop bottle. We stayed in Johnstown that night and did some stuff on Friday. Then we went to FC to make our appearance at Heritage Days. I got a chicken egg roll so I can finally shut up about how much I want one. I also ate the Polish Platter but it wasn’t very Polish-y. The pierogies were definitely Mrs. T’s, but it was still ok. We came back to my house and watched some home movies then went to sleep. On Saturday I got up to watch the race. People look really funny when they are killing themselves on the hot pavement, trying to win a stupid race. Julie and Katie were in the race, however, they were smarter than everyone else because they decided to walk and be in last place. Sometimes it is worth killing yourself to win, but not when it comes to the Heritage Days 5K. My brother was in it too. He is actually in shape though, so he ran + did not kill himself. He is pretty smart. Fat people who are out of shape just shouldn’t try to run, especially since it is probably the only time they have attempted it since last year. After the race, Todd and I left to go to Idlewild. We searched for a road that did not exist and went around in circles for a while, but we got there on time with our yummy kielbasa and sauerkraut. We had a good day at the park … ate some good food, rode rides, played mini-golf, and watched a show with crazy clown acrobats. So, there is a very brief recap of my three days away from Pittsburgh.

On Sunday, Todd and his new laptop came to visit me. I slept a lot that day, and I don’t think I got anything accomplished. On Monday Courtney and I cooked cabbage and noodles. Then we ate it. Todd and I hung out and he showed me some stuff in Dreamweaver. It doesn’t seem too hard, so maybe I will try to make a webpage with it. On Tuesday, Courtney and I went in search of a Walmart that is only 15 minutes from here, but we ended up driving to Greensburg because we drove right past it. Oh well. I bought some new shampoo and shaving gel, a headset for my phone, and some glossy paper. We went to Sheetz and ate yummy Sheetz food, yay! Todd came over and we watched the Skulls. Sorry for the briefness of this update. I am just sick of the same old stuff these days. I am sick of my webpage and I’m just kind of blah right now, but I figured that I better update since I haven’t in a while. My tomato plant is dying and therefore my life will cease to exist.


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