Intoxication + bottlerockets = bad

Thursday, July 4 2002

Happy 4th of July! It would be an even happier 4th of July if it wasn’t so oppressively hot. The only thing that I can do to cool down some is to take cold showers. I will feel better for about a half hour, or until I get up and start moving around. I woke up at 9am and was not ready to get up, but I just couldn’t stand feeling so disgusting. So I took a freezing cold shower and hopped back into bed. I fell back asleep for about two more hours. says isolated showers today, and predicts no rain after that. For July 5-13, it is predicted that it will be mostly sunny or partly cloudy every day, and that it will be 890 degrees. I wouldn’t care so much if the damn yucky smog/humidity would go away, but since it is never going to rain, I predict the next 2 weeks of my life are going to be terrible. I guess I am never happy about the weather. It is always too hot or too cold. Then there is about 3 days out of the entire year that the weather is just perfect. I wish every day would be perfect. I wish that we could evolve to adapt to the temperature, so that no matter how hot or cold it was we would always feel ok. Last night Courtney and I decided to get drunk. I don’t know if Courtney did, but I think I definitely did. I drank 2 beers and felt really intoxicated. My friend Dave dedicated a ra’ra’ra hardcore something I couldn’t understand song to me on the radio, but it’s the thought that counts. You can listen to W-IUP on the internet now which is really cool. I set a mega-bottle rocket off of our balcony and Courtney said it hit someone’s house. The performance of this act is rather fuzzy now, but I have a nice blister on my finger to keep the memory alive. It was hot last night. I did laundry and took out nasty garbage. I took a lot of showers. Todd came over and we drank more beer. We went to Crossroads at some point and I got a Popsicle. Somewhere around 2 I must have passed out. I remember laying in my bed thinking that I was going to get up and put some clothes on since I never got dressed after shower #66 of the day. I guess I never put any clothes on though because I woke up this morning hot and naked. I have been showering a lot lately, but I wonder if I am really getting clean since I don’t use hot water anymore. I still use soap so my body is probably going to start getting soap build up and I will become a flaking soap monster. It is 3:02pm. Courtney has been sleeping for 13 hours and 5 minutes, at least that is how long she has been idle. When I peeked in her room last night before we went to Crossroads, she was sleeping and that was definitely before 2am. I think she is dead. Maybe I should go check on her. I am leaving in about an hour to go to Johnstown with Todd for a 4th of July celebration of fireworks. Tomorrow we are going to FC for Heritage Days fun and tasty egg rolls. On Saturday we are going to Idlewild Park, so I am going to be gone for a while. I think we are going to come back on Friday night though and leave from here on Saturday. I guess it is time for me to get ready for my fun excursions.


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