The time our refrigerator broke

Tuesday, July 2 2002

I think Courtney is puking in the bathroom. She gave me a bowl of potato salad from our refrigerator and I took one bite and decided that it didn’t taste very good. She ate it, so maybe she has food poisoning. Oh yeah — our refrigerator is broken, so it really isn’t safe to eat anything from it. The milk has gone bad and the sell by date isn’t until July 5 or something. Everything is moldy, and we found a living, breathing mold monster growing on some pasta. Jeff came over and looked at it and said that he would call the refrigerator people and see if they had any suggestions. If not, we might get a new refrigerator. It’s definitely at least 50 degrees inside and my pop doesn’t even get cold when I put it on the side of the refrigerator. My cheese and salami are in the freezer — not too sure if salami can be frozen, but I think frozen is healthier than spoiled. It’s entirely too hot to live in this apartment. I took a cold bath a little while ago, but the relief departed the minute I stepped out of the bathtub. I think my room is filling up with hot poison because I feel like I cannot breathe. Julie and I decided that we are going to quit smoking because we don’t want to die. Actually we were driven to this decision mostly because cigarette prices are going up again and we don’t want to pay $4 (equivalent to $6 in Pittsburgh) for a pack of cigarettes. So we joined Quitnet and my quit date is July 9. If I was seriously going to quit, I think there is no better time than right now. Every time I have considered quitting, I concluded that it wasn’t a good idea because I was always stressed out with school, work, etc. Right now I am happier than ever and my stress level is at a healthy level. I probably won’t quit though, but maybe I will try — I’m still debating.

On Sunday Todd and I went to Ohio to buy fireworks. We got to Ohio and expected to magically find a fireworks hut — we weren’t very prepared. We ended up going to Youngstown and driving down streets with houses on them. Then we saw a Phantom Fireworks flyer on a mailbox so we stopped and wrote down the address. Then we turned down the street the fireworks store was supposedly on and it was a dead end brick road that was barren and deserted except for an old Steel Company. We found it a few minutes later, but the address was definitely wrong. I bought some sparklers, snaps, spinning lanterns, bottle rockets, roman candles and a few other miscellaneous things. Todd bought some kind of really big rockets. I bought a towel rack at Wal-mart and put it in my bedroom because I have too many towels and my makeshift towel rack wasn’t working out very well. I think Courtney and I are going to go buy some ice after the mole is over so we can create a makeshift refrigerator. I’m too hot to think anymore, perhaps my brain is melting. Bye.

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