I hate my job

Working really sucks sometimes, especially when I have to work from 5-11, not get home until midnight, and then be back at work again by 10am. I hate working in the evenings because everyone is retarded. At least during the day I work with kind of cool normal people. At night I feel like I do everything, and everyone else stands around and watches baseball. If I stand there and watch baseball, Carl will tell me to do something. Tonight especially irritated me because nobody did ANYTHING except for me. It was quite obvious that everyone stood around the TV and yelled, while I had 48 things to do. I had to fill 6,000 cups up with disgusting shit (aka bleu cheese dressing). The smell of it was making me nausous, and upon getting some on my finger, I began to gag. Sorry, might sound stupid, but bleu cheese dressing is the most disgusting stuff on the face of the earth. I made 400,000 boxes of various sizes. I carried 7 million things up and down the steps all night, and not once did someone offer to help me. I’m too short to reach anything, so I have to climb onto things and it is dangerous. Does anyone care that I could fall into the oven and die? Nope. Nobody cares, and I am sick of it. Carl doesn’t know how to walk, and he is retarded. He walks backwards and like falls on me 50 times a night. Someday I am just going to stand there with a knife in my hand. Just kidding. It is really annoying though. If I run out of money, I have to ask Carl at least 7 times before what I have said sinks in. Ugly people constantly come into the store and have the gayest requests just to make my life more difficult. I hate it. Sometimes I wish I could rip certain co-workers vocal chords out of their throat because I think I am going to explode if I hear one more word, or if they repeat the same lame retarded ugly ass words one more time. I think I will end up killing everyone there if I have to look at them much longer. Time to graduate and look for a job, move out of this shit-hole neighborhood, and get a cat.

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