Why is there not infinite time?

I took off work again today because if I had to work I would never finish this insane pile of crap that I need to do for that senseless thing called college. Arghh. Oh well, I’d rather study for tests than work anyways. I wish someone would pay me to study, well that is supposed to happen in the long-run, right? Someone tell me that this is all going to pay off in the end, please! If not, I’m quitting right now. I am going outside to bask in the sun, be one with nature, and feed squirrels cheesy-puffs all day long!
Anyways, here is a recap of my weekend. Friday I did nothing. I was planning on hanging out with Todd, but for some reason I turned into an evil-demon and he did not want to be around me (my own fault). So I sat around and contemplated the suckiness of life and how I might as well just go to bed because going outside would guarantee a deadly outcome. Well, death sounded kind of fun, but I don?t know what fun is, so I just sat around and pouted a lot.
So Saturday I worked all day, and then I came home, and played the “How much dirty laundry can I stuff into this mesh bag” game. After stuffing as much as could be stuffed, I slung it over my head and whisked myself off to the Laundromat on my magic carpet. Unfortunately my magic carpet had a weight limit and I came crashing down to the earth. I had to pursue the only logical alternative and hop on a bus to the ever so fantastic Econo-Wash. You may think I am being sarcastic; however Econo-Wash is the best Laundromat I have encountered thus far in my life. You ask me why? Ok, then I shall tell you! Econo-Wash is equipped with trashy people, however it does include benefits such as dryers that make all of your clothes toasty in 32 minutes or less and cost only $1. In addition, one dryer can still dry 1.5 loads of laundry in 32 minutes or less. How can one resist? And not only that, but Econo-Wash also has a state-of-the-art coffee machine with an array of coffee to choose from, and hot chocolate and chicken soup to boot!
Anyways, Todd picked me up from the Laundromat and I came back here and got a quick shower so I could don my (freshly clean) gay apparel, and we zoomed off to the land of somewhere Penn Hills’sh to drive past a house. Todd was thinking about buying this house out there; however that is not happening anymore because it isn’t up to his standards, so we shall move forward onto the rest of the night. After that, we went to Kings Family Restaurant and I had the most glorious turkey dinner with turkey (of course), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce! Mmm … licious! We also got a yummy platter plate with mmm good stuff.
Anyways, I was really excited to eat food because there is none of that food eating going on around here much these days. I mean I definitely eat, but I just never eat anything good. Nothing homey anyways.
On Sunday, I got up bright and early and made my way over to the grocery store where I encountered a bunch of not cool people. You can read about that in my previous rant. Anyways, I bought some breakfast food like toaster strudels and English muffins. Since I’m up by 7:00 every morning, I work during dinner time, and I come home really late, I decided that breakfast food is the only thing I have time to eat here. I also bought this instant coffee in a tea-bag stuff which is surprisingly awesome. You can just put the coffee-bag in a cup, put in some water, stick it in the microwave, and within two minutes you have a steaming delicious cup of coffee. Must say I’m really impressed with it. I find it to be the answer to all of my problems because I want to drink coffee in the morning before I go to school, but brewing a whole pot of coffee is pointless. But then, brewing only a small amount of coffee always makes the coffee taste like poop. I love coffee in a tea bag! Thank you!
I also bought like 10 cans of soup. I love soup. Today I bought some chicken noodle soup at the Cathedral because I was starving. I love Chicken Noodle Soup. In fact, I think I could live on toasted bagels, soup, and popcorn for the rest of my life. Once in a while I need a turkey dinner though.
Anyways, I guess I forgot that I have two tests and a paper due tomorrow. I’m done with the paper, almost done studying for my one test, but I have completely neglected the other test. Oh well, something has to get neglected when these times arise. I had to give a presentation today too. Only one more presentation to go for the rest of the semester. I don’t think I’ve ever had to give 5 presentations in one semester before, let alone within the first two months. Go presentations … I think I’m getting used to public speaking now.
Must go study study, have a wonderful night.

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