I just want to tell everyone to “Fuck Off”

I’m so sick of this cityI could puke. Today I went grocery shopping at Giant Eagle in Shadyside. I took extra time to catch the bus there, just so I wouldn’t have to go to Ghetto East Liberty Giant Eagle, which is equally as far anyways. Anyways, I am standing at the bus-stop and this stupid guy comes up to me and goes “Do you have 75c you can spare for the bus?” I just flat out said “No”. I have no reason to make up excuses. The asshole losers can figure it out themselves that I hate them and hope they all rot in Hell. Then, two seconds later a girl comes up to me and asks me if I have any cigarettes she can have. Again, I said “No”. Then a minute after that, the duo of loser-homos walk past me, the old man muttering something about “ungrateful bitch white-folk something”. What fucking ever. I’m sick of it. Go get a life, get a job, why the fuck can’t you leave me alone! One day a man asked me for a cigarette and I told him no. He was like at least 65. He was like “What do you mean NO?” I was like, “I mean NO, go buy your own like I do”. He then proceeded to say “Fuck you, You stinky ass bitch”. I was like “Yeah, fuck you too.” If I say no, that means no. Sorry that you are frustrated that your mooching-pan-handling career isn’t working out as planned. Go get a real job.
So, tonight I decided to go to the store before it got dark out. 6:00 still seemed reasonable. Of course not. A gang of 15 year olds decided to act very fucking homosexual and be all like “Hey, what are you doing tonight? Hey, hey, I’m asking you a question.” So I turned around and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll be busy until way after your bedtime.” Maybe I should not have said that to like 6 guys, but I don’t fucking care. I’m so sick of everything here that I want to puke. I can’t go outside anymore. It isn’t even this stupid neighborhood, its everywhere. But a big part of it is this neighborhood. I feel like a prisoner, and I hate it. I want to leave, and I want to leave now. Please, someone help me. I don’t know what to do.

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