I met Maddie Ross!

I totally forgot to tell everyone that I met Maddie Ross the other day in the Cathedral of Learning! I was walking and I saw her, and was like “woah! That is Maddie Ross!” I didn’t say anything, but then she looked at me and asked me if there was a cafeteria of some sort. I said yes and I told her where it was. Then I was like “Are you Maddie Ross from the Post-Gazette?” And she was all like “Yeah!” And I was all like “Cool!”
Anyways, if you don’t know who Maddie Ross is, I will tell you. She is a managing editor for the Post Gazette and she is on the Channel 11 news everyday to report about what is going to be in the Sunday paper. She has this crazy black hair that she wears up in a bun and she looks like Elvira, but in person she doesn’t look as scary.
Anyways, I never met anyone on TV, so I’m excited.

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