Refrigerator Part II

So after I came home from work today I went over and told my landlord that the refrigerator was broken. He of course did not believe me and had to come over and inspect it. No problem, I’d do the same thing. Anyways, he felt the inside and said “well it feels cool”. So I opened my freezer and picked up a stick of butter. It was so melted that it just kind of flopped over. Yeah, it works alright! Landlord does some more inspections and finally admits it must be broken. He states that it isn’t very old. OK, do new refrigerators come with 1000 rust spots all over them? Generally, rust takes quite some time to form. Well, don’t quote me because I’m not really a rust expert. Landlord then yells at me and says that if I would have told him before 6pm he could have fixed it today. WELL, I’m leaving and I don’t care if it is fixed today. Die landlord, die.

So I go out and get a tasty grilled chicken salad from the pizza place, sit down to eat it around 7pm, and as I’m about to take the first bite, my doorbell rings. Landlord (keep in mind he is like 90) is standing there with power tools. I’m afraid. “Ok” he says, “I’m gonna take this thing apart and you and me are going to carry it outside.” The refrigerator is like the size of a house. I’m not that big. Landlord is maybe 130 pounds. Maybe. So he unhinges the thing and takes the doors outside. Then he brings in a dolly and instructs me to lift it onto the dolly. And then he shows me his arm “I got blood taken today! Hope I don’t pass out!” Dear Lord! This is getting really scary. So we get it outside. Then and ONLY then he tells me his son is on his way over to help put in a new refrigerator. OK. If he would have said that to begin with I would have refused to help him do this crazy stuff. His son could have done this! 90 year old men should not be engaging in really hard labor.

So the son gets there, rolls in the new fridge …. by the way it is brand spanking new! I don’t know how they did this all in one hour, but kudos to my landlord. Maybe his son owns an appliance shop or something. Anyways, it was funny when they were standing outside.

Landlord: “Yeah I don’t think this refrigerator is very old. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it.”
Son: “Dad, this refrigerator is 20 years old.”
Landlord: “Oh, no it can’t be that old!”
Son: “Dad, I bought this refrigerator for $150 from a used refrigerator shop in 1985. It is at least 20-25 years old.”
Landlord: “Oh”

I guess when you get really old, 1985 seems “not that old”. Anyways, enjoy the boring refrigerator pics. I’m excited so I decided to share:

Look at the pretty new fridge! So white and not rusty!

I have dedicated an entire shelf to my Italian dressing collection.

Had to throw all my food away, so its pretty empty ….. but it looks nice!

Partial view of my old refrigerator laying outside in many pieces. You might get tetanus if you get too close!

The End.

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