A New Layout Arrives

I think that this layout makes my journal much easier to read. Since I’ve started my journal, I haven’t had time to actually develop a cool theme because I’ve been busy slaving away in Hell. Anyways, I took today off from Hell and decided to spend some time at my computer.
I’m in love with my icon that I just randomly stole from somebody. It was perfect and color coordinated! The rest of my journal is still in transition, but I’m too tired to look at it anymore tonight.
My life is REALLY boring. I have nothing to talk about except school and work. If I had a life, I might be more interesting and I apologize.
I could spend time ranting and raving about stupid things in the world, but I don’t feel like it tonight.
Work has been boring, as usual. Of course there has been drama, but nobody really cares about that and nor do I.
I got a 94% on my Germanic Myths test and I’m still awaiting my grade from my Art test. I love easy classes and I wish I had majored in nothing so I could take easy classes all the time and never study.
Last night I hung out with my boyfriend and we watched TV. Yes, exciting. Before we hung out I spend the day at work. After work I went to the Library to meet with some classmates for a presentation we have to give Monday. The one guy who had our pertinent info sheet did not show up. I LOVE groups. I have two presentations to give this week. One on Monday, and one on Tuesday. Then I have another one next Monday, one on October 28th, and probably 8 more in-between those two dates for my super not fun Business Communications class.
I’m going to get another LJ sometime to post my pictures at. I still need somewhere to host my pictures though. My college account is an option, but my account is not going to last much longer. Todd’s webserver doesn’t like me anymore, so I’m going to have to take that up with him.
My boyfriend often finds dumb games on the internet and lets them control his life because they are really stupid. Anyways, since he added it to my favorites and I still think it is dumb, maybe you will find it interesting: Odd Todd’s Cook-ay SlotsENJOY!

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