Tired Mo-FAT

Today I met this dude on my way to work … seeing as I live in the ghetto and everyone around here calls you “baby-girl” and needs to know your life story.
So this guy actually ended up being the nephew of a guy I work with. He asked me what kind of alcohol I drank, how much I partied, where I was from, if I smoked pot, then of course asked me why I didn’t smoke pot. The usual ghetto questions.
Anyways, when he asked me how old I was, I told him I was 22. His response was, “That’s it?” I was like “Um yeah, sorry.” And he goes, “Damn, you is still a baby, I thought you was like 25 or 26”. Gee thanks, good way to brighten up my day. And it was not like he was some old dude with no concept of age, he was 26 himself. Do I really look that old?? Seriously? I think perhaps I need a makeover or something. I’ve been regularly using my biore nose strips, but I guess that they aren’t that age defying.

I’z gots to study, perhaps if I get bored lata, I’ll give brokenduck a young cute girl makeover. Peace out niggaz.

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