Short entry, busy times, Sigh…..

It is funny how things are sometimes.

1. The only night since I’ve lived here that I seriously need to study also happens to be the only night someone was having a major bass fest upstairs. In fact, tonight is one of the only nights I could hear anything other than the creak of the bathroom door as silent, almost non-existent roommates went about their lives. Now that I have been listening to it for a while, I am guessing that there must be a bass’like dance-techno party upstairs. Too bad I can’t join.

2. Last night I came home to a monster fly inhabiting my bedroom. Due to my inability to actually “swat” a fly, I find aerosol glass cleaner to be a great alternative. It doesn’t usually do the trick on the first spray, but since flys like to land on monitors, mirrors, and TV’s, it gives me an excuse to clean while slowly poisoning an innocent fly to his death! The fly did end up landing on all three of the previously mentioned objects, so it was a fun night. His second to last landing happened to be on my curtain which happens to be directly above my bed. The big bugger was getting pretty bogged down with all those clean chemicals and I feared he was going to die there and fall on my head while I was sleeping. I rattled the curtain and stood up, armed with my aerosol can in one hand, flip flop in the other. He buzzed in mid-air quite slowly across the room and landed on my door frame. I sprayed him again and he roused. This time coming, in slow motion, straight towards my head. Did I duck? No. Did I stand there and let him attack me? Of course not. I acted quickly, closed my eyes, and swatted my hand (holding a flip flop) into the air. Out of pure luck, I my flip flop came into contact with him, guess I’m just a great batter. Who would have known I could be the next Sammy Sosa? Not quite a home-run though. He went “thud” onto my floor, a few feet in front of me. I am sure I would have eventually killed him with the glass cleaner, but that was much more fun!

3. I have a “quiz” tomorrow. A quiz that encompasses about 300 pages of pure crap and 100,000 powerpoint slides. Our professor said our “quiz” is fair game for just about anything in the articles. I like how she calls it a “quiz”. Quiz my ass, fuck you.

So I am going to study now. I’m coming along fairly well with my insane amount of studying to do. I think the only reason that I got so much done was because I stayed at school today and studied for a good 3 hours. I had nothing to distract me, for instance Television, bass-techno parties, or say LiveJournal. I will be working tomorrow and the rest of my life, but I will definitely update again sometimes this weekend.


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