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Return from Oz

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Howdy!  I’m back from blog hiatus.  I pay for this site, I might as well use it.  I can’t actually remember half the stuff that happened since the last time I wrote, so I will just recap some random things I can remember.

Bryan and I have gone geocaching a few times since the weather has gotten nice.  Back in April we went to North Park and a few weeks ago we went to Settler’s Cabin Park.  It was fun.  One day we found a headless gnome, an old oil field engine, and a cute turtle.  One day a few weeks ago we weeded around his house in hopes of planting flowers, but we still haven’t found the time to plant them yet.  We also got a membership at Sam’s Club and now we can buy everything in bulk and not have to leave the house for supplies for years at a time!  Peppsi has gotten much bigger, and right now he is sitting on my lap.  Every few seconds he decides to attack the keyboard and bite my thumb, so it is making this a bit difficult.  A couple weekends ago Bryan and I went up to visit his parents at their new house.  It was mine and Bryan’s first visit to the new house which is near Meadville, PA but way out in the wilderness.  We went to Pymatuning Lake, where the ducks walk on the fish, and we fed the fish some bread.  Unfortunately the area where the ducks actually walk on the fish was closed for renovations, so we didn’t get to see that part.  Fish are ugly.  We spent Memorial Day Weekend at his parents house too.  It is very quiet and relaxing there.  His mom cooked lots of good picnic food and one day we went to Andover to visit the Amish Furniture Store.  It was awesome and now I want to furnish the house with Amish furniture!  We also ate food on the grill and played with Dixie, their Yorkie.  I love her and I’m convincing Bryan that we are going to adopt one so Dixie has a friend when we go visit. 

 This weekend we are planning to go to a Civil War Reenactment in Butler, and maybe check out the Arts Festival.  I guess both of those are pending, based on the weather.  Right now the forecast is calling for rain, yay. 

This summer, we are leaving on my birthday to head down to South Carolina for seven days.  We rented a condo on Isle of Palms Beach which is a ten minute drive from Charleston.  We compromised – I want beach and swimming pools and Bryan wants history.  There is seriously so much to do there, but we will try to limit our activities and include plenty of relaxation time into our schedule.  I’m really excited!  We have an oceanfront condo with a balcony facing the ocean.  I can’t wait to watch the sun setting every night and take romantic walks on the beach!  I also can’t wait to see Charleston, I have heard it is a very beautiful city.  Plus there are tons of Ghost Tours there, and I definitely want to go on one of those.  Bryan told me he read that there is one that takes place on a ship – ooooh scary!

We had also planned to go to Gettysburg over the 4th of July and we both already took off work that week to go, but unfortunately we thought it would be fine to wait until May to make our hotel reservations, but everything was already full!  Our only real option is to camp out at one of the campgrounds, but camping in July might not be such a great idea.  So we might just go to my parents and check out the festival, watch fireworks there, and find some other things to do.  I definitely don’t want to go to work.  We will find something to do!

And in some of my most exciting news, which I’m sure nobody will be surprised to hear …. I’m moving, AGAIN.  Sometimes I feel like a nomad, but if I think about it, this is only my fifth move since I have lived in Pittsburgh – since 2002.  That averages out to once per year.  Hopefully it will be the last time I move, like ever – or at the least, many years.  This fall, I am moving in with Bryan who already has a very nice house equipped with mostly everything.  The only thing I’m really bringing is a bed.  I plan to fit the rest of my stuff into garbage bags, and what won’t fit into garbage bags will be tossed into the middle of the street, doused in gasoline, and ignited into a nice big bonfire, except that is probably not legal.  Despite the perks of living with him – like living in a house that isn’t falling apart for the first time like ever, living suburban life, and ALMOST not living in Pittsburgh, I’m the most excited to start our lives together.  In fact, I think I’m giddy (I know that sounds stupid).  Bryan keeps joking that I will need a second job for all the things I want to buy, he may be right!  Bryan just bought an awesome glass TV stand and a 40″ plasma TV.  I realize that when I actually move in, I am going to have to like pay for the stuff too because everything is going to be ours!  And we get to sleep in the same bed every single night, and drive each other crazy ….. it is gonna be great!  You married people are probably laughing at me, and I don’t care!

I shall end my happy rant with the most adorable picture ever – Bryan and Dixie on Memorial Day Weekend.  I can’t decide which one is cuter hehehe.