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My new skill …..

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Last week I purchased two sweaters on sale at Macy’s.  I had tried them on and they fit perfectly, so when I came home I tossed the receipt.  Later that day I wanted to wear the pretty red sweater, but to my dismay I discovered the anti-theft device was still attached to it.  I went downstairs and got the receipt out of the trash but it was kind of nasty and covered in some type of liquid, eww.  Someone said I could take it back to the store and bring the receipt in a zip lock bag ….. errr. Being the lazy, impatient person I am, along with the “I can do everything myself” attitude, tonight I decided to remove it myself.  Luckily it was just a magnetic one. 

I put all the handy tools I got for Christmas to use and managed to break open the seam and wedge the pliers inside so I had access to the pin that was clamping the device to my shirt.  I needed to break the pin, but of all the tools I have, I did not have wire cutters!  So I sawed the pin apart with a metal file, and surprisingly the pin broke in half after only about thirty seconds of sawing.  Then waaa-la (well almost)…. I just had to unscrew the pin which sounds easy, but it had become bent at some point so it wasn’t as easy as I thought. So after about five minutes of twisting and muttering things under my breath, it just fell apart.  And not even a mark on the sweater.

I rock … I should go add this new skill to my resume right now! 

Addicted to love

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

I don’t know why that is my title.  I’m not so great at coming up with witty titles for my blog entries.  I guess I haven’t updated in forever-ish, but blame it on work, laziness, and excess amounts of time I must spend with Peppsi. 

Since the last post, hmm well that was in the midst of a big snow storm in Pittsburgh which postponed my Valentines Day dinner with Bryan.  We made up for it last weekend by going out to dinner, giving each other gifts, and being cool like we always are.  Bryan wrote a good recap of our weekend here, so if you care go read it. 

I love the heart watch I got and I am going to wear it every day until Bryan buys me another watch, or until it breaks which has been the case with the last two fossil watches I have owned.  I am trying not be obsessed with the Sonic the Hedgehog mega-collection that Bryan got me for XBox, but I already told him that he is never getting his XBox back so he better marry me.  Prior to the gift of Sonic, Bryan’s XBox had been sitting in my room, neglected and sad, except when Bryan came over and played Deer Hunter and Grand Theft Auto, which don’t interest me.  Sega Genesis games on XBox rock.  See, I can use these advanced systems.  Bryan lent me the XBox in hopes of getting me into playing games with him, and he has no need for it because he has moved on to more advanced gaming systems… it never ends.  So for me, I’m happy with Sonic until we get a Wii, which Bryan is set on and so am I, ever since I learned that there is now a Sonic game for Wii that just came out yesterday.  I’m having visions of myself rolling around on the floor to make Sonic spin through tunnels of rings, ok not seriously, but that’d be kinda cool.  Anyways, they are ridiculously expensive at the moment, so we are going to wait until they are actually available in stores.  We played a few weeks ago over at Julie & Nate’s, and ever since that I think Bryan has been more in love with daydreaming about owning a Wii, than being in love with daydreaming about me.  Ah well.  I mentioned that a Wii wouldn’t go over too well in my bedroom since it is kind of small and you can’t really throw things at the television here.  But Bryan has a big living room and a whole house that isn’t ugly like mine, and plans to buy this awesome big Samsung flat screen TV.  I’ve seen it at Best Buy and it is nice!  Soon, we’ll be Wii’ing all night long, oh baby! 

My exciting Friday evening plans consist of cleaning the house, changing cat litter boxes, doing dishes, and cleaning floors so I can skip the normal Saturday morning ritual and go shopping!  I got my tax refund today, and half of it went into savings, and about half of the remaining half was sent to the evil soul-sucking credit card company …. and the other half of that half, that was also originally going to go to the evil soul-sucking credit card company is now going to go out and buy me something new to wear tomorrow, and/or a new pair of boots since the heel just broke off the sole.  Arghh, I just bought them two months ago!  Anyways, I’m really trying to be more wary about my spending, and I rarely buy things for myself, so tomorrow I’m going to go to Old Navy and buy one pair of pants, one shirt, maybe a purse (if they are on sale), and hopefully some shoes somewhere because I desperately need boots.

That’s all I have time for because I want to clean and have time to play Sonic for a little while, and I know I will be exhausted by midnight. 


Work is cancelled ….

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Snow snow, lots of snow ….

Yeah.  Yesterday we were sent home from work at 12.  This morning I checked my voicemail at work and there was a message that said “Good morning everyone, um work is cancelled today.”  That is seriously what it said.  But I checked my voicemail before I went to bed last night and there was a message that said that we were having a 10:00am start.  And when I woke up this morning there were no new messages, so I showered and got all ready ….. drank two cups of coffee, and was on my way out the door when I decided to check one last time, because seriously ….. my street is a big block of ice covered in snow, and there are people outside with sharp objects breaking up the ice and shoveling out parking spaces!  I was kind of mad that the message was not left on my voicemail until 8:30am which is cutting it really close to leaving time in this weather.  I decided I needed 1.5 hours to get to work so I was leaving at 8:30.  So anyways, now I am up and coffee’d up, ready to go and I have nothing to do.  Well I do have things to do, like wash dishes, clean, do my taxes, do some laundry, and get ready for Valentines Day … if there is a Valentines Day.

Being snowed in is kind of fun sometimes, but not when it is on Valentines Day!  For one, I feel bad for Bryan because the place he works is evil and is stressing him out a lot, and the last thing he needs is to get out of work and worry about getting somewhere for Valentine’s day on crappy roads that are dangerous, with a lot of people out there that seriously can’t drive.  Tonight we have reservations at Mantini’s Woodfired (thanks to Julie for suggesting!), but if the road conditions do not improve I don’t think we will be going because safety is the most important thing.  I’ve never had a boyfriend who was so sweet and romantic, and got really excited about Valentine’s Day.  Bryan and I have been planning this night and looking forward to it for weeks, but it isn’t the day that matters.  And honestly, with him, I don’t need a day to feel special and loved, because he shows me that every day.

Things are very good, and I think we have many more Valentines Day’s to come.  And if we get snowed in again next year, we may possibly be snowed in together under the same roof so it won’t matter anymore. 

In kitten news, I’ve been letting Peppsi out of my room – it has been a month since he came to live with us, and Boo still hates him.  I don’t blame her though, he’s a terror (as Bryan puts it).  When I let him out he tries to attack her.  Yesterday he pounced on her back, like he jumped on top of her like he was hugging her and started pawing and biting.  He’s not being mean or hissing, he just wants to play with her.  But she hisses and screams and flips out.  He’s three months old now, and I know he just desperately wants a friend.  He’s a really friendly little guy, but he has too much energy.  He sleeps with me all night curled up beside me.  I got out of bed this morning and actually rolled onto him because he is so small and it is hard to see him in the dark.  He’s still pouncing on my face when I’m laying in bed which definitely has to stop because scratch marks on my face is not attractive!

Anyways, that’s all.  I am supposed to be doing work from home, but I think I’m going to do my taxes 😉

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Ahhh Kittens Grrr

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I love Peppsi, I really do.  But he is fiesty and he injures me for no reason.  He pounces on my face in the morning and he bites my cheek when I hold him.  Then he curls up with me and purrs and loves me.  And he was very proud to show me what he did today while I was at work, so proud that I will share it with everyone as well:


But he’s too darn adorable sometimes ……

Is this acceptable?

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I don’t think so ….

 Our pipes froze in the kitchen the other day and we had no water at all. Not even a droplet would come out of the faucet. Our landlord called Jaime (my roommate) and Jaime informed her of the frozen pipes.  She (our landlord) asked that we open the faucet a bit so the pipes don’t burst.  We did that.  Last night I placed a space heater under the kitchen cabinets in hopes of thawing out the pipes.  It didn’t work. 

Today, around noon Jaime called me after she got home from work and asked me if I borrowed her hair-dryer.  I hadn’t.  She said she just got home and the dead-bolt was locked (which I didn’t lock when I left) and her hair-dryer was missing.  I asked if the sink was running.  She said it was.  Instead of assuming someone had broken into our house to steal a hair-dryer, we concluded that our landlord had been here and used her hair-dryer to thaw out the pipe, and had left.  Except the hair-dryer was nowhere to be found.

So Jaime called our landlord and she told Jaime that one of her service guys had been there and he thought it would be a good idea to take the hair-dryer with him to fix other frozen pipes.  WTF?  In addition, Jaime found my hair-dryer laying on the steps.

So … someone came into our house, who works for our landlord, who we do not know.  He came into our bedrooms and took our hair-dryers, and he left.  This is all without a single phone call to either of us from our landlord stating that somebody was coming over. 

Is this not a total invasion of privacy and unauthorized borrowing of someone elses belongings?  Seriously, if I would have come home to find some strange guy in our house trying to take off with our hair-dryers, I would have pulled out my mace and …. well he’s pretty darn lucky.


WTF is wrong with people?

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

This makes me sick.