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Christmas, Etc.

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

I haven’t written in a month – I am sorry.  Here is a recap of Christmas …. I love Christmas and I am sad it is over, but I think there is a lot to look forward to in 2007.  So I spent Christmas with my family in Ford City.  On Christmas Eve I went to my aunt’s house and spent time with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It is weird because my cousins are all having kids now – there are a lot of kids.  They keep asking me when I am going to settle down and have some kids.  My cousin told me I should get married in three years so my other cousin’s new daughter can be my flower girl since she will be three….. hmmm.  I spent Christmas Day at my grandparents house which is a lot more relaxed than my dad’s side of the family.  I gave and received a lot of cool gifts, which I cannot recap.  I received a cordless drill and tools from my parents and I am very pumped because it is what I asked for and now I can repair and create things, yay!
I also spent time with Bryan – actually he just spent three days with me and we had a great time relaxing with each other.  We were going to go to Virginia for a couple days but decided against it because we kind of just wanted to kick back and relax.  He got me some AWESOME gifts and I think I got him nice gifts too.  I received a really pretty sweater, shirt, and scarf, a picture frame with a picture of us in it, an ornament for my tree, season 1 of ‘Dead Like Me’, my FAVORITE ever perfume ‘Ralph’, mace (to protect me from bad guys), and a beautiful ring (and no, not an engagement ring).  It is so beautiful.  It is white gold with a pink gold heart on it and a diamond in the middle.  I heart it so much.  I bought him two DVDs, a magnet with a stamp of Stonewall Jackson and his favorite quote printed on it, an old Gettysburg stamp made into a paperweight, two dress shirts, a collectors wall plaque / clock of a battle in Gettysburg, and an array of candy and other cool stocking stuffers.
We have both been off work this week, so we got to spend a lot of time together which was very nice.  On Wednesday, I cooked chicken and mini tacos, we had some wine, and we opened our gifts.  On Thursday we slept in, but got up early enough to make it to the Pancake House for lunch.  We also went to the mall and I returned the comforter my grandma bought me at Macy’s.  However, I couldn’t find the right one so I did not buy anything.  We came back to my place and Bryan hooked up his XBoX while I cleaned the house and did some laundry.  Then we ordered food from a pizza place and ate and played XBoX for a few hours.  On Friday we slept in again and finally got out of the house to go see Rocky – it was pretty good.  Afterwards we went to Macy’s at the Waterfront and I found a suitable comforter and bought a new winter coat.  I like it a lot.  We came back and played some XBoX and I fell into a coma.  That brings us to today.  We went to Giant Eagle at Waterworks and got some salads (so yummy) and I bought ingredients for some snacks I want to make for New Years Eve.  We also stopped at the Wines and Spirits store and bought some stuff to drink.  Tonight I am doing nothing.  I need to wash my sheets and put my new comforter on my bed.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and Bryan and I plan to stop at his house, then go out to dinner somewhere (we have not decided yet) and then come back here to drink and snack and have a rockin’ New Years, just the two of us.  No crazy awesome plans, but I think it will be nice.  Of all the years I have lived for New Years, I have never gotten to spend it with someone special.  And my New Years last year was so horrible – as was the beginning of 2006.  This year is going to start right and I hope that 2007 kicks butt.

I think a lot of things are going to change in the next year.  I am not going to put up my list of goals for the upcoming year as I usually do.  There are some tentative plans in place so far – no long term life goals or anything, but … Bryan and I do plan to go to Gettysburg again this summer, as well as to a nice sunny beach somewhere.  We have not decided where yet, but I would like to go to the Florida Keys or something.  That is all I plan to reveal at this point, but life is definitely looking up 😉
2006 started bad, improved slowly, and now it kicks ass.  2007 hopefully will be even better.  Here is a recap of 2006 … recaps are fun.

January 2006
Got dumped by a selfish, sarcastic asshole, felt depressed, my bathroom started leaking brown fluid out of the light socket and the evil landlord wouldn’t fix it, I had no hopes of ever moving out or having friends … and I became quite fond of Arby’s Santa Fe Chicken Salads.

February 2006
The Steelers won the super bowl, my great-grandmother passed away, I actually left my cave-like apartment a few times and hung out with friends, played some beer pong, and went on a date with an awesome boy  named Bryan who shall be mention from here on out.

March 2006
Ants invaded my apartment, I went on some dates, I got a new bed, new sheets, and a new coffee-table, woo woo.

April 2006
Centipedes invaded my apartment, I went on some dates, and I stayed in a hotel room with a boy for the first time.

May 2006
I ate a rotten lunchable, booked my first plane ticket, and went geocaching for the first time with Bryan.

June 2006
Discovered I liked cream cheese, started wearing skirts for the first time, hung out at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern for a few weeks, and looked forward to some good summer plans.

July 2006
Went to Gettysburg for three days with Bryan, went to St. Pete Beach for a week with Courtney, flew in an airplane for the first time, had an awesome birthday with lots of people at Church Brew Works, AND …… I moved into a new place!!!  No more ants, centipedes, spiders, or other unpleasant critters.

August 2006
Organized my new place, went to a Pirates game with Bryan and had box seats and free food and beer woo woo, went to Kennywood, AND went to my first STEELERS game ever!

September 2006
Hmm nothing much is coming to mind about this month. 

October 2006
Again, not remembering too much other than hanging out with Bryan a lot, cooking dinner, working, and getting a nasty cold.

November 2006
Went to Pittsburgh Light Up Night with Bryan, got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever, saw the Santa Claus III, and got a dozen roses at work!!! 

December 2006
Wow …. well spent a good part of the month getting ready for Christmas, cooking dinner for Bryan, shopping, hanging out – spent Christmas with my family and a couple days with Bryan.  Got a lot of awesome gifts and am looking forward to 2007.

THE END.  Happy New Years 😉