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Hello, I’m not dead

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Hi!  I’m not dead – I’ve just been either busy or lazy.  Caution: the main theme of this entry is ‘Bryan’ – this word shall be repeated several times.  Works for me 😉

In 1,000 words or less, here is an update.  I’m better, although I think I have allergies or something, because I keep getting this tickle when I try to go to sleep and then I start coughing.  My nose is stuffy too.  But I’m not sicky sick, yay!  I’m not liking the fall this year, but I have been having a bit of fun despite the crap weather.  Two weekends ago Bryan and I went on a Haunted Hayride, which also involved getting lost and hungry, and finding comfort at Kings in Penn Hills which was sooo good, oh and it was freaking cold that night.  I forgot my chapstick in the car and the next day a cold sore party invaded my face, ughh.  I’m better now though.  Last weekend Bryan and I went to see “Flags of our Fathers” which was very good.  Of course, Bryan’s idea since he has the interest in wars and such, although I enjoyed it just as he is going to enjoy going to see The Santa Clause movie with me when it comes out … which is very soon!  Although he is the one that keeps reminding me that it is coming out soon, so I’m thinking he secretly really does want to see it ;-).

What else … this past Monday was a big work event I organized, which I was stressed about, but it turned out to be a huge success, so wooo.  On Wednesday I cooked chicken fajitas for Bryan and I for dinner, and they were good … I think.  I also bought chocolate cake and wine to celebrate Bryan’s new success in life to which I wish him the very best and am glad he is happy.  This also means he is going to buy me lots of presents and take me to a tropical island!  No, I’m not kidding … hehe.

Yesterday Bryan and I went to eat at Hoss’s and planned to go to a haunted house at Century III Mall.  We made it to the parking lot at Century III, and then we sat in the car and got to talking and and suddenly we had no desire to go to the haunted house because it was cold and we just wanted to get warm in bed.  So we went to Wal-mart, bought two scary movies and came home and watched one of them.  And the best thing about Bryan is that he knows when to cover my eyes and tell me not to look when we are watching “Land of the Dead” which shows human beings getting eaten by zombies …. I mean disgusting amounts of blood, organs, brain tissue, etc.  He said “don’t watch this part, you will have nightmares” (several times throughout the movie).  I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite that comfortable watching a horror movie with someone, what a sweetie.

This morning we slept in late, went to Waterworks Giant Eagle to get the awesome salad bar, came back and ate til we were stuffed, and layed around and watched TV til about 5.  It was quite a nice and relaxing day.  Today we were discussing how ‘un-halloweeny’ we have been this year.  We planned to go to haunted houses, go to a pumpkin patch, dress up, etc … but that last few weeks have been kind of stressful, the weather sucks, and honestly this weekend was great in my opinion. 

To add to the theme of this blog entry, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I apparently inspired Bryan to start a blog, which he updates just about as frequently as me.  It is in much need of a ‘how awesome Jess is’ entry … at least I think so!

 – 655 words and Bryan mentioned only 9 times … life is good.


Kleenexes stuffed up my nose again

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

I feel the need to document this: I’m sick.  I have a cold.  I have been taking zicam chewables and so far they are not working.  I am taking Robitussin cough and cold which helps the congestion and hurting cough.  I chose to ignore how sick tylenol cold has made me before … I’m stupid.   I tossed the tylenol cold after being up until 4am last night clutching my chest to make sure my heart was still beating.  I have replaced it with Comtrex – Deep chest cold.  Other than having kleenexes stuffed up my nose and feeling like the room is spinning round and round, I feel just great, not.  I wish medicine would work instead of making me feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest and I am going to fall flat on my face from being dizzy.  I am not mixing medicine unsafely or overdosing – and I’d feel a lot better if I could find one medicine that does everything.  Not that any of the medicine really makes me feel better, it just makes it somewhat more tolerable.  Anyways, haven’t completely lost my voice yet – I’m sure that is coming tomorrow.  I know I haven’t updated in a while.  I will later …. after my next dose of medicine.  At least maybe I’ll be humorous since cold medicine is the equivalent of 5glasses of wine and a big fat blunt.  Hopefully I never get seriously ill and need strong meds …. I’ll probably hallucinate that I’m being chased by 1000 poisonous toads and I’ll jump into a ravine and die.