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Monday, June 26th, 2006

I slept for about 4 minutes last night and I feel like I’m dying. I tossed and turned and felt soggy and disgusting … I hate the weather, I need air-conditioning. My apartment is gross, my carpet feels wet and sticky and I can’t even walk on it with socks on, I have to wear flip-flops to avoid the nasty feeling. I really need to get to work on packing and trashing things. The back room of my apartment is filled to capacity with junk and it has gotten to the point that I can’t even get into the room … not good.

I have to work until 11 tonight because it’s fun networking night at some company and I must be there. I’m surprisingly not crazy busy today with last minute planning. I’m home for a bit because I’m tired and I don’t want to sit under the fluorescent lights of my office anymore, my eyes feel like they’re falling out. I just want to sleep. I’d come home tonight and sleep until 12 pm tomorrow but I want to use my time to take off early on Friday so I can head out to FC for some weekend fun and Heritage Days, woo. Also, I just ordered some luggage online. I am having it delivered to FC so it better get there by Friday, if not I’m screwed. I shouldn’t put things off until the last minute … after browsing several luggage websites I learned that luggage is not shipped the exact second it is ordered. I suppose I could have gone to a store and bought some too but I think online stuff is cheaper. Where am I going to find a luggage store around here that will sell me a 5 piece luggage set for less than $80 and free shipping? I also really wanted to order the pretty lavender luggage but I figured that I should go with blue, just in case a family member or person of the opposite sex might want to borrow it sometime. Afterall I don’t travel much. I’d love to but I have no money.

A good weekend

Monday, June 19th, 2006

I’m taking a break from trying to write a letter to my landlord stating why I should get my security deposit back and it isn’t fun. I can’t wait to move … one month and two weeks til I have windows to look out of! Wooh Wooh!

I’m going to recap my weekend since I can’t remember anything that happened over five years ago. I love it how Julie or Jaime or someone I’ve been friends with forever is like “hey remember the time we _____” and I’m like “uhhh not really”. I figure I better log everything I do from now on so I have some documentation that I did something in life besides take up space.

On Friday Bryan and I went to Eat ‘n Park at the Waterfront after failing to find anywhere in Pittsburgh that serves chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Then we went to Giant Eagle so I could pick up some bagels and veggie cream cheese. It was only last week that I discovered the wonders of cream cheese. After years of despising it, I have acquired a taste for it. Much like mushrooms, sour cream, and thousand island dressing. Weird how my tastes are changing. We also went to Barnes and Noble to buy books and stuff, well I bought a logic puzzle book. I’m saving it for the beach since I’ll probably be left alone by the pool while Courtney sits in the hotel room and plays World of Warcraft all day.

On Saturday I went to Julie’s bridal shower and then came home and went to Mad Mex for dinner with Bryan. We went to the big cool one in Robinson and then came back to dirty Oakland and went to Dave and Andy’s for icecream. I have never been there before but they have some really good icecream cones. After we got back to my place I began to feel quite ill and layed on the floor for most of the night. But Bryan got sick when he went home later too so I think we were either poisoned by Mad Mex or icecream. Bryan says Mad Mex, I say icecream. I think I’m just becoming lactose intolerant, it sucks.

On Sunday I decided to go checkout the GoodWill that they opened down by Whole Foods since they closed the one on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield. To my dismay it was not your regular GoodWill, it was very very small and more like a GoodWill Boutique. Everything there was more expensive and they really only had dressy nice stuff there. Like a “GoodWill Select” or something. It sucked and I stayed for approximately 6 minutes and then headed over to Whole Foods to get one of those tasty ‘make your own salad’ things. Mmmm, it was good. On Sunday night I went to Schenley Park to see a free movie with Jaime, Laura and Jess. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was pretty good. I had never seen it before, but the Oompa Loompas were kind of weird in this movie. Gotta love Johnny Depp though!

Today I went back to hell … ahem, I mean work. Another joyous week. I can’t wait for vacation! Gettysburg with Bryan and beach with Courtney. Then I’m moving and it will be grand. You also need to mark your calendars for July 14th – Gin Blossoms at Station Square at 8 pm, it’s going to be awesome!

Summer is great.

Buy me presents

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Buy me presents.

Since I’m pretty broke these days if anyone feels like being charitable, there are several things I would really like. I am moving in August so I need moving things … such as an air-conditioner although I believe I have already delegated that to my parents to buy for me since they love me. Of course my dad says to me, “well you can have the one that used to be in our bedroom. It’s outside laying by the side of the house, I’d just have to clean it up.” My parents have had this air-conditioner since before I was even born I think. It is roughly the size of me and I have no idea how it even fits into a standard window. It is huge and brown, and I Think it is actually made out of wood.” So I reply “Ummm … well I can’t really afford high electric bills, how energy efficient do you think it is?” I was seriously trying to be nice, but my dad just started laughing at me. When I was talking to my parents I also asked my mom if my microwave was still there because I needed one. She replied that I could have the one that is sitting out on the front-porch under the mailbox. I’ve decided not to even ask why there is an air-conditioner sitting on the ground on the side of the house or a microwave under the mailbox. Now you’re probably thinking trailer-court with junk outside everywhere … well no, at least not last time I was home. As long as nothing crawled inside and made a home, I’m cool with it.

I also need a new set of bath towels, a hamper with a lid, a dresser, money … or if you really want to cheer me up, just buy me something off of my Amazon WishList, and by the way … I really really want the comforter on there. It goes with my sheets that I recently purchased at Macy’s and the comforter would complete my set and I would then have the most awesome bed in the entire world.


Weekend and stuff

Monday, June 12th, 2006

I’m tired.
My weekend was good … but too short. On Friday I watched Girl Interrupted with Jaime. I had forgotten how weird that movie is, but good nonetheless. On Saturday I slept in and did laundry. Bryan and I went to the Arts Festival for a few hours. It was really crowded and I really didn’t get to look at things, but I don’t have money to buy anything anyways, so maybe it’s for the best. It got really cold and I had to lay on the ground in order not to shiver while Bryan ate a snow-cone. Seriously … cold! Bryan took me to Dave and Buster’s … my first time there. Fun, odd … kids, adults, beer, food, and arcade games … all in one room. And me, who sucks horribly at all games that require skill … well I did ok at ski-ball anyways. And I got to sit in the electrocution chair and I made it the whole way without letting go … and the damn thing didn’t even reward me with any tickets! Arghh. It was such a fun evening though. I think I slept a lot on Sunday and did a lot of nothing like a lazy bum, but that’s what weekends are for!

Bryan and I are going to Gettysburg for a couple days during the fourth of July. I’m really excited. New places, fireworks, a cute boy … I never went anywhere with a boy before. I feel special :).


Friday, June 9th, 2006

Listening to some Wheatus right now … oh so good, killing some time before my chica gets here and we go off to get some salsa con queso … I’m starving. On the topic of food I am excited to say that I had the Polish Platter last night at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern for the second time in my life and it was ohhh so goood! I couldn’t eat it all and got really full and wanted to fall asleep for a while but after a few more beers I felt much better. Then some other people came and we had this bright idea that we’d push two tables together and that Vanessa (who conveniently lives above the bar) would go upstairs and get a deck of cards. She came back a few minutes later and informed us that the only deck of cards she owned had naked guys on them. I don’t think the guys liked it that much, well neither did I … naked guys aren’t that hot really, but we played cards and acted like we owned the place … it was great! All was well until I drank a beer that tasted like sugar mixed with flour and cornstarch but luckily Bob traded beers with me and I drank something called “King” … so yeah the selection isn’t that great when it is almost midnight on dollar beer night but it was still fun. Jaime and I made up for the naked guy cards by engaging Bob and Steve in one of our favorite conversations … well I think it is becoming our new favorite drunk conversation lately. Oh am I being vague? Well if you really want to know you’ll have to come out with us some night and find out! Especially if you are a guy … we’ve become quite popular lately with our awesome conversation topics. Haha, good times.

So tomorrow I’m going to the Arts Festival with Jaime, Avi, Vanessa, and Brian … and hopefully some other people will come. I’ll be sad if I’m the only single person again, sometimes I feel very out of place … but just sometimes. Usually I’m not the only single person but I’m beginning to feel outnumbered on a more regular basis these days. Of course being single always leaves me with opportunities to flirt with random hot guys who are out. Ok, so that doesn’t really happen … but theoretically it could!

Oh yeah, so I bought this really cute skirt yesterday and wore it out. I was feeling quite girly in my skirt and sandals and I even found this cool shirt to match it. Maybe I could get into this being a girl thing. I’m thinking about hitting up some thrift-stores tomorrow morning to see if I can find any cheap cute skirts. Yeah so I was feeling all good and cute in my skirt and then it ripped. I went to the bathroom and was adjusting my skirt which was two layers. The top layer is thin and kind of see-through and it went rippy rip rip, sadddd!! I was devastated … my first cute casual skirt in like ever, and it is destroyed the first time I wear it! No worries though, I think I’m going to use my awesome sewing skills and patch it up. I like it too much to toss it. Wow, I sure talk about cool things, don’t I?

So anyways, that’s about it. I guess I’m just happy it is the weekend and I’m excited about stuff. Blah Blah Blah. I’m sorry I’m a bad blogger, I just ramble and my sentences are filled with poor grammar. But at least I’m hot, yeah.

My landlord is a homosexual old man

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

So my landlord comes to my door today and just stares at me when I answer the door. Then he says to me with his gay 90 year-old Italian accent “So don’t you have a calendar?” I am like “uhh yeah” as I stare back at him. He goes “well maybe you should get a pen and write things on it sometimes.” Ok, at this point I wanted to kick him because I knew what he was getting at. The rent was due on June 1, but I had written him checks out for three months – April, May, and June. I had the proof. Then he says “that’s a mortgage payment I have to make tomorrow.” Do I care? Actually, yes. I wish I was the one making a mortgage payment on a house so I wouldn’t have to look at his crusty face and give him my money. It is not my problem he is senile … I can’t wait for a few days from now when I give him my rent for July with a nice little letter that says goodbye motherfucker, I’m moving. He also bitched at me for having a window fan, AGAIN and he bitched at me for his high electric bill which is all my fault because I am not a vampire and I need light sometimes. No, maybe it’s due to the fact that the faggot upstairs never leaves or sleeps and therefore uses WAY more electricity than me. And also that he had his air-conditioner running when it was 50 degrees out while I was running the heat. I cannot help it that this place is not functional when it comes to temperature. He needs to realize this. Ughhh.

Work sucks, I want this week to be over. Thursday is pierogie and $1 beer night, Friday is hot date night with movies and tostitoes with salso con queso, and Saturday is something or other at the arts festival and a concert of someone I forget and a wine party afterwards. Fun stuff. Ok, Friends is on … I must go watch. My real point of this was to rant about the gay landlord and now I’m done. Feel much better.

Hot Stuff

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Besides getting stranded on the South Side last night for many hours and having to call a cab, it was lots of fun! I’m posting a picture cause we’re hot. I think it’s about to find a nice spot on my coffee table in my nice pretty frame which once had a picture of me and a boy, but somehow that picture hopped out of its frame and shredded itself into thousands of tiny pieces …. I don’t know why these types of things always seem to happen to me. I’m too lazy to repost the rest, but they’re here.

Hate Tired Stresssed

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

I realize I haven’t written in quite some time. I’ve been contemplating giving up on the whole blogging thing because I feel I’m growing out of the whining thing and I don’t have the talent to fill my blog with witty and funny comments. I’m not big on politics or writing reviews so I’m not really sure where to go from here.

Update on my life. I hate my job and I’ve been applying for some other jobs. Well ok, I applied for two jobs and put my resume back up on monster and hotjobs. It is a start.

I went to a picnic at Jaime’s on Memorial Day and had lots of fun. I made pasta salad and a veggie tray and other people brought stuff. People also cooked chicken and tofu fajitas but I was too hot to have any appetite. So I just drank a lot of beer and felt satisfactorily intoxicated by the time I got home and had to pass out so I could go to work on Tuesday. I had intentions of taking pictures but only ended up taking a couple of Jaime and me.

I got some pretty pink flowers today. I have no idea what kind they are but I think I must be allergic to them because I’ve sneezed nonstop since they have been in my possession. Right now they are just laying on my table. I don’t have a vase big enough to put them in so I have to figure something out.

Tonight I’m going to Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with Jaime and some people for $1 beers. I went last Thursday and had the worst hangover at work on Friday. But I don’t have to work tomorrow so I’m planning to get lots of drunk tonight. I’ve had a pretty bad week, although I only had to work three of those days. Last night I felt the leg alien (aka anxiety) briefly. Too much shit for one week, its just one thing after another… I need a vacation real bad and some positive things in my life. Tonight will be good though. A fun drunk night and no bullshit to deal with.

Jaime and I on Memorial Day