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Friday, April 21st, 2006

When I was a kid I used to love the bugs I’d find under rocks. There were three main bugs that lived under rocks. First, there were those slimy things. I called them slugs and we used to pour salt on them and watch them melt. Then there were the bugs with the shells that I called “rollie-pollie bugs”. They could roll up into a ball and look like little pellets. Then there were the long ones with a million legs and I called those centipedes. I actually think they may have been millipedes. Regardless, I would take those any day over centipedes. There are real live centipedes in my apartment and they make me want to puke when I see them. They are huge with thousands of legs and they can run REALLY FAST! They like to hide in dark places and scare the living hell out of me. Sometimes I’m sitting on my couch and happen to glance over and see this huge bug running like 10 mph across my floor! And NEVER leave a pair of pants on the floor because they like to crawl into the pant legs. I learned that lesson by picking up a pair of pants and having centipede come flailing out. One day I was researching centipedes on the internet and I found out that they actually sting and bite and can cause pain that is equivalent to a bee sting. I freak out when there is a bee or wasp in my apartment, now knowing that there are evil centipedes lurking in the dark corners of my apartment just freaks me out soooo bad. I NEVER walk barefoot in here. I only see one maybe once a week and it isn’t like I’ve ever found a nest of them or anything, but they’re around and I know it. Yesterday I was doing laundry and was rearranging clothes in my laundry basket when one just appeared and ran over my hand! I screamed bloody murder. It wasn’t just the fact that it was a creepy bug that can sting me … its just that nobody really expecets or wants bugs crawling out of their clothes!!! Anyways, this time I chased him and I sprayed him good with my ‘organic bug spray’ hehe. He got all slow and shriveled up in a ball and he died. Then I vaccumed him up in the sweeper. I actually don’t really like to have to kill bugs, but I make an exception for centipedes.

The End.

The Plan

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

I’m on a plan and execute mission this year.

I’m officially moving in the end of July / beginning of August. I will not miss Oakland or my 90 year old annoying landlord who lives across the street and peers into my window. I’m excited. I think I’m going to start packing this week. I will however miss walking to work.

Sometime at the end of summer, I will actively seek to find a new job. I will miss random paid holidays such as today and tomorrow (especially since it’s almost 80 degrees out and not a cloud in sight). I will not miss the drama and headache my job causes me daily. I’ve had it, seriously.

I may or may not go to the beach this summer. I would like to but Courtney needs to get on the ball. But honestly, I could afford to skip the beach this year. I like to waste all of my money right here in Pittsburgh. I’m also open to invitations for fun summer activities. Because I’ll die if I don’t get out of Pittsburgh for a few days.

No later than November, I am buying a car. Maybe earlier. One, I do not plan to commute to my job in the winter, and two, a car will make it much easier to find a more awesome job somewhere else. This requires me to get over my fear of driving, but I’m a grown up and I want to go places and put stuff in my car and visit my grandma whenever I want damnit. I’m kind of excited actually. I want to buy a shiny red car. I also like black cars, but they look dirty. Oh and blue cars are nice too. My friend has a really pretty blue Hyundai but I don’t think I’d buy a Hyundai. But I might buy a blue car. I also like my brothers dark green Saturn. It’s nice but I think I want a smaller car. But if by chance he happened to murder someone and go to jail, I’d glady take it off my parents hands for a while. I would also keep it much cleaner make it smell like a girl car.

The year will end and Christmas will be here, my favorite holiday. I will be broke and in more debt than I am now by then since I have expensive plans, so don’t rely on great Christmas presents from me. Unless I win the lottery. Then I’ll be living on an island. But for that to happen, I need to start playing the lottery and that isn’t part of ‘the plan’. So I guess I’ll be here.

Hot girls

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Two pictures from Saturday night. I have more, but most of them contain a weird dude who liked having his picture taken and kept asking if our trucker boyfriends were going to come beat him up. Gotta love Ford City. I was going to take family Easter photos but the only one I mustered up the motivation to take was one of my brother whipping off the camera. I’ll post more someday … I really need to get on the photo album project.

Um stuff

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Excitement is in the air, I got Sims to work on my computer and I get to spend the next two days playing it as much as I want cause everyone else will be at work and I’ll be getting paid to play grown-up computer barbies. I’m quite excited. Although I think I’ll go outside tomorrow, it’s supposed to be nice! I’m so excited for summer!

Ok I really didn’t mean to make Sims and paid holiday’s seem more important than some real good news … Julie, my amiga muy bueno is getting married! I’m quite pumped for the rockin’ 90’s wedding she’s planning, but most of all I’m quite happy for her and Nate. I think I should just mention that once Julie bit me on the leg and caused a circular mouth shaped bruise and she has punched me more times than I can remember. We were also born two days apart and without her I would have never made up the line “You are the fuzz on my peach, without you I am merely a nectarine.” Of course I wrote that for Julie but I guess I can survive without fuzz or bruises. And one time Nate did something evil to my cell phone and everytime I turned it on it said “I love Jed6”. It was especially fun when I had to take my phone to Radio Shack and the guy turned it on and saw it. He didn’t say anything, but still … what kind of loser is in love with someone named Jed??? And by the way, who is Jed? Seriously, I have no idea. That was my toast for your wedding, congratulations guys!!

I also had the most awesome weekend in a long time. I got to get dressed up and wear a skirt (which I haven’t done in like 5 years). I got to take a bubble bath, stay in an awesome hotel that had a big flat screen TV (that I am sure I watched no longer than 4 minutes) and a coffeemaker with Starbucks coffee, which someone made for me on Sunday morning … mmmmm!!!! We also went to Mt. Washington and took pictures of Pittsburgh because I will never get tired of going up there, I love looking at the city, especially on such a nice day. I’m posting some pictures below. They’ll be captionless and if you read this paragraph you can make up your own story to go along.

baking, fun, boys and other stuff

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Yesterday was April Fool’s day and I completely forgot so I guess I’ll just have to pick a random day and fool someone. Be warned, “Jess feels like messing with you Day”, (JFLMWYD for short) is coming soon!

I made chocolate chip cookies and chicken yesterday. Now I have a big container of cookies that will never get eaten because I can tolerate about one cookie or sweet thing a week. Once I eat something sweet I just want to pour salt in my mouth. Bryan did eat two of them though … and I ate two, so now I only like 25 cookies to get rid of. Today I made homemade cheesy potatoes with velveeta cheese sauce. I just tasted some of it and its good, but it isn’t my moms. It was her recipe and she made it during Christmas and I loved it so much. But then again, nothing tastes like my mom’s food. Not even a grilled cheese sandwich. My mom is just magic I guess.

The other night I went out with Julie, Nate, Bill and Steve and I learned from Steve that I am going to die because I am left-handed. Yes, I will die from a random accident when I attempt to use something that is designed for right-handed people. I better start practicing being right-handed. Except I think there is more of a likelihood that I’d die attempting to use something with my right-hand because I can’t do anything right-handed except cut with scissors.

I went to the movies with Bryan and saw Basic Instinct 2. It was pretty good but I was still kind of confused at the end. Maybe I should have watched the first one. Next week he invited me to a work-function thing that involves dressing up which is fun. But the best part involves a hotel room and getting to take a bubble bath. I can’t wait! I hope this week goes by fast.

I’ve kind of lost interest in writing much lately. I guess I can’t think of anything to complain about, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.