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What does Giant Eagle, Comcast, and downtown Pittsburgh all have in common?

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

If you didn’t guess already …. the answer is simple. They all suck. I guess I wasn’t feeling so great today since I’m nearing the 24 hour mark of having a headache that kind of comes and goes but hasn’t completely gone away. I decided to take a trip downtown on my lunch hour today to take care of some personal stuff. Of course I got lost and had the wrong building anyways, so it was a huge waste of time. I blame Pittsburgh and their website which clearly gave me the wrong address. Ughh, I guess I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I was so aggravated and didn’t know that the place I needed to go was also still downtown. Now I know, please don’t give me crap when I get there tomorrow, ok? Today I also needed a copy of my comcast bill to prove my address. I pay no utilities here so cable is about the only thing that will prove I have something in my name here. Apparently credit card statements and that kind of stuff don’t qualify. I signed up for paperless statements a while ago so I printed out my online statement but there is NOWHERE on the statement that actually has my name. So that was great. I called Comcast and asked them to fax me a copy of my bill with my name on it. After being transferred three times, I was told that they would ‘request it’ for me but they couldn’t promise it would get faxed to me. So yeah, I am asking them a favor, but consider that I am saving them money every month by not getting a paper statement, I pay over $100 a month, and I’m a long-standing customer who pays on time. One lousy fax shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Geeeeesh. I had called at 9:30 a.m. The fax came at 4:00 p.m. At least it came (with the first three letters of my name cut off) …. no further comments on that. And finally, Giant Eagle. I went grocery shopping (yes shocking!) after work today and I really despise the newly remodeled Giant Eagle in Shadyside. After making three big circles around the store, I finally asked someone where the bread was. It wasn’t obvious to me that the bread would be in the aisle with diapers and shampoo. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed that bread couldn’t possibly be mixed in with hygiene products, because afterall it is still Giant Eagle.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

I have concluded that coffee from Kiva Han is no better than coffee from the Exxon Station across from where I work. I love that coffee so much, I drink it everyday. Now the Exxon Station is going out of business, or rather … the franchise owner is selling it back to the corporation and that makes me sad. It seriously has to stay open because it is in a huge lot right on Forbes Avenue and Pittsburgh is going to start looking pretty bad if huge gas stations on main roads start shutting down. But anyways, the store is bare and there’s really nothing to buy there except coffee. I just hope that the new owners maintain the superior quality of the coffee. If not, that alone will be an excuse for me to find a new job. Every job I ever have must have good coffee readily accessible for me to drink.

Today I saw a turkey in our parking lot at work. Then someone proceeded to send out an email to everyone saying I saw a turkey. Then began this chain of emails saying I could add ‘turkey spotter’ to my resume, and then an email saying that I didn’t even need a resume because I was never going to leave. I refused to respond to any of them. I really must find a new job at some point sooner rather than later. Others spotted the turkey later on, so I felt a little better. Yesterday at work I won a Starbucks giftcard, and next month I’m going to start taking foreign language lessons, I’m already signed up and ready to become bilingual. It’s just weird that I sit at work all day and never know what half of the people are saying. They could be standing right beside me talking shit on me and I’d have no idea. That’s all. Wow, isn’t my life exciting?

Horoscope says

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

When I was in high school I seriously believed in my horoscope. Before the internet existed I used to read them everyday in the newspaper. Every month I bought a scroll at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I couldn’t wait to get home and unroll my horoscope scroll and read all about what was going to happen that month. I used to get the Keen daily horoscope everyday in my email and there were a ton of other horoscopes that I read daily. But one day, my horoscope really let me down, so much that I never believed in horoscopes again.

It was Valentines Day my sophomore year of college. My day started out just fine, until my horoscope came in my email. They were usually pretty vague, but this one gave specific details. It said that someone who used to be a big part of my life had parted ways with me six months ago. The horoscope said I would see this person or hear from this person on that day. It was almost exactly six months ago that my ex and I had stopped talking, and … it was Valentines Day. And I still cared about him. I seriously thought it was a sign from above and that it just had to happen. So I waited all day. He never called, he didn’t show up, no Valentines Day card in my mailbox. Nothing.

It crushed me, but not my spirit. I still have cheesy and romantic dreams of living happily ever after and I believe that if something is meant to happen it will. Maybe someday I’ll be on a plane to Vegas to get married to this guy I’m not sure I really love (and I don’t know it, but he cheats on me). I had met another really sweet guy who I thought might be the one, but when I went to his house earlier to tell him I was falling for him, his ex answered the door wearing nothing but his Van Halen t-shirt (of course it was a big misunderstanding but I don’t know this). So I’m on the plane feeling kind of sorry for myself, but realizing that if I don’t get married I’ll have nobody, and face it, I’m not getting any younger. Then, suddenly, a song comes on over the loud-speaker. I recognize the voice. It sounds like that guy I was falling in love with. Then, the curtain to first-class opens and he comes walking out with his guitar, serenading me! My fiance tries to beat him up, but Billy Idol slams him with a food tray and I get to enjoy my song. And then … we kiss! Then we get married and live happily ever after. Mmmm, except I’m not Drew Barrymore, and I’m not in love with Adam Sandler …. and The Wedding Singer was a made up story, but it was a damn good movie!!!! Oh well, everyone has dreams, right? I’d settle for a hug, some flowers, and an “I love you”. Unfortunately the only guys who love me are related to me, and thankfully they don’t love me the way I need to be loved. I mean, that would be sick.

Anyways, there was a point to this and now I forget. Something about my horoscope I read today, which I have forgotten now and I’m too lazy to go back and read it. Instead you get the usual rambling I’m so good at. I don’t know why I never stay focused on one topic without getting sidetracked and going on about something else.

Nothing cool ever happens

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

About a month ago I went to the bank and requested a new debit card because mine is made out of styrofoam and it breaks or wears out at least every six months. I know I swipe a lot, but if it isn’t made to endure the expiration date then I think that they should give me free ones. Anyways, I was told that my current card would continue to work until I activated my new card. I did not know that there was a time limit set to do so and so my new shiny card is still unactivated and thought I’d just use my old card until it broke in half. But today when I tried to use the ATM machine, I got a loud beep and a receipt that said ‘card has been retained, please contact your financial institution’. I didn’t even think it could possibly be because I had ordered a new card … because I had just used the card an hour earlier at Radio Shack to purchase a new set of fancy headphones for my mp3 player. So I came home and called the bank, fearing that the FBI had taken over my checking account (hehe). But I was just told that my card was no longer active. So I asked ‘well should I go to the bank that took my card and get it back?’ I would have tried to do so when it initially happened, but the bank was closed. They said ‘no, they’ll just destroy it anyways … it is no good.’ I wish people would tell me important details like this and I would have activated my new card and not felt like a big retard. Oh well.

I have another problem. I’ve fallen in love with sleeping in my bed, which shouldn’t be a bad thing, but it is really affecting my ability to get up and go to work. When I wake up in the morning I feel so sad about having to wake up. I have this idea in my head that I’ll go to work and come home at the end of the day and get right back in bed. Thinking about getting back into my bed later is actually my only incentive to get out of bed in the morning. Some mornings I decide I’m going to go to work and do all the shit I need to do really fast and play sick so I can come running back home and hop into my bed. This never happens, and by the time I actually do get home from work, going back to bed isn’t as appealing as it was when I woke up. Sure my bed is great, but I don’t want to go to bed at 5:30 p.m. unless I’m sick or sleep deprived.

Another problem I have been having is that I keep dreaming about work right before I wake up. One morning I even had a dream that work was cancelled and I thought it was real. Mornings are really confusing and most of the time I have to actually get up and sit on my couch for about five minutes before I can determine if my dreams were real or not. I think it is mostly because I tend to dream about work every morning. Then I wake up in this state of panic and think that I really was supposed to be at work at 6:30 a.m. to hang up streamers and carve pumpkins. I have very lucid dreams sometimes and I seriously don’t think that one day in my life has gone by that I haven’t remembered my dreams. If you are a long time reader you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any weird end of the world nightmares lately. Lucky for me, I haven’t had a nightmare like that in quite some time. I think it was the anxiety and sleeping problems that made me dream like that. Now that I have minimal anxiety and no life, there is nothing left to dream about except work. It’s sad.

I guess I’m done torturing whoever is reading this. Don’t worry, if something cool ever happens, my blog will inform you. I can’t say it is likely but I’m not going to be a complete pessimist … I’d say that there is at least a 1% chance that something good will happen someday before I die.

Give me a reason to like March

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Another reminder it is March, ANTS are in my apartment AGAIN. If you don’t recall the trauma it gave me last year, please feel free to read about it here. Last year was horrible really. I thought that they were crawling on my while I was trying to fall asleep, I had nightmares about them, they literally took over my apartment and I was so close to calling an exterminator to get rid of them. I was prepared for it this year. New ant traps were set out last month in preparation for the attack. There is really nothing I can do … I live on the ground floor and they come in from outside. I can’t put ant traps outside because the area that they come in from is fenced off and someone else owns the other half of the house … and I don’t know that it would really help. I hate having to murder anything, even ants, but they aren’t allowed in my living quarters! Anyways, the first sign of the attack began this morning in my bathroom. Last year I didn’t pay too much attention to a few ants, but then a week later the amount had seriously multiplied by 1000. Don’t ignore three or four ants. You’ll be VERY sorry if you do.

Although I’ve already claimed January and February as my least favorite months, I am adding March onto it. Unless something awesome happens in March that will forever change my life, I will continue to hate March. GRRR!

In other news, nothing. I hate my blog.


Five good things

Monday, March 13th, 2006

In light of having the worst day in quite some time, I am dedicating the rest of this post to talking about good things. In no particular order, I resolve to list five things that are awesome and have happened in the last few days.

1. Yesterday I went shopping and got a bunch of stuff on sale at Kauffmann’s because they are going out of business. I have no idea why they are going out of business, but I took advantage of the 60-80% off sale and bought myself some new bras, a purse, and a cool shirt for under $30, woo! And my friend got a dress that was like originally $160 for $13.

2. I bought a feather-bed and new sheets for my new bed and my bed is like heaven. My sheets are made out of pima cotton and they are a 400 thread-count. Please, I know nothing about cotton or thread-counts but I wanted something really comfortable so I bought them and must say that even though they weren’t insanely expensive, it is the most I’ve ever spent on sheets. I also bought a feather-bed for on top of my mattress and I love it. My new bed was really firm and hard and I was used to my cushiony saggy bed or my cushiony couch and honestly, I was sleeping a lot better in my new bed, but sometimes I felt like I was laying on the floor because it was so hard. Anyways the feather-bed and new sheets make the bed awesome. Last night was the most amazing sleeping experience I’ve had in a long long time.

3. On Saturday I went on a date with someone I like A LOT and we went to a place called the Funny Bone at Station Square. The show was really funny although our waitress was kind of scary and mean. Afterwards we walked around and took some pictures of Pittsburgh and I found out my new camera doesn’t like night pictures either, but that isn’t what really matters. It was like the perfect night, I had a great time.

4. I logged onto my credit card account today and found out that they just doubled my limit so I decided to transfer the balance of my Dell Account onto it. It isn’t that much and I should just pay it off, but it is so annoying and the interest rate is high, so yay … now I can accumulate more debt if I choose to and I can close that dumb Dell Account. But I’m not really going to accumulate anymore debt hopefully. My goal is actually the opposite.

5. It was 76 degrees today according to the temperature/clock at Eureka Bank. I went to lunch with my boss and we were like ‘yay summer!’ Then we started talking about Florida and how he is going next week. And then Pittsburgh suddenly sucked again. But for that very brief moment, I enjoyed Pittsburgh in March. Of course it will be cold tomorrow and rain for the next two months and I’ll be in a rain coma, but again … for a moment, it was good!

My blog sucks

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

It’s been a long week. I had a successful work event the other night and got to be photographer extraordinare with my new camera. I’d post pictures but the whole work / blog thing exists so that isn’t a good idea. Anyways, I’m alive. I don’t feel like writing anything or doing anything. Here’s an ugly picture of me except my hair is awesome, except it needs to grow faster. I’ve been using new shampoo that definitely brings out the natural highlights in my hair. I hope my hair never turns grey, I don’t ever want to dye my hair again, it makes it smell funny and look dumb. Unfortuantely I don’t have the motivation to photoshop a hot guy or a sunny beach into the picture. That would just depress me anyways, not that thinking about it doesn’t already depress me, and that’s the truth. Goodnight.

I know I can’t decorate

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

But I tried … here’s a picture of my new table 🙂

Me llamo Juanita Nachita!

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

I just totally freaked out. I went online to my checking account and noticed that there was about $400 less than there was supposed to be. I don’t really keep that much money in my checking account because I don’t have a lot of money and because any spare change that I can accumulate either pays off debt or goes into my savings account. I try to distribute evenly. Anyways, my bank cashed my rent check twice in one week. They cashed it on the 23rd and again on the 27th. I got paid on the 28th, but because after cashing my rent once and not being paid yet, I did not have the amount of my rent in my checking account so I also got charged a $32 overdraft fee. My online account is cool though. They scan my checks, so any check has a little picture button beside it and I can look at a copy of my actual check. So after looking and realizing that they cashed my check twice I called the bank and was upset. But I didn’t yell. I just asked them to fix it, and the customer service lady was awesome and told me I was absolutely right and that everything would be refunded today. And I have money because I was paid, but still … I am missing a big chunk of it and I have bills to pay. Ughh, at least it is Friday!

My name is in the newspaper. So is all of my contact information so stalkers can find me. I hate that. I hate that. I hate that. Did I mention … I hate that? I don’t know why, it is barely mentioned, and it isn’t even in a newspaper that anyone I know personally (besides people I work with) will read, but still … I just want to have a different name. Nobody else in the world has my name, I can’t even be confused with anyone. If you see my name, its me. If you see anyone with the same last name as me, we’re related. The chances of that are slim though. I have few relatives. We just don’t grow. I don’t know why. I think I’m going to start going by a different name and introduce myself as Juanita Nachita. Then nobody can research me. I know I’m way too paranoid about it, but I know things I shouldn’t know, that people don’t know that I know. I don’t want anyone to know things without my knowledge about me that I have not approved them to know. It’s ok. It is Friday.

I don’t have any bad news but everytime I get excited and talk about something good I jinx myself and something bad happens to the good thing that I just wrote about. I did get new furniture that is awesome. I got a glass coffeetable that I have painfully tried to decorate but I’m doing such a bad job. My new bed is awesome. I sleep in it EVERY NIGHT and I haven’t slept this good in a long time. I really love my new bed. I didn’t get a dresser because it was way too huge and I wouldn’t be able to store it right now, but I got a small nightstand with drawers but it needs painted. I have paint that will perfectly match my comforter but I haven’t decided if I’m buying a new comforter yet, so I am holding off on painting it until I figure out my bedroom theme. My comforter is a pretty magenta kind of color. Not red, but not purple, I really like it … on my bed that is.

One time I dyed my hair this burgandy color but it ended up more like magenta and Julie told me that my hair was the same color as her grandma’s car. Of course I was fifteen then, so it was ok to have fake red hair and look ridiculous. But face it, nobody has burgandy hair and the only people who can pull it off are Kate Winslet and Debra Messing. My hair is so awesome lately, I never realized what an expensive hair cut and really good shampoo could do for my hair. And I guess I should thank the girl at my hair salon who convinced me that I needed to get all of my hair chopped off in order to make it grow beautifully. It is rather nice right now, despite all the static electricity. Well that is all I care to talk about right now. I’m off to do something other than sit around on the computer and read the same archives on my website from August and September over and over again. I don’t actually do that, but someone sure does.