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Spank Me

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Last night:

Jaime and I also beat the boys’ at beer-pong because we kick ass. Then they turned around and beat us by getting all the the balls in the cup before we even got our first turn. I was mad. I would have taken pictures but since I lost my beer several times, lost my camera, and my purse … well that didn’t happen. Oh well. I thought someone might enjoy the picture of Jaime spanking me with the paddle, hehe. Now I must shower, find food, and await my new furniture. Expect updates later!

This is as good as it gets people

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Today was draining. I had to be at work at 7:30 and everything was going wrong today. I spent the afternoon at a funeral out near my hometown for someone I work with … her mom died. She is a year younger than me and has already lost both of her parents and basically has to take care of everything. She is the oldest child in her family and I just have to give her credit, I feel bad. I don’t know if I could handle it. I’m lucky to have both of my parents, and two grandparents.

I want tomorrow to be over, I’m so happy I only work until 3 on Friday’s. I plan on spending my afternoon/evening at the laundromat. Sorry if that isn’t your idea of a fun Friday night. On Saturday I have a dinner date at Aladdin’s and I’m excited because I really like the food. Then I’m going to a part-ay where I plan to get drunk since I hardly ever get drunk and well … it is better than sitting around and being bored and un-drunk. On Sunday my new furniture is arriving, wooo! I’m getting a Queen bed, a coffee table, and I think a dresser. You know I’ll take pictures. I’m trying to squeeze in some time this weekend to go bed sheet shopping at Macy’s but I don’t really picture it happening. So I’ll probably still be sleeping on the couch Sunday night. Hopefully the bed will fit into my bedroom!

I’ve also made plans to go back to St. Pete Beach this summer with my only single friend left in the world. Everyone else goes on vacation with their significant others, but since I’ll probably be single for the rest of my life, I don’t have that option. Not that I care. I had a kick-ass time last year and can’t wait to go back. It was funny, because last week I was talking to Julie and said I wonder if Courtney will ever call me again. Then I saw her on Saturday, and today she called me to make vacation plans. And it is so weird, because I feel like I was just at the beach with her like 3 months ago. Damn, it is February. Of course I’ve kind of been in this foggy haze for the past few months. Or maybe I’m just getting old. Time is going by way too fast though.


Monday, February 20th, 2006

I seriously need to get a good night’s sleep. Instead I sleep on a couch, toss and turn all night, set my alarm for 5am and hit snooze about 343 times before actually getting up. I know that this is a full two hours where I could be resting in a deep sleep instead of being interrupted every nine minutes by my british siren alarm on my cell phone, but that is the way it has to be. It is a psychological thing. If my alarm clock went off for the first time at 7am and I had to just get out of bed and do the morning dance, I’d be miserable and depressed. I actually love waking up at 5am knowing I can sleep for two more hours. I pull the blanket back up over my head and wonder back into dreamland. There have been days when I have accidentally shut off my alarm clock and fallen back into a deep sleep until 8am or so … and when I wake up and realize I have to jump up and get a three second shower, I just want to die. I am grumpy until at least noon when that happens. Anyways, I’m hopefully getting a new bed this weekend, so maybe that will help.

I really want to give a recap of my weekend and post all the awesome pictures I took with my kick-ass new camera, but I’m dedicating the rest of my evening to getting my photo site up and running. I know I mentioned it like a month ago, but I’ve been extremely frustrated with every single photoblog program I install. I want to host the pictures myself, and I’m determined to do it. I’ve tried everything. Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Pixel Post, WordPress Photo Templates … the list goes on and on. I’m frustrated because everything looks horrible and the navigation sucks. I’m not a photoblogger, I just want to put every single picture I own onto something that you can actually navigate through. But I find that when I actually manage to organize the photos, once I click on one picture, the navigation goes to hell. I’m just very unhappy and in disbelief that something this simple fails to exist. So now I’m trying something called iPAP. It is actually pretty cool. I like the navigation and kind of has a blog look and feel to it. So I’m fervently working to upload all of my pictures and get it looking half decent. I’ll keep you updated.

You gotta spin it like I feel it baby.

Friday, February 17th, 2006

So my weekend is going to be filled with fun hopefully. I am going out tonight and tomorrow night, and I don’t plan on remembering most of it. I’ll take my camera along for reminders … but I’m not holding back on the potential to have some fun. Because life is short, and I need to get the hell out of my apartment. Because it smells.

I hated that stuff anyways, but now the apartment stinks like one horrible memory that really never goes away. Maybe it will smell like this forever. Maybe I’ll have to move to get rid of it. July 31st. I came back from the beach and spent the rest of my vacation with my boyfriend at the time, who presented me with an entire set of Ralph Lauren perfume. It wasn’t the stuff I really wanted, but it was nice. It didn’t smell that great, but I wore it. Now it is shattered all over the bathroom floor. Maybe I should just burn everything that reminds me of him and my apartment will smell like fire. I think smelling fire would be better right now.

Sometimes I think the sick feeling in my stomach will never go away … I’m fine for days and then something happens and I remember the boy who told me in mid November that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, that he loved me, that he wanted us to move in together … only to have a new girlfriend nine days later. And when I started seeing someone in December I got bitched at about it, called a hypocrite … and all I can think about is that he was off hanging out with another girl all fall while I wore that dreaded perfume because I loved him. I hate the way I cringe when I hear someone say his name … not his personally, but anyone with the same name. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m fine … it is just that sometimes stupid things make me want to scream. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being angry. Mostly angry at myself for believing that I had the best guy in the world.

And there is something significantly wrong with every single person I try to meet or get interested in. Ughh .. I used to think I was lucky and that I just found good people to be in relationships with. I never understood women who were constantly going on dates and always saying how much guys sucked. Or how shady they were. But now I know it is true. Unfortunate for me. I just don’t click with anyone, it is getting harder and harder to meet anyone who gets me at all. Maybe I should become a high maintenance bitch, get a little dog, and only eat tofu and raisins. Hmmm …

God, I’m sick. I think I’m going to have to move outside where it smells like garbage.

Anyways, this weekend has a large potential to not disappoint me. Oh, I’m quite sure it won’t. Tonight I’m going out to a party and a Reggae Bar that I’ve never heard of but it sounds fun. Tomorrow night I’m going to a slumber party and brunch on Sunday. And I might get a chance to put my new camera to use, so I’m excited.

I have to go get sexy and ready, and eat some food. And set my bathroom on fire.

Happy Crap Day

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Wooo, it’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a Valentine and I really don’t care. Now that all that is out of the way, I’m going to talk about how lovely it is to receive Valentines Day presents from weird strangers.

This morning I was going about my business at work and the security guard called me to let me know that I had a visitor. The security guard never bothers to tell me who it is, so I just figure it is one of the usual people coming to bother me or give me something. As a side note, the place I work is highly secure, and every visitor must sit in the lobby until I come down the steps, walk through the many protected doors and retrieve the person, claim this person as my guest, and promise to take full responsibility for said individual . This is rather stupid because many of the visitors are frequent ones that everyone knows well, and it is just annoying.

So I get downstairs and see this demented smiling woman in the lobby who says ‘Jessica, I just wanted to come over and give you a Valentines Day present!!!!’ She was really cheery, in a scary way … and I had no clue who she was. She gave me a glass candle in the shape of a heart and I thought she was going to hug me! Then she proclaimed that she was a new sales manager at the hotel next door, that she had found my name in the database, and that she just wanted to come over and say hello and let me know that she could get me a big discount the next time I book a room next door. So this girl was like way too excited about her new job … and she scared me. I told the security guard not to let her back in EVER again (unless she has more presents for me). Geesh. So that was my Valentines Day present. It is now sitting on my coffee table. It is kind of pretty. Thank you scary woman.

Right now I’m eating a piece of heart shaped chocolate that I received from my friend at work. We had a discussion at work today about how men suck. She is celebrating her first Valentines Day as a single woman in quite some time, and I’m celebrating not having a guy period. Guys suck, and if they didn’t, I’d have a big bouquet of flowers and a pink teddy bear or other cute stuffed animal right now. Maybe I’d be out at dinner or sitting here enjoying the company of my handsome guy. But since men simply suck and don’t like me, I’m not. Not that this only has to be on Valentines Day or anything … I’d like it any day. But that isn’t going to happen because apparently I am not smart enough to find one of those guys. I won’t say I’m not good enough, because that would be putting myself down and I won’t do that today. Because I went to see “The Vagina Monologues” this weekend with my friend and I learned that so many women have issues with their vaginas. I love mine, it is great … its cute and sexy, and well … I don’t really want to share it with anyone else anyways. And if I had a guy I suppose I’d be expected to do that. Oh yeah, and that piece of chocolate I just ate is perhaps the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life. I want some more.

GRRR Post Office!

Friday, February 10th, 2006

I have concluded that the people who work at the Oakland Post Office are complete idiots. Today I got to work and found that our email wasn’t working properly, and sadly I cannot work without my email open. Perhaps it is because that is where I store all information and also that I usually spend a good portion of my morning replying to emails. In fact, I now have an aversion to using the telephone.

So I browsed around online for a while and got bored, so I decided to call the Oakland Post Office and ask them where my mail was. Please refer to last post regarding the fact that I no longer get mail. I’m quite professional and usually quite pleasant and understanding on the phone, but seriously … these people are morons and deserve to be treated like crap.

Me: Hi, I live at xxx Street and have not been receiving my mail for a few weeks. My landlord moved my mailbox and gave me a new key, and ever since then I have received no mail.

Stupid Man: Well if you get a different mailbox you have to complete a change of address form.

Me: But my address didn’t change. My mailbox just moved to the right approximately two inches. There are four connected mailboxes on the front porch of the house. My mailbox used to be the third one, now it is the fourth.

Stupid Man: Did you put your name on the mailbox?

Me: Yes

Stupid Man: Well the carrier probably killed your mail.

Me: Killed? What?

Stupid Man: Yeah, he would have held it for ten days and then killed it.

Me: Why would he do that? Can’t he read my name on the mailbox, it only moved a few inches … I don’t think he could have missed it!

Stupid Man: Well if you aren’t getting any mail, it’s gone.

Me: Well where did it go? Did it get sent back to the sender or is it at the Post Office?

Stupid Man: No, he killed it ma’am, it’s gone.

Me: He threw it away?

Stupid Man; Yes ma’am, if it was more than ten days old, he trashed it.

Me: Why??!!

Stupid Man: We don’t keep mail at our facility, unless you request for us to hold the mail, and you have to fill out a form for that.

Me: Umm ok, well I didn’t request anything, I just want my mail delivered to my mailbox like normal!

Stupid Man: Ok, I’ll tell him that you’re still around and to deliver your mail.

Me: I was never ‘not around’

Stupid Man: Well maybe nobody has been sending you anything.

Me: Ok, whatever … click

God, people are morons. I understand that there are a lot of people who move and don’t leave forwarding addresses, and the Post Office can’t store old mail forever, but come on … my name is on the mailbox and it is in plain sight! I am here, damn stupid people. And what does ‘killing the mail’ mean? That is not very professional and it sounds stupid. Ughh.

Busy Busy

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

My camera is scheduled to arrive to me at work tomorrow! I am so excited … I’ll spend the evening taking pictures of my wall, wooo. I’m also getting a new unsinking bed in a few weeks, wooo! And I’m going to sleep in it, I swear … no more couch/bed. Getting a new bed is one of my many New Year’s resolutions, so I’m doing good … it’s still February. See I’m not waiting until the last minute. I’m going to meet my goals this year!

I’m busy like a mad girl at work, and I just want it to be Friday … I was so tired last night, probably from having two mentally exhausting days at work and also not sleeping well for a few days. I was just dead. I went to bed at 9pm.

In neglecting to check my mail, I have now realized that I no longer get mail. I don’t know why. Over Christmas someone took my name off of my mailbox. Then I discovered that my key no longer worked. My landlord had to replace the lock and give me a new key, but he also decided to move my mailbox to the next one down because there was a new tenant in the third apartment and he wanted it to be the third mailbox. Now I’m the last mailbox because I live in the hole in the wall that nobody cares about. This was a few weeks ago. Since then, I have not received one piece of mail. So don’t mail me anything … I won’t get it.

Not much else. I went to Aladdin’s in Squirrel Hill the other night for some good food. I wrote a review about it on Eatitandloveit. I really enjoyed the food. Oh and since I’m morbid and I read obituaries, I learned that another person I graduated with died. Aren’t people you graduate supposed to start dying later … I mean my class is only 24 or 25 years old. We’re still young!

I don’t really have anything interesting on my mind right now, I just decided to come home for lunch and I needed something to take up my time since I have no food to eat. There are meetings this afternoon so there will be free leftover food when I get back. Which is good because I’m hungry.

What a weekend!

Monday, February 6th, 2006

So it’s Sunday night and I have to go to work tomorrow and I’m bummed because my weekends seem like they’re getting shorter and shorter … and I have so much to get done this week at work. So again I’ll stay up as late as possible to try to squeeze out the last few minutes of my freedom and postpone my dreaded alarm clock going off, telling me to get my ass out of bed and go to work, blah!!! Anyways … my weekend ended a lot better than it began! Come on, STEELERS won the Superbowl and I’m right here in the middle of all this craziness. So anyways, I’ll recap this wonderous weekend I’ve had.

So I left work early on Thursday to get some things done, really I just needed to drag tons of laundry to the laundromat and it is quite time consuming. I took advantage of my afternoon off to do my taxes and found out I’m getting $280 back, and once approved by the IRS, I’ll be getting it in about two weeks. If I was a broke college student I would be like ‘woooo’ but it isn’t really that impressive. It’ll buy my camera that I have been feeling too guilty to buy, so I’m happy about that.

On Friday, I headed out to FC with Julie, Kim, and Nate to go to our great-grandmother’s funeral viewing. I stayed the night in FC and went to the funeral on Saturday. It was a quick nice service, and I managed to get through it …. I had to hang out with my grandma most of the night at the viewing, who seemed to know everyone who came to the funeral and of course introduced me to everyone who all said ‘oh you’re Jessica, I’ve heard so much about you!’ My own mother did not introduce me to anyone as her daughter. I think my grandmother wants to be my mom though. Afterall, I am one of her only two grandchildren, my brother being the other … and she often brags that she could be my mother since she was only 39 when I was born. And in a way, she is like a mother to me because she understands me in a way my mother doesn’t and we are very close. I’m not saying I want two moms, trust me … my mom is plenty enough mom for me.

On Saturday I got back to Pittsburgh and spent most of my afternoon feeling pretty nervous about my date for the evening with a very cute and sweet boy who I met. I don’t want to jinx myself by bragging about it for the next ten paragraphs, but it was good. We went to Fuel and Fuddle, watched a movie, and had an amazing time. So that is all I will say …. for now. 🙂

Today I slept in late, and it was wonderful. I had a pretty nasty headache for most of the day, but I managed to kick its butt with massive amounts of Tylenol by the middle of the Superbowl. I didn’t go out and do crazy things in Superbowl celebration style because I guess I’m not that cool, but hey – we won!!! Woooo!!! And being right here in the middle of Oakland was just completely insane. There were herds of people just running down the middle of the streets screaming at the tops of their lungs, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was just absolutely crazy!!!!!

And to celebrate the Steelers winning the superbowl … well I decided it was ok to buy my camera. I just couldn’t wait. I’ve been salivating over it for like two months. And my current camera is officially broken. I’m really going through picture taking withdrawal. Even if I have nobody to take pictures of, I don’t care.

I say blah!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

So my great grandmother who celebrated her 103rd birthday this past September passed away yesterday. Yeah, she was really old, but I guess I just thought she’d live forever. I’m not too excited about funerals. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

In other news, I just did like seven loads of laundry. I don’t even know how I can accumulate that much dirty stuff, but I did. I washed my sweaters too, which attributed to two loads. I don’t like to wash sweaters because they get all bally and nasty because I’m a bad sweater washer. I don’t pay attention to the directions and I just throw them in the dryer. This time I read all of the tags, and of course, almost all of them said I was supposed to let air dry and ‘reshape’ … so now I have a basket of wet sweaters. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with them. Guess I should go figure that out before I forget about them and they get moldy.