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Back in Dirtville

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

The beach was great. The weather was beautiful and the pool and ocean were very fun. I like to swim and lay around in water so I was very happy about the abundance of water available to me. I have pictures and stories, but right now I just want to shower for 6 hours to get the train dirt off of me and find a back scraper because my back has thick brown skin (aka my tan) coming off in chunks. Yes I know, disgusting. It is the only part of my body that is burned and I guess I wouldn’t look too good in any cute little halter tops unless you find multi-colored people attractive. I look like a freak in all of my pictures, but I’ll post them soon anyways. Bye!

Beach, here I come

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

So I’m feeling quite happy tonight despite the long stressful day ahead of me tomorrow. But after tomorrow is over I’m off to the beach, leaving at 7:15 am on Saturday morning! WooooooHippityHoooo! I’m going with my friend Courtney. Here is a picture of Courtney. She’d be pissed if she knew I posted this picture, but not as pissed as she was the day I put her profile on Yahoo Personals. Hey, she met some people and I don’t hear her complaining about it anymore. Yeah, I’m a bad friend. Anyways, here is a picture of Courtney’s armpit:

So I was just browsing for a picture of me and Courtney … you’d think I could find one. We’ve been friends since like 1995 … she was even my penpal in 2nd grade before we even went to the same school. I guess we were destined to meet. So I just found one of us from 1999. I am sure I have a more recent one. I have no patience though.

Hahaha, here is the best one. It is a picture of me all dressed up in Courtney’s winter outfit. Literally …. this is waht she wore outside all winter. Not kidding, not even a bit!

See! Here she is sporting her fuzzy blue “middens”.

Refrigerator Part II

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

So after I came home from work today I went over and told my landlord that the refrigerator was broken. He of course did not believe me and had to come over and inspect it. No problem, I’d do the same thing. Anyways, he felt the inside and said “well it feels cool”. So I opened my freezer and picked up a stick of butter. It was so melted that it just kind of flopped over. Yeah, it works alright! Landlord does some more inspections and finally admits it must be broken. He states that it isn’t very old. OK, do new refrigerators come with 1000 rust spots all over them? Generally, rust takes quite some time to form. Well, don’t quote me because I’m not really a rust expert. Landlord then yells at me and says that if I would have told him before 6pm he could have fixed it today. WELL, I’m leaving and I don’t care if it is fixed today. Die landlord, die.

So I go out and get a tasty grilled chicken salad from the pizza place, sit down to eat it around 7pm, and as I’m about to take the first bite, my doorbell rings. Landlord (keep in mind he is like 90) is standing there with power tools. I’m afraid. “Ok” he says, “I’m gonna take this thing apart and you and me are going to carry it outside.” The refrigerator is like the size of a house. I’m not that big. Landlord is maybe 130 pounds. Maybe. So he unhinges the thing and takes the doors outside. Then he brings in a dolly and instructs me to lift it onto the dolly. And then he shows me his arm “I got blood taken today! Hope I don’t pass out!” Dear Lord! This is getting really scary. So we get it outside. Then and ONLY then he tells me his son is on his way over to help put in a new refrigerator. OK. If he would have said that to begin with I would have refused to help him do this crazy stuff. His son could have done this! 90 year old men should not be engaging in really hard labor.

So the son gets there, rolls in the new fridge …. by the way it is brand spanking new! I don’t know how they did this all in one hour, but kudos to my landlord. Maybe his son owns an appliance shop or something. Anyways, it was funny when they were standing outside.

Landlord: “Yeah I don’t think this refrigerator is very old. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it.”
Son: “Dad, this refrigerator is 20 years old.”
Landlord: “Oh, no it can’t be that old!”
Son: “Dad, I bought this refrigerator for $150 from a used refrigerator shop in 1985. It is at least 20-25 years old.”
Landlord: “Oh”

I guess when you get really old, 1985 seems “not that old”. Anyways, enjoy the boring refrigerator pics. I’m excited so I decided to share:

Look at the pretty new fridge! So white and not rusty!

I have dedicated an entire shelf to my Italian dressing collection.

Had to throw all my food away, so its pretty empty ….. but it looks nice!

Partial view of my old refrigerator laying outside in many pieces. You might get tetanus if you get too close!

The End.

So to the Mall I went

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

So another $140 later and I think I’m ready to go to the beach. Yeah I went to the mall again. I think my shopping is going to cost more than the actual vacation!

Broken stuff = Me mad

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

I’m home on my lunch break and got a lovely surprise. My refrigerator is broken. All of my food is melted and rotten. ALL my precious coffee flavored icecream – now a puddle of goo. All of my frozen goods – soft and mushy. It has obviously been broken for at least a day. I know it was ok yesterday around 5pm because I came home and took a swig of nice cold diet pepsi before going the the mall. I got home around 11:30pm last night and didn’t get anything out of the refrigerator. I noticed that my half n half had some condensation on it this morning, but didn’t really think of it. All of my chicken is completely defrosted and something kind of pink is dripping into my refrigerator from my freezer. I don’t even want to deal with it. I wanted to go to the mall again tonight but I guess I’ll be spending the night tossing things in the trash and cleaning up the mess. At least I didn’t stock up on any food since I’m going on vacation. Ughh, this stuff just pisses me off. I guess all I had of any value was frozen chicken, yogurt, some vegetables, and my 40 bottles of italian dressing. I wonder if it needs to stay cold. It will take me quite some time to replensih my collection of that stuff. But if it is truly broken and cannot be repaired, maybe I’ll get a newer used refrigerator that does not look like it was dredged from the bottom of a lake after sitting there for like 10 years. That is the one thing I hate about this apartment. The refrigerator is SO ugly and has random spots of rust all over it. But it works (well did work) so good! I’m sad.

In other news, my eye doctor is going to give me some new contacts for my trip. Guess it will be time to discard my 2 week disposable contacts I’ve been wearing for the last 10 months. And they will be in tomorrow so I will have them for my journey. I know that if I do not get some, my eye is going to die like the day I get to Florida and I’ll be miserable the entire time.

What else, oh yeah … I shopped at a mall last night. I got like 800 cool summer outfits for $60. I need to go back and buy sandals and a swimsuit. I shouldn’t have put my vacation planning off until the last minute, but I figured it would make the week go by fast. I should have taken into consideration that major appliances were going to break and piss me off … oh and that I was going to be swarmed by everyone at work, even though I sent out an email early last week asking everyone to PLEASE wrap up their dealings with me as early in the week as possible so it didn’t turn into a competition (aka Hell) by the end of the week. Of course, nobody knows how to read or gives a shit. AND, our transitional employee is starting on Friday and I’ll have to spend the whole day with him because I am sort of his boss. He is starting for real on August 1st when I get back, but someone (me) had the great idea that he could come in Friday for an orientation. Jesus, I’m going nuts. Someone come over and take some things off of my to do list. I don’t know why I always make everything so difficult.

I think I’m going to say “screw the fridge”. I’m going shopping after work. Maybe I’ll come home and find dead salmonella poisoned raccoons in my kitchen.

I’m going to bitch

Monday, July 18th, 2005

I’m sick. I have a something like a cold but my symptoms are strange. Sweating, dizzy, coughing, sore throat, nauseous. Some higher power is trying to ruin my upcoming vacation for me. WHY! I have never been on vacation. I have never been to the beach. I have never been on an airplane. Oh yeah, I’m not going on an airplane. I have never been on a train either, and I am going on a train. I have never been to Florida. I have never seen the REAL ocean. I want this to be enjoyable. HELLO, it is not sick season. Who the hell gets sick in July? Who can I blame, oh who can I blame? Someone please volunteer. I need to be mad at someone or something.

I’ll be in sunny Florida!!

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Just needed to remind myself that I CAN get through this week! I purposely put off everything I need to do before I leave so my week will go fast! Because 1 week from today I will be on the beach with shining skies and flapping seagulls 🙂 And don’t even dare comment on anything regarding storms or hurricanes. Unless you seriously want to piss me off!


Saturday, July 16th, 2005

I’m currently attempting to switch from Movable Type to WordPress. No clue if this is going to work.

Eat It!

Monday, July 11th, 2005

Check it out: New hot restaurant reviews:

I’m privileged to be an reviewer on the site. Take me out for a free dinner and I might just give your restaurant a good review.

July 4th Weekend in review

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

Hello! I?m a little sad that my awesome four day weekend is over, but I had a fun-filled Fourth o?July weekend. I went to FC on Friday after work and basically did nothing that night. I was stinky and tired, so I talked to my mom and went to bed early since I knew I had to get up super early the next day. Saturday, I woke up at 7am and electrocuted myself. I think I?m going to save that for the ?highlights? section. My parents and I went to some garage sales and I got some picture frames, a coffee cup, a coffeemaker (with bugs), a sprinkler for my dad ?.. and not one, but TWO Dolly Surprise! Dolly Surprise was my ultimate favorite doll when I was a kid. Her hair grows and then you can crank her arm and make it short again. Once short, you release the other arm and it magically grows! I was quite happy ? especially since they only cost a nickel each! Yay!! We came back around 9am to watch the famous 5k racers whiz past the house. I have to give a congrats to my brother and cousin, who raced neck to neck and both finished just under 24 minutes! I?m impressed. Who knew my family was so talented! After the race we ventured around to some more sales and eventually came back and ate some lunch at the park. I did some shopping and went to the parade and watched fire trucks and bands march on down the street. It was a festive day!

On Sunday, I visited with my grandmother and ate a tasty lunch consisting of chicken tenders and potato salad. I also got some super early birthday presents from her ? lots of cool stuff like shirts, socks, fancy undies, and lotion-stuff. After that I came home and went to the park with my parents where I feasted upon the polish platter and my parents made friends with some weird people. Hummdee dum. Walked around, went home. On Sunday night, my parents and I sat on the back porch and drank some flavored zimas and watched people setting off fireworks. That was fun too.

Monday was the 4th and it was HOTT. My dad and I went to the park and ate shaved ice cause we were HOTT. That is about all I did during the day. Later Todd came up joined my parents and I onto the FC trail to watch the fireworks show. I was MOST impressed this year. FC?s fireworks show will be ranking up there with the ones in this city real soon. After the show I came back to my apartment with an exercise bike in tow (it is my new get in shape toy!). I?m quite excited about the exercise bike.

On Tuesday, I attempted to rearrange my apartment to accommodate the exercise bike and it totally got out of hand. I had to recruit some help from Todd who pretty much re-routed all of my wires and set everything back up. He also helped me move a couch into the little storage room because there is just not enough room for two couches, a bike and a computer desk in my living room. Now everything is in order but I seriously did some damage to my back. It better get better so I can begin cycling soon.

Here are some highlights from my weekend that I did not mention in the summary ….. exciting things sure do happen when I leave my apartment/box:

I broke the coffeemaker on Saturday morning. The red button that turns it on and off popped out when I pushed it into the ?on position?. I put my finger inside the hole where the button was to get the spring and I electrocuted myself.

Later, at the garage sales, I bought a coffeemaker off of a girl I went to high school with and never recognized her until we were pulling out and I saw the name on the mailbox. I felt dumb, oh well ? maybe she didn?t remember me either. I haven?t seen these people in six years ?. And everyone looks different! Anyways, the coffeemaker ended up being infested with bugs and dirt ? I ran vinegar water through it three times and every single time huge clumps of pebbles and insect legs were coming out. I kid you not.

On the 4th of July I saw my ex-boyfriend getting a stroller out of his car but I didn?t see his baby. He was wearing the same ?Aiken? Jersey that he wore in 1999. I later whipped off every single car that came past me with headlights on. Hello, it was fireworks gathering spot and tons of people were standing there. I felt I needed to be rude. I also threw a glass bottle on the ground and got severely scolded by Todd because a truck almost ran it over.

I got to see the destruction site of my old bank in FC. It was cool because you could see the big concrete safe and the vault door. And there is now a place in FC called Nellie?s. I heard that they sell old women?s clothing though. Not so cool.

My dad gave me an exercise bike that he got from a neighbor. It is really super nice and it counts calories burned, mph, and time lapsed. It also has handles so your arms move back and forth while you pedal. I will now probably shut up for a while about wanting a treadmill for a while. I would have to build a gym. And my apartment is too small for one more ounce of stuff.

And the highlight of today was a phone call I received at work from a guy who seems to think I will be able to contact the ex-prime minister of a country I will not name, but will say that they are sort of in a war right now. Anyways, he thinks I can contact this guy and tell him that his mother is willing to let this guy come live with her in the United States. He gave me her address and phone number, and apparently she is now awaiting the Prime Ministers phone call to accept the invitation. Ok.

I?m also excited to say that Todd got a King bed and some new bedroom furniture, and hooked up the AC in his room, so I think I?m moving into his bed. It is very nice!!

That is all for now. This is the longest update I have created in a long time!