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skinny turkey

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Again, I have nothing noteworthy to speak of. Except that I went to the Green Day concert on Saturday and it was spectacular. It may have been their best concert … I just missed the old stuff. I didn’t expect them to play any really old stuff, but they didn’t even play much recently old stuff.

I was hooked on SkillJam again for a few days …. Until I realized AGAIN that is a sham, or I just suck and always lose all of my money. Well, so much for becoming rich and moving to Malibu from my winnings. Guess it’s onto Plan B, selling non-vital organs and limbs from my body for some mad cash.

I want to go to an amusement park soon. I need to ride some rollercoasters since I have to wait until July to ride on an airplane. Vroom Vroom. I mean, whoosh, whoosh.

The weekend was really short, even though I had an extra day off. Since my weekend seemed so short, hopefully my week will go fast since I started it today instead of yesterday. I’m just going to pretend that today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, and so on … so when I get to Friday, I will think it is Thursday and dance around like a crazy freak and sing the Friday song.

Now I am going to look at my calendar and see if I have anymore days off soon. Maybe I shouldn’t, but what if tomorrow is a holiday! Looking ……. I know tomorrow is not a holiday though. Poop, I have no days off till Memorial Day, and then some random ones in June. Is it obvious that I have a “going to work” problem?

I think I am going to join the circus.



Friday, April 22nd, 2005


Saturday Night
Rain and snow showers likely in the evening…then snow showers likely after midnight. Snow accumulation around an inch. Cooler with lows around 30. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.

1 inch of snow on my butt. Shut up.

Weekend wrapup

Sunday, April 17th, 2005

I’m not feeling very deep today, so this entry will basically sum up my weekend, summarized in a news report fashion.

On Friday, I enjoyed a nice quiet day at work, and I took a long hour and a half lunch break. It was not as nice as it could have been because I spent most of my time at home ripping apart my apartment, hoping to find my W2’s from last year. That did not happen, so I spent the rest of my break cleaning up the mess I had made. Most of Friday night was spent filling in my tax forms, taking them to a mail box, and stopping at Say Cheese Pizza to buy some breaded zucchini. I watched television for the rest of the night, and dozed off around midnight or so.

On Saturday I got up early and took a long walk around the city, enjoying the beautiful weather. However, I got a bit tired of the outside, so I spent the rest of the afternoon inside, learning some website things in hopes to someday become a web designer and not have to have a real job. Saturday night I watched some more television. Around midnight I packed up my overnight gear and headed over to Todd’s house where I took a bubble bath and went to sleep.

This morning, I woke up and lounged around with Todd’s cat while he was at church, and I washed my hair in his sink (sorry~). I went to sleep with wet hair and sleeping in a tiny bed, pushed up against a rail .. well I kind of looked like medusa this morning. Then I put some makeup on and got dressed. I sat outside and watched a guy making laps up and down the street with his baby in a stroller, and I also saw many bumble bees. Todd came back and we went to Sears Auto so he could get new tires on his car. While waiting for the tires to be put on, we went to eat at a place called Golden Corral, which was a crazy cafeteria/Ponderosa like buffet with lots of tasty, yet quite unhealthy food. I ate macaroni n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, sauerkraut, french fries, salad, apple crisp, fudge brownies, and ice cream. There was also chicken, steak, and fish, but I didn’t eat any of that. I just loaded up on the carbs since I’m on the Anti-Atkins diet! Hahaha.

After eating, we went to this new music equipment store and Todd saw his long lost friend, who happened to be working there. They disappeared into a secret room for about 20 minutes, and I did not know what to do in the store because I do not know much about recording equipment, guitars, or keyboards …. so I went outside and watched the airplanes taking off from the airport. It was a cool location to watch them because they were still really low in the sky and it got me very excited about taking my first airplane trip this summer.

After that, we went to Wal Mart and I bought some frozen entrees, a CD Player, and a pair of pink tinted sunglasses. I wanted to buy an MP3 player, but they all sucked, so I bought a crappy $10 portable CD player so I can listen to music when I go for walks. On the way back from Wal Mart, we played the alphabet game in the car, and Todd said he felt weird. I think he was having a panic attack, but he told me I was silly.

Now I am at home, and I might make a cool music CD and go out for a walk. Later Todd is coming over to sleepover, and we are going to get up in the morning and go to our jobs because that is what people do on Monday mornings. I hope to someday NOT have to go to work EVER. My plan is to become self sufficient and quit my job by December 2006. And that my friends, is my April 17th 2005 resolution.


I wonder what I do

Friday, April 15th, 2005

I wonder if there is anything I do that really annoys my upstairs neighbor. I wish I knew because then I would do it more.

I observe my upstairs neighbors living habits – I can’t help it … they bother me and I cannot help but not notice. A few months ago, he got a phone and a television. Before that, I assume he did not have either because he listened to the news radio all day and ALL NIGHT. In my bedroom I could actually listen along because it was not muffled … and I even began to memorize the radio commericals. Ughh.

Then came the telephone. This guy never has people over and he never talks on the phone. Sounds kind of like me … but much worse. I heard his phone ring for the first time a few months ago. He may have had one before, and it just never rang.

Now he has a television because I can hear him laughing at television shows, and his new favorite hobby is to play really loud video games for sometimes 6 hours straight. Ughh. And he does this one thing that drives me completely nuts … its this game that vibrates or something. It is almost like someone taped 10,000 vibrating cell phones to my ceiling. It goes in spurts like a cell phone too. Maybe it is a speaker on the floor or something. I really hate it though.

I have also concluded that he has no job and does not go to school because he never leaves. He has no schedule of sleeping. When I’m sleeping he is throwing bowling balls on the floor and blasting Germanic tribe music. When I’m awake he is doing the same thing. He is there when I go to work, when I come home for lunch, and when I come home from work. I wish he would go away.

I did my taxes today. I also learned that there is not a penalty for submitting taxes late unless you owe money. If you are due a refund, they just don’t care. Maybe I will just collect all of my tax documents for the next five years and not file. Then I will file for five years worth of refunds and get rich. Unless inflation completely destroys the value of our dollar today, I think it is a great idea. I procrastinated in doing my taxes on purpose. See, I had it all planned out for like a month to use Turbo Tax. I have had it completed since last month, but could not submit them until I entered my Adjusted Gross Income from last year. However, I cannot find anything from last year. I can’t find my W2’s, a copy of my tax return …. or even my last pay stub. Apparently I filed that stuff in a secret place because I have searched high and low …… and just can’t find them.

So I paper filed which is free, except I can’t figure out how to deduct my student loan interest, but it isn’t really much and it almost equals the amount I would have paid Turbo Tax, so I will just not claim it.

I’m boring. I want to do something fun this weekend. Someone call me and come visit.


Summer Lovin’

Sunday, April 10th, 2005

This summer is going to be tons of fun for everyone … or at least me. Since the weather is so freaking nice today I started to realize that I’m not just dreaming anymore, summer is coming! I know I don’t always have good things to say about living where I do, but I couldn’t imagine living somewhere in the south where it is hot all year-round. Sure it would be great, but I’d miss the snow, and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without frosty weather and cuddling under the blankets. I don’t really want to have to turn on the air conditioner to get that effect.

I already have some good plans for the summer, and some other things that are definitely on my to do list. First, I am going to Florida for a week and will be riding in an airplane for the first time ever! I’m very excited about the airplane thing. And I’m going to a real beach and I have never ever been to a real ocean beach before. I won’t blame my parents for being anti-vacation, just like I won’t blame this city for being cold most of the year. I love to have great things to look forward to.

Things I would like to do this summer include going to an amusement park (or 10). I’d love to go to Cedar Point, my home of three months. It seems like just yesterday, but it was almost four years ago! God, I’m getting old! I would also like to go to Kennywood, which I am sure I can afford at least that this summer. Last summer I was so broke, I couldn’t even eat out at McDonald’s! And who was it that said that money can’t bring happiness? Well maybe its true for some, but money definitely makes me very happy. I would like to go to all of the festivals here, like the Arts Festival and of course FC Heritage Days. I have to go and get the Polish platter, which will most likely be the extent of my visit there.

I’d like to not work at all this summer. I’m in the process of trying to work out a deal that allows me to only work four days a week, having Friday’s off. I’m sure that my people there would rather have me take time off than pay me overtime, which works kind of backwards. I’m supposed to work overtime, but instead I take a day off? Well, maybe I can just take a lot of comp time this summer. I don’t mind working an extra hour every day in order to have a long ass weekend.

I am also gearing up to look hot in my summer garb. My weight fluctuation disease is rampant this time of year. I gained a ton of weight after starting my sedentary job, even though I’m always running around it seems. Anyways, I guess I was not posting back when I started my serious get in shape goal, which began on February 19th. Since then I have lost 9.5 pounds …. woohoo! My clothes still don’t fit any better so I am not sure where the weight came off at, but I don’t think my scale would lie to me. I cheated a few times along the way … had two bags of hot cheetos last week but I was feeling rather depressed with all that rain and ick. I’ve been walking a lot so if you see me out strolling around give me a shout or a honk.

Not another entry about dreams

Friday, April 8th, 2005

I just have one small comment regarding a dream I had last night, and then I will move on to something else, or just stop.

I had a dream about a coworker that I found absolutely not attractive …. and in the dream we were committing a sexual act. Now when I am at work I feel sick/guilty everytime I see this person. What is wrong with me? I’m sure its not unusual, not compared to some of the dreams I’ve had. I guess that my sex dreams and my work dreams sometimes get intertwined, and I dream about something I am NOT supposed to dream about. Yuck. I’m traumatized. However, it is preferable over the natural disaster dreams. Luckily I have not had one in a long time.

I’m drinking some coffee right now and I just realized that it is probably really old. I can’t remember the last time I made coffee, I just dumped it from the pot and heated it up in the microwave. It still tastes good though. No mold floating in it.

I bought some flowers today at the flower store. I wanted to keep them but they weren’t for me. It made me think that I should go buy some flowers sometime. Then I realized that they would not live long in my apartment since there is no sunlight. I was talking about live flowers in little flower pots, not the cut up ones that are in vases. Maybe I’ll get a cactus or a nocturnal plant. I need something to perk this place up.

Why is everything on television still about the Pope? He’s cool, but its like ruining my schedule of television watching. I suppose I will go to hell for saying that. I was probably already going there anyways.

Taking a lunch break

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

I’m going for a walk. Perhaps I will never return. Maybe I will just walk off into the sunset and go wherever the happy people go when they walk off into the sunset. This will be goodbye because I assume that those who walk off into the sunset don’t end up back in their crummy apartments in a dirty ugly crapsack city. I just made up crapsack. Good word. Like crap in a sack, thats a great way to put it!

Oh you know I’m just kidding! I heart crapsack! Today I thought I would take a lunch break, something I haven’t done in like a month. I mean a REAL freaking lunch break, where I leave the building and do not return for a full hour … or two … or who is really counting anyways? Today I was gone approximately 1 hour and twenty minutes. When I returned I stomped and got the evil eyebrow face because I had not one, not two, not five … but nine messages for me. I don’t understand how the world can go to shit in less than an hour. GO.AWAY.WORLD.

Oh yeah, and I like diet pepsi now. I can’t even taste the diet taste anymore. However, diet coke is absolutely disgusting and it is flat. Diet Dr. Pepper is not too bad. I gave up the pop thing for a while, but now I say “eh, who cares about teeth!” Teeth are stupid anyways. I had a big black globule inbetween my two front teeth this morning. As I brushed my teeth, a whole bunch of blood started coming out. Moldy gingavitis! I just totally guessed on how to spell that, and I am not all about spell checking this entry.

Anyways, I am going for a walk. Then I might come home. I might stop at the grocery store and buy something for dinner …. or not. Hot cheetos and diet pepsi sound good, except for the heartburn. I really need a healthy meal … I have been eating either crap, yogurt, or nothing for days. I am pathetic but I don’t care. In fact I’m proud of how irresponsible I am when it comes to like eating good stuff and exercising …. but at least I’m not addicted to drugs, addicted to alcohol, in jail, or dead. Hey man, I’m proud … it runs in the family. I beat genetics!

Protected: Got bruises on my heart …

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

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