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Laying the blame elsewhere

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

I’m phoneless therefore handicapped. I left my charger in Easterland and I picked one up at RadioShack after work. I gave dumb ugly salesman my phone. Dumb ugly salesman ran away with it and brought me a charger. He hooked it up in the store and showed me that it worked because I was a bit skeptical. I brought it home. Plugged it in. Ten minutes later it made the shut off noise. It wouldn’t turn back on. It is dead. I looked up the igo universal charger number online. Dumb ugly man gave me the wrong one! RadioShack better give me a new phone or fix it or do something to restore the status of my once happy little Samsung or someone will be dead.

Lets see what else is new. Well, I hate my job. That isn’t new. Today we had the 34th meeting about getting a part-time assistant to help our department which most likely has no chance of ever happening. I’m tired of having meetings about it when nothing comes out of it. Another month will pass and someone will bitch about it again, bringing on another repeat of the month before. Not that I wouldn’t love the help. I could be much more efficient if I didn’t have 300 projects going on at once. I know I complain about everything, but I know I’m overworked and underpaid, and I am just sick of wasting even more time discussing the same thing over and over.

I’m sick of American Idol. The same people keep singing and sucking, and its just not fun anymore. I understand that it is a process to find the next big superstar, but come on … enough is enough. It is time for mass elimination. I don’t know why I watch it. It is on my default channel that stays on all day until Nick@Nite starts. FoxonIdol needs to die. Stop invading my television!

If anyone gets bored this week, you can go over to my landlord’s house, shove a stick of dynamite up his ass, and light it. Email me for his address. He is coming over and bringing his stupid furnace man to try to figure out why I have to keep my window open to avoid a heat stroke while the dude upstairs freezes. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that basements are always warmer than upstairs places … especially if that is the location of the furnace. I know its just an excuse to bitch about something and invade my personal space. Die.

To sum it all up: Today sucked and its not my fault.

The TRUE meaning of Easter

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Easter is the holiday for people who believe that Jesus died, layed in a tomb for three days, and then rose on Sunday. There are also bunny rabbits and eggs and I honestly have no idea why. I don’t know what Santa Claus has to do with Christmas either.

For myself, being of no particular religion, Easter means going to visit my family, eating a lot of unhealthy food, gaining all the weight I lost, playing with cats, and watching television with my mom. Its a riot. In our family, like many families, holidays are nothing more than times of the year when the family gathers to spend time together. If not for holidays we would not see each other much. My parents claim to be atheists that want to be cremated so they don’t rot in the ground and get eaten by earthworms.

Growing up around this belief, you may see why I tend to be negative about many facets of life. Nothing we had to do was ever exciting. My parents enjoy sitting around and doing nothing day in and day out. Going somewhere is an inconvenience. Doing anything but breathing, eating, sleeping, or existing is going out of their way.

I am sort of that way, but not to the extent of my parents. I don’t really like change that much. I don’t think a relaxing vacation is a weekend of skiing on mountain slopes or bicycling from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. I like to sit on my butt and watch TV. I like to know what I am doing after work, and I don’t really want someone to call me up ask me to hang out because I already have my day planned out. “I’m doing nothing today, sorry I can’t hang out.” Anything that I see in my head as posing some type of inconvenience typically is not my idea of fun.

If you have a problem with that and thrive on being spontaneous and unorganized, then don’t talk to me or read my journal. If you think it is boring and I do nothing, then complain to my parents because today I am blaming them.

I am also pissed because there are no heterosexual men out there with blogs. Come on, why is it only girls? and gay men? Why? I want to read some real testosterone once in a while. And I would like to read one from someone who has a brain and a life … aka I do not care to hear about how drunk you got last night, how stupid you acted, how many girls you “could” have hooked up with, or how much of your parents money you wasted this week. Real men, real jobs, real lives … and I’m sick of the stupid male journals that only talk about their stupid babies and stupid wives …. that only post “cute” pictures of their “happy” families. I’m single, I like to hear about other single heterosexual males that are my age. Not because I want to marry you, just because I like to relate to people that have similar situations. Anyone out there?

Protected: I figured out what makes me mad

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

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The Ants Go Marching, then they die, Hurrah Hurrah

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

The ant problem in this apartment is getting out of hand. First it was my kitchen. The ones in the kitchen were murdered by poisonous ant traps. Two days ago I saw two ants in my bathroom. I was a little concerned, but pretty much brushed it off thinking “eh two ants isn’t a big deal.” However, I came to learn that when there are two ants, there are a million more lurking around somewhere. Yesterday after work I noticed that there were at least 100 ants in my bathroom. What the hell is in the bathroom? I don’t eat, cook, or drop tasty crumbs in the bathroom. They were all just wandering around aimlessly. I took action with the ant killer trap and watched as thousands of ants marched to and from their nest, triumphantly taking the deadly poison to their queen who lives somewhere beneath my shower. This morning there were dead ants in my shower and I was half tempted to not shower because it was disgusting. But the ants are all dead now. They are no longer marching to and fro … the only visible ants left in my bathroom are dead ones. Now I must go clean the bathroom, dissolve their trail, and find something to block the entrance that they were using to invade my apartment.

I should sue those ants for psychological distress … or my landlord. Someone should take the blame for the nightmares I will have for at least the next week. The ants in the kitchen freaked me out so much that I dreamed about them for weeks. They were crawling on my face, in my clothes, coming out of my hair. I itched every night as I tried to go to sleep. Many times I jolted out of bed, switched on the light, and swore to god that there were ants in my bed. One night I completely tore apart my bed and scoured it for the little pests. They are ruining my life.

Please ants, go away and so I can sleep at night and stop my murdering. I doubt you mean much harm to me, but you can’t live here. And since you cannot understand the language of humans I must kill.

On a Coffee Mission

Monday, March 21st, 2005

My website works now …. kind of. I installed another copy of movable type into the directory for the site, so now I’m not having the “merged blog” problem I was having before. Which I didn’t explain … the problem was that many things were still linking to my old site and the search feature was including both of my sites … and it was really annoying.

I spent way too much time trying to fix it by doing the same thing over and over. I guess I thought it might magically work if I just did it a certain number of times. I finally gave up that idea and installed another copy of movable type, which by the way, took me less than thirty minutes! That is fabulous compared to the nearly 9 hours it took me to install it the first time. I’m a guru now, so come to me …. I will charge you way less than sixapart does.

Anyways, here it is. It is coming along, so be patient. I really just want it to function. Although I did spend a lot of time making that beautiful coffee banner on the top of my page. And its all mine … I paid for the pictures.

I’m quite tired because I did not sleep too well last night, and I went hiking today in the mud. I’ll have the mass update coming up soon. Maybe tonight.