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Friday, December 31st, 2004

I could have sworn that I posted my New Years Resolutions last year, but I guess I did not. Last year at this time was not such a happy time for me. I had just graduated from school, I had no money, and I was having some major personal problems. I hate to use the word “personal” in my journal, but I don’t think that it would be appropriate for me to spend this entire entry rehashing everything that has gone wrong in my life. Besides, its New Years Eve … and I’m looking forward to 2005. With that said, I will briefly recap major events in 2004 … because it sure was a lot better than 2003.

In January I found myself with tons of freedom. A new degree and no more classes to go to ever. I officially decided that I did not want to go to Grad School because I’d had enough of school … time to move on. I found myself feeling lost and hopeless for a while. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, so I continued to work at the Pizza Shop and do nothing.

In March I decided to move out of the ghetto because my landlord wasn’t paying the bills, and to be quite honest, that house was depressing the hell out of me. I need a change about every six months … even though I say I hate change, I think it really likes me. I moved to an apartment by myself in the land of Oaks, and I found it quite lovely. Quiet and peaceful (rare in the land of Oaks), and I couldn’t complain. Soon after my move I began to feel some bad anxiety/panic again. I brushed it off as the whole living by myself thing, and fearing that I would die in my apartment and nobody would ever find me. Crazy, I know.

Once I was settled in, I began to really buckle down and get serious about finding a job. I didn’t want to tell anyone if I got an interview because I didn’t want to get disappointed and then have to disappoint everyone else. I didn’t want to be a bank teller or a secretary but I had no experience in anything. I just didn’t know where to begin. Then I got an interview for an associate in the marketing department somewhere, and it sounded interesting. I went for the interview, but didn’t get the job, which was a real let down because I had a really good feeling about it, and it sounded much more interesting than anything else so far. A few days later they called me back for another open position in the planning department, and I was offered the job. I was so excited, but bummed at the same time because I had really wanted the other job. Oh well, this one turned out to be so much better … and the person who got the job that I applied for … well she sits in the lunch room all day and stuffs envelopes. I guess everything works out in the end, right?

My new job was keeping me quite busy, but I have to admit, at first I wasn’t feeling good vibes from the job. I knew I was doing a good job, but I wasn’t really feeling the atmosphere there and wasn’t used to working with bitchy women. I stuck it out though, and I realized that I don’t really give a damn about anyone there. If that is how it has to be, then so be it. My job is really interesting and sometimes it stresses me out (i.e. last post), but overall I feel like I’m getting some good experience to accelerate my career goal in life.

To wrap it up .. well this year wasn’t filled with anything fun. It consisted of dealing with graduating from school, making ends meet, finding somewhere to live, and finding a decent job. With all that accomplished, sounds like I’m wonderful. Well, not really. We never discussed the things I did not accomplish. And here are my goals for 2005. So next year, I can come back and say “haha, I didn’t do any of that stuff!” Or … maybe I will do it all! You never know!

My goals for 2005:

Eat healthier and get serious with my “get in shape” plan (I know, everyone says this).

Throw in the towel, sometimes giving up is the only way to start over!

Save money and acquire an asset (I’ve already started my savings plan .. I have $200 already (as in money that I can absolutely not touch until I have a plan for it).

Go to the beach (since I’ve never been to one).

Stop biting my fingernails

Make a new friend

Spend more time with my family

Adopt a cat (even if I have to move).

That’s all for right now. I’m not setting my expectations too high. I might have more goals, but I think I can definitely accomplish all of those!

Have a Happy New Year and see ya in 2005!

Protected: A typical day at work

Thursday, December 30th, 2004

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MT-Captcha Rocks!!

Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

For those of us (me) with an old version of Movable Type and a refusal to pay in order to upgrade to have unlimited weblogs … I had to seek an alternative way to block spammers from my site. I think the new version of Movable Type has some type of blacklist for comment spammers, but I’m a loser. Anyways, I have this nifty new plugin called “MT-Captcha” and I finally got it to work! Please don’t ask me for help because I have no idea how I finally got it to work. There is little to no help available anywhere for this plugin … so if you follow the directions and it still doesn’t work … then you have to become inventive, investigative, and put on that thinking cap! Anyways … check out my comments. Now you have to enter a security code before you can post. Sorry for the hassle … but I spent nearly three hours deleting over 1000 comments from Texas hold’em poker and Penis Elongators. And now I can spend the rest of my night working on a new pretty design for my page. Until then … peace out and I hope you all get sore throats! Sickness … rah rah rah!


Monday, December 20th, 2004

I feel tired, but I can’t seem to fall asleep. Of course this happens to me quite frequently and maybe it wouldn’t happen if I had not had nearly an entire pot of coffee today. I really hope I get a new coffee maker for Christmas, *hint hint*, but if Todd did not buy me one, then I guess I will have to buy myself one.

Only 2.5 days of work this week! I’m greatly excited, although my vacation will not be a long one. It is so warm and toasty in my apartment, and I dread the fact that in less than 8 hours I must venture into the snowy arctic weather and trudge to work without a proper pair of boots. Again, I will just wear some dangerous heels and pray that I do not fall and break my leg, as icy snow finds its way into my trouser socks and dampens my feet. And again, at the end of the day I will come home and have stinky feet. Oh joy, Oh joy. I will buy a pair of warm winter boots eventually, and leave another pair of shoes at work … or just wear my boots all day. I think I would rather just wear warm fuzzy boots all day. Although I will have to buy platform boots because all of my pants are tailored to reach approximately 1/4 inch above my heels. Boots would cause my pants to drag along the ground … unless I tucked my pants into the boots. In that case my pants would become wrinkled and crusty, so that is not a good idea either. Or I could just invest in an entire work wardrobe of skirts and dresses. However, that is a bad idea because I have to keep my legs covered … its a religious thing. In my religion, the showing of ones legs in public represents devil worshipping. And if I represented devil worshipping, my fellow worshippers would dig my eyeballs out with a fork and serve them to pigs for their dinner. I don’t want that, so no leg-showing outfits for me.

And that is all, until I regain sanity. Have a great day!

I wasn’t insane

Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Looks like ex-roommate/landlord is finally getting a taste of what happens when you don’t pay your bills. Finally, I can rest assured that I was not completely crazy when I lived there.

And even more … he has a new listing for it on, saying that it is available on January 1st. Renters be warned!

Click on link below, scroll to #221.

Allegheny County Sheriff Sale Ads

I might just show up to see who bids on it. Heehee.


Sunday, December 19th, 2004

I can’t take it anymore, I’m totally paranoid about my packages being stolen now, and it doesn’t help that there are like 4 more things on the way. One is coming on Monday via Fed-Ex, and apparently I have a signature release on file, so Fed-Ex always just sort of leaves my packages at my door. I’m not overly concerned about that because Fed-Ex always leaves my package between my two doors … not in the front of the house where the Christmas Assbags eagerly wait to steal packages. Two packages are coming USPS and the company is a completely outdated and unable to even provide USPS tracking numbers, nor are they able to email me when my package has been shipped. Their customer service is ridiculous and even though neither of my items had been shipped yet, I was unable to upgrade my shipping to a trackable service (i.e. UPS, Fed-Ex). So I went to the Post Office and requested all of my mail to be held there until January 1st. In addition I have put big signs everywhere that says not to leave my USPS packages here and to leave them at the Post Office as directed. My other packages are arriving on Monday to me at work, so that is not a problem.

In other glorious Holiday News: All of my Christmas Shopping done, with the exception of some Apricot Brandy for my grandpa which I will buy tomorrow. I have wrapping paper, bows, and tape … everything I need to wrap presents in. I just realized that I have no proper boxes to put the presents in. Stores are definitely lacking in providing gift-boxes this year. I didn’t get one anywhere. Nobody even asked me if I wanted gift boxes.

Yesterday I went to the mall to do some shopping (for myself). I was growing tired of my GoodWill collection of clothing so I decided to buy a few new things for myself. I hated all clothes at every store. All of the shirts were the ones that barely cover your shoulders but have this big overlap thing on it, like you are wearing a big chunk of garland over your shoulders. I hate those shirts. This girl I know wears a different color of one every day and I hate her and therefore I will never be caught dead in a shirt like that. Every time I see one I think of her and want to cut out her voice-box. I hate the way she talks. She thinks she is a valley girl or something. Someone asked me about her one day. She was like “Is she from California?” It was sooo funny. She is from here, and nobody can figure out where she got her extremely annoying voice from. Like “Oh my Gawwd!” I hear it at least 30 times a day. Sorry, you aren’t 15 anymore.

Anyways, I found two pairs of acceptable pants and one shirt. Sadly I bought the shirt from the old woman section. The “career” and “juniors” section has the most disgusting clothes I’ve ever seen. I shopped at Lazarus and JCPenney’s. Forget Aeropostale or ooh … they have a Delias at the mall now. Those stores are way too cool for me. I don’t feel comfortable walking around with a see through scarf-belt or a way trendy shaul that makes me look like a gnome. I look completely stupid in anything trendy … as do most people who think that they are cool by wearing it. I can’t even find a normal sweater. Every sweater was this paper-thin see through sweater material with a shirt under it to complement the V-neck that goes down in-between your boobs. Maybe that is cool for someone with smaller boobs, but mine stick out a bit too much to look cool in that. And how the hell do you wash something like that? With a toothbrush and a hair-dryer? And what is up with the huge fake flower pins attached to every single shirt, or the v-neck shirts that have a “V” in the front and back. I tried one on and the V in the back went half way down my pastly white back. Yes, that is attractive in the middle of the winter. I guess I have to get a fake tan before I can wear that.

I can’t stand clothes. I hope nobody buys me any for Christmas because I will just hate them. My grandma always buys me normal sweaters from LLBean and I like those. That is about all I like though.

I’m done ranting now. I have to go do something before my day is over and I have to go to bed and sleep, just so I can go to work tomorrow and learn all about this “huge project” I have to be involved with. Don’t these people understand that I hate responsibility and involvement of any kind! Obviously not, I guess I will have to educate them on the rules of working with me.

Christmas has been saved.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

Following up on my previous entry, Amazon is replacing my order, no charge, no questions asked … and giving me expedited shipping so I get it by Christmas.

And I am having it delivered to work so no jerks can steal my stuff.

Thank You Amazon, for saving Christmas and for preserving my joyous Christmas spirit.

If you ever need the secret Amazon customer service number, just ask me!

Again, trying to ruin it

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

I think Santa has it out for me this year. No matter what I do something has to happen to make me mad at Christmas.

Today I am extremely pissed off at someone. I don’t know who yet. I don’t know if I ever will. To make my long venting pissed off story simple, I will not ramble. I will just state the facts.

I ordered $100 worth of stuff from Amazon.
It was delivered VIA USPS on Sunday (yes Sunday … Chrismas schedule).
I confirmed with the Post Office and the delivery guy that it was delivered here.
It is not where it is supposed to be. It is nowhere.
I talked to a guy who lives in my building and he saw the package on Sunday, even remarking – yes I saw a package for (insert my name) – it was from Amazon.
I did not mention Amazon, so I know it was there.
It is no longer there.
My Chrismas presents were stolen.
I am very upset.

The End.

Protected: Santa Claus is coming to town!

Monday, December 6th, 2004

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Today is great

Friday, December 3rd, 2004

It is Friday boys & girls. That means that tomorrow is Saturday and I have nothing to do! Yay! And that also means that I only work until 4:00 today. I’m at home on my lunch break, celebrating Christmas of course.

Tomorrow I may go Christmas shopping. I don’t know where I am going to shop at, but maybe I’ll figure it out sometime. I can’t wait for the day to be over. I have made a list of 13 things I need to get done before the end of the day. Nine of them probably won’t happen because it requires cooperation of others, which I do not see happening. I can get my four independent projects done … maybe. I’d be happy if two of the other things on my list of 9 got accomplished. I would be really happy if all 9 happened, but it won’t.

I’m supposed to be on a diet but I just ate potato chips. I have no will-power. I suck. Yell at me, please. I guess I could probably go puke and just be a binge-eating bulimic person, but puking is nasty … plus my tummy would probably just be hungry again. Actually one time I got sick and puked up potato chips and it was nasty. I didn’t eat very many of them, but it was still really gross because it was trying to come out and it was just this really thick mush that was stuck in my throat and all through my mouth. I hope you weren’t eating something just now. If so, sorry … I should have headed this paragraph with a disclaimer that you may feel queasy after reading it, but I’m just rambling as I go along. I had no intention of writing about that until my fingers began typing it.

Well, I must get back to work but have a happy weekend … I will be exercising off my fat butt and then spending the rest of my time sitting on my butt, playing the Sims, shopping, or sleeping. Bye!