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Protected: I killed a gerbil once

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

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Sick with Da Sims Fever!

Monday, November 29th, 2004

Help me, I’m obsessed, deranged, and completely out of control. Someone needs to stop me from playing the Sims 2 before I jump into the game and become one. I’m sure I will grow tired of playing it the exact same day that I decide that I must spend all of my money on the ultimate Sims machine. I found some more memory when I was home during Turkey Day and it made the Sims VERY VERY happy! I would put more in but I’ve run out of slots.

Thanksgiving weekend was nice and relaxing, and I had lots of fun too! I traveled to FC on Wednesday night and did nothing which was actually nice. Thursday was Thanksgiving of course, and we went to my grandma’s house to have a feast. Everyone was drunk … except me. Even my brother was. My uncle eagerly fed him many cans of beer. I tried to drink some wine but it tasted like nail-polish remover (as usual). I am not too fond of Budweiser, and honestly I was just craving a good cup of coffee, which of course my grandmother provided for me.

I fixed their computer, which was the most messed up computer I have seen. It worked for about 3 minutes, then a bad error would come up and say the computer was shutting off in 30 seconds. I later found out it was a virus, but just to be safe I used their recovery CD and made the computer brand-new. My brother had installed Windows XP on it at some point and I don’t think the computer liked it very much. Its not an old computer, but its a crappy HP like mine, so changing from anything other than how it came is not a good idea. That is one reason that I’m afraid to format my computer. Hewlett Packard’s have some type of built in evil-gnome that comes out if you mess with it. Seriously! I’m not kidding.

Anyways, the turkey dinner was tasty, and I was satisfied. I like going to my grandma’s the best because my mom’s side of the family is so abnormal. But it is great because I fit right in and I can say whatever I want. I can talk about butts and gay sex if I want. Nobody would get offended. My dad’s side of the family is annoying, and they just constantly ask you how you are, what you are doing, where you live, how is your job, all those questions that I loathe answering even once, let alone the 100 times I actually have to answer each individual person. If I have to go to another family function again with them I think that I will suggest a “presentation style” get-together. Every person will get a turn to stand in front of the rest of the family and answer every possible embarrasing question that the audience can think of. That way, you only have to answer it once.

Anyways … on with the tales of Thanksgiving. On Friday my mom, dad, and I went to WalMart to check out the haps of their super day after Thanksgiving sale. We got there around 12, so we missed the 5 hour super-sale, but nothing good was on sale anyways. I was kind of looking for the sandwich maker that was on sale for $4.77 but I didn’t find it. After the WalMart escapade, we went to Big Lots and I did find a sandwich maker there that I liked.

Later that day, my mother and I began our Christmas Tree scheming. See, my dad HATES putting up the Christmas Tree and always waits until the last minute. This makes my mom sad because she wants the Christmas tree up right away (like me). My mom said that my dad would do it because I was home and I have powers that she does not have. So my mom and I proceeded to dig all of the Christmas decorations out of the basement and we began decorating the house. My dad was being a Scrooge-meister and was yelling at us. I found my very sad Christmas Tree in the basement and I could not revive it. It is about 3-feet tall and it sits in a pot. No matter what I did, the pot kept making my tree look like a shrub. So I went to WalMart and purchased styrofoam supplies to create a tree stand. When I got back my dad was putting garland on the bannister (hey, its a start!) I began to concoct a tree stand using my styrofoam, sticks, and a glue-gun. My dad gave me the most awesome kitty-wreath that has a motion detector which plays Christmas music with an overlay of “Meow Meow Meow”. I was very very happy. Anyways, my mom and I had finished decorating and I had finished my Christmas Tree, and my dad layed on the couch and played with the cat. Our scheming was not going as planned.

BUT, when I woke up on Saturday morning, the Christmas tree was in the process of being built! Success! Woola! I kind of sat around and drank coffee all morning and then my long lost friend Jamie called me. I was sort of bummed because I was coming back to my apartment that night, but we decided we could still go shopping at the dollar store, my ultimate goal, and hang out for a bit. She conned me once again (that con-artist), forcing me to go to Payless Shoes and visit my long time arch-enemy whom I haven’t spoken to in years. I don’t have much to say about it, except that um … I had a bad dream that she tried to kick me in the eyeballs with her slouch boots. Watch-out … if you have been avoiding Payless Shoes for the last few years … you had better start avoiding WalMart too. So anyways, we went to the dollar-store and we both went crazy and filled up carts with Christmas decorations. I spent $35 there! Keep in mind that every single item there is $1 … and I got a 10% discount. I think Jamie spent nearly $30 as well. After that, my tales of grandeur pretty much end. I came back to my cave … *cough* I mean apartment that night, decorated my apartment …. played the Sims all day on Sunday and went back to work today.

I am very excited about my Christmas decorations and I am going to post pictures of my revamped apartment as soon as I’m done. I think I should stop now. This entry is long enough, but I haven’t written in a while so I’m making up for it!

It’s not Thanksgiving yet

Sunday, November 21st, 2004

I just ate a turkey dinner at Kings. Oops, I forgot that I would be eating a real turkey dinner again this week. It is ok, I never get tired of turkey dinners. They are scrumpie-liscious. Lets recap the weekend, shall we? Ok.

On Friday I went to work which wasn’t so bad because Friday’s are fun and only 6 hours long! After work, Todd and I went out to dinner for his birthday. We went to Outback Steak House and ate some kangaroos. Afterwards we went to WalMart to walk around and digest our full tummies. Then we went bowling at some bowling place in Monroeville. I won both times, my highest score was 102. Not great but I’m always happy to break 100. After that we went to Todd’s and watched “Dreamcatcher”, which is the most fucked up Stephen King movie I’ve ever seen. Well maybe not … it was definitely fucked up, but wasn’t really as interesting as a lot of them. Here is a quick synopsis: Aliens from outerspace crash into Earth and begin infecting humans and animals with a “disease”. The disease causes them to get really fat stomachs and fart A LOT. Eventually they pass out and bleed to death, and an alien comes out of their ass. The alien is a worm that lays eggs, and the eggs hatch into mini-baby aliens. This sounds like something I would have written when I was 15. It was interesting to watch, but a few times I just had to stop and think, “My God, I am watching a movie about aliens coming out of people’s asses!” Hahahaha.

On Saturday I played the Sims all day and that was about it. At night I went over to Todd’s and hung out with him and the cat. Today I slept until like 1:00 while Todd was at church. I couldn’t help it. Kitty was snuggling with me and I was so warm and comfy. Then we went to Kings where I ate a tasty turkey dinner. Mmmm.

Thanksgiving is coming soon. Blah. I am going to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving. I have to work on Wednesday since I have like zero vacation until January. I am taking Friday off though, so woohoo, big long weekend!

I have no money because every bill on the earth needs to be paid, and it sucks because I need a stash of money for Christmas. I got my first bill for my new phone and it was like $180. Gah!! It’s actually for two phones (me & my brother) and there was $36 activation fee for each phone, plus all of the ringtones, internet usage, and other NON FREE stuff that my brother ignored when I told him not to use the internet! Garr Matey! But still, the phones cost like $70 a month, but the taxes are about $25!!! What is that? Anyways, I am switching the plan hopefully since my brother and I managed to use less than 400 minutes between the two of us and we have 1050 minutes. Also, my phone company just merged with Cingular so I got this thing that said I could switch to a Cingular nation plan which probably has some crazy promotions going on. Plus it offers rollover minutes, so that is cool.

Now it is Sunday and I have managed to do nothing this weekend. Well nothing productive. I was supposed to do laundry and buy fruit at the grocery store. I don’t want to go to the laundromat and I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I don’t want to do anything! Well, maybe I will go shopping and buy some new clothes since I have nothing clean to wear to work tomorrow. At least nothing clean that I want to wear. Oh yeah, and I’m fat. I can’t fit into my clothes anymore and it is very upsetting. I think I have gained 10 pounds at least and I feel disgusting. I need Cindy Crawford and my trampoline but they just aren’t appealing to me. Maybe I’ll just cheat and go get lyposuction. Just kidding, don’t think its that bad! I just need to tone myself up a bit and take some pounds off my rounding butt. Oh well, sitting on my butt is fun.


I have not updated

Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

I have not updated this in a while and I’m sorry. I have a new obsession that has been consuming 99% of my time away from work. I am obsessed with Sims 2. I’m not obsessed with the actual playing of the game though. I’m obsessed with getting the game to work on my computer. I know my computer is probably getting old, but I thought it was good enough to play a game! Wow, I was wrong. I didn’t even meet the minimum requirements for this game. My built in video card would not even run the game at all. Well, actually the makers of The Sims 2 would not allow me to run the game. I found a way around it, and was able to play in a window, but not full screen. It was really slow though, so I went out and bought a new video card for my computer. It wasn’t cheap either. So the Sims worked for about a day and now it just freezes and crashes. Since I have built more than one house, it refuses to cooperate. I did meet the minimum requirements of 256 MB of RAM to play the game. Apparently this is the minimum requirement to be able to build one house. After one house, 256 MB no longer works and wants more. This is crap. Now I have realized that I just need a new computer. I want to play the game and I have invested time and money into this, so bite me Sims. Who the heck has a computer able to run this insane game? My computer is about 2.5 years old, but it has been well maintained. It has 1.2 GHZ, 256MB Ram, and now this new fancy video card. What else do you want people!! I think that Sims creators knew how addicting this game is, and they are probably in cahoots with the computer maker people, making commission on every new computer sold to those desperate people who want to play Sims but can’t on their “NORMAL” run of the mill computer.

What else can I go grumble grumble about??? Oh, I know. I went to the eye doctor last Monday and had my eye exam since I have been wearing the same pair of contacts since July. Now I have insurance but was too lazy to go. They won’t give me my regular contacts and are being retarded. They said that my contacts would be ready on Wednesday(last Wednesday). Today is already a week later and they just told me that they are on backorder and will not be ready until the week after next! What! I’ve never ever had to wait for contacts before. Not even one day. I always went, got my eye exam, and left with my contacts. Who do these people get their contacts through? The North Pole? Ughh.

Work is crazy as always. Probably why I don’t feel like coming home and typing or looking at words on a screen. Probably why I don’t feel like updating, and if you have emailed me I haven’t checked that in some time either. I get so many emails and stare at so many screens at work all day … all I want to do when I come home is play the big colorful Sims game. Or watch TV. Or stare at the wall. I like my job, but it sucks. I’m tired of other countries, other languages, weird people who call me and know who I am yet I am clueless as to who they are or where they got my number. I want to be a Sims creator. I am going to make a game that works for normal people.

Besides Sims, contacts, work …. um nothing. I have no life. I’m boring. I smell like a gerbil. I’ve been in anti-social mode lately. I think I get my fill of people at work. When I come home I just want to be alone. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. If you will just chill with me, no questions asked … then fine. If I have to expend energy just to talk to you, then I don’t have the energy to do it. And if you really need to find me, I’ll be playing the Sims. Or at the grocery store. Or sleeping. Or on the couch watching TV. Maybe I’ll be dancing along to my Cindy Crawford video or hanging out somewhere with Todd. Or hanging out with his cat. Or spying on my landlord to find out if he really died. Or out buying a cat when I confirm that he is dead or incapacitated. Until then, I’m here. I’m alive. And I’m fine.

Killing me

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

My job is sucking the life out of me. I don’t really feel like complaining, but I’m having some serious stress. I wish that I could go to work, come home …. and just clear my brain. I have about 9 days of work to complete in the next two days. It isn’t just me, everyone is suffering. My work is having a serious lack of workers, especially since the girl in my department got fired. I am doing her work + mine, plus I’m organizing two huge events and my brain hurts. I think I am just going to drink some coffee, wait I ran out of coffee. Ok, then I am going to buy some speed and clean my apartment, listen to some music, and eat food. Sounds pretty healthy to me! Aaaaaah! Sometimes I just wish I had a monotonous boring mindless job. I wish I could be one of those people who sits around and plays on the internet all day at work. Sure, I have the internet and I use it a lot, but not because I’m bored. I think I have nearly 1,000 emails in my inbox at work, and I don’t even have time to read them, let alone delete them or move them into folders. I need a day where nobody needs me for anything so I can get caught up on some work. Hopefully we will have a temp by tomorrow to help us out with some things. At least to take some of the pressure off of us. I’m wearing a pretty red sweater today. That is about the only thing that is great. Well also, George Bush won … I think that makes me happy. Just cause I know that things won’t get worse. Probably not better, but why chance it now when things are finally looking my way? Is that selfish?? Oh well, I deserve to be selfish today. Wait, I stand firm that I have no opinion. I would have been happy either way. It would have sucked if Osama Bin Laden became our president. Then I would have been sad. That is all now. I think I’m hallucinating or rambling, and probably not making much sense. Bye!