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Sunday, October 31st, 2004

As I was searching my name on various search engines, I came across a slambook that I created in like 2000. Something I’ve never found before while searching! And something that I forgot existed. I would link it here, but that could potentially give away my true identity. If you are interested in reading what you wrote or reading what others wrote, you can go to and type in my last name. Just my last name, I think it is #15 on the list, and my brother’s name is actually in the description under the link for it.
I totally forgot about Slambook’s!
A vote for Bush is a vote for Slambooks!
That is for you Julie.

I don’t need a title!!

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

I saw baby kittens playing today and they were very cute. I was very tempted to catnap one of them but I didn’t. I hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks back today and celebrate the return of darkness and doom. It is 6:01pm and its already night time. Boo! Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you don’t get eaten by ghouls.

This weekend was good, but way too short. It’s already Sunday evening and that means I have to go back to work tomorrow. Gahhh. Yesterday Todd and I went to Kennywood and we had an awesome time. I tried not to be too demanding about riding every single ride that there was, but I was definitely in ride mode. I haven’t been to Kennywood in about 4 years so I was very pumped about it. There were some haunted houses but I wanted to ride stuff. We went to one haunted house and it was cool, but after that the rest of the night was dedicated to rollercoasters and flippy rides. We rode the Phantom’s Revenge for the first time. The last time I was at Kennywood it was still the Steel Phantom. It was an awesome rollercoaster. We rode all of the rollercoasters and a few new rides that weren’t there the last time I had visited. It was spooky and fun, and the weather was actually very nice last night.

Today I slept in with Todd’s cat. We just cuddled all morning. He purred. I slept. It was a good time. After I got up, Todd came back from church and we went out to Eat n’ Park. I was a bit disappointed that the salad bar was the nasty breakfast brunch buffet, so I had a tasty turkey sandwich that made me sleepy. When we got back I carved the worlds most awesome pumpkin. It totally kicks pumpkin butt. Then I fell asleep with the cat again. I think that the kitty makes me sleep. Well he is a black cat, AND it is Halloween, so kitty has powers today. Now I’m home and kind of bummed that the weekend is over, but tonight is the season finale of “Dead Like Me”, so you better not bother me from 10-11pm. I will paint you orange, carve you a new face, and light a firecracker in your mouth. Haha, I’m funny. I was really just kidding, I just wanted to sound like a hard ass.

Hey! It’s 4am

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

Aaah, its 4:00am and I just got home from Eat n’Park. I drank a vanilla latte so I have energy to burn. That means I’m going to write lots of stuff. I will never sleep, ever.

So, today was eventful. At work, this girl that I have become pretty good friends with got fired. Not that I can really go into it, but … she is really nice. In my opinion it was really unfair. You know on TV, like how someone just gets fired and has to put all of their stuff in a box and leave? That is exactly how it happened. 4:00 PM on Friday and she gets called down to talk to someone. 5 minutes later she comes back upstairs and says “I’ve been let go, I have to leave right now.” She looks at her computer screen and sees that she has been booted off of the system, “no user found”. They sure don’t take any chances. And just like that, you are gone. Sometimes I miss my old job. They never fire anyone there. And if they do, its nothing like that. And if you are sorry for being a jerk, then you get to come back. And you are allowed to be yourself, without question or judgement regarding whether you are suitable for the job. And even though I’m not very happy about people there (at my old job) gossiping that my boyfriend broke up with me and is doing it with this other girl who currently works there, gossip happens everywhere unless you totally isolate your personal life from your job. It’s a good idea by the way.

Anyways, I talked to her for about an hour this evening and I think she will be ok. I will miss her. We plan to hang out though. But I’m not that good at keeping in touch with people. I know, I suck.

Tonight I went to an Improv show and it was pretty darn amusing. I know that I would never have the balls to go up there and do that stuff. It is so intimidating because you are totally put on the spot and you have to be funny. I think that is what makes it so good. I was imagining that it was me up there, having to come up with stuff. I was drawing a blank from my seat. If I was actually in front of an audience I would probably just cry and run away. I have no talent for that kind of stuff. My brother would be great at it. He’s a true Leo unlike me. Leo’s are known for loving to be in the spotlight, and many are actors. I’m the complete opposite. I think that the sun & moon and all that jazz definitely made a mistake when they made me a Leo.

After the show, like 7 of us got into a car and went to Eat n’Park. Good times were had and I’m defintely feeling that Vanilla Latte now. I ate some food and Jaime called me a chucnunpoop. I was kind of in a bummy mood tonight, a lack of energy and I don’t know why. I feel sort of shitty and my nose is stuffed up. I had better not be getting sick AGAIN!

Tomorrow Todd and I are hopefully going to Kennywood for the last night of Fright Night. This is the agenda unless it rains. Boo rain. It is going to be 70 degrees tomorrow, so it should be a fairly nice night. And Sunday is Halloween! I have no plans, but I might celebrate Halloween on Tuesday. Jaime invited me to a presidential election/Halloween party. Halloween was definitely happening around here tonight. I saw a group of hooker police-girls. I think they were trying to look like the police-girl stripper from American Wedding. Half of them had nasty guts hanging out. They looked pretty bad. I love Halloween. I almost forgot about it this year. I’ve been kind of sad this month, but its not too late. I still have one day left.

I think I’m out of stuff to say. Goodnight/morning. Bye

Introducing ….

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

One my oldest, bestest, craziest, and silliest friends: Jamie. She’s got herself one of them livejournals. Now you better update so we can indulge in our reading habits. Ya know some of us like to know what is going on in your life, even though we don’t keep in touch as often as we should. 🙂

Protected: Things that make me crazy

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

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Holy Crap

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

I just did like 6 loads of laundry and the process of going to & from the laundromat (about 2 blocks away) about 11-12 times totally kicked my ass. I feel like I got hit by a car. I’m quite motivated to get cleaning-stuff done today. Don’t know why. I like to clean when I’m happy. Guess I’m happy! Yes, I’m definitely happy!

Anyways, yesterday I got invited to a Presidential Election Party on election day. I don’t know if I will fit in since my opinions on the matter make people think I’m an ignorant cow, but what the hell. Free alcohol, and maybe it won’t matter. I’ll be spewing off my drunken opinions, saying things like “Why the hell does it even matter so f-ing much, its not like Saddam Hussein is running for president. It’s not the end of the world either way. ” I would probably get my ass kicked out of the party for saying things like that. I will remember to keep my not so popular opinions TO MYSELF. Remember, a lot of people live, breathe, and sleep this crappshit.

Crows are chirping loudly in this apartment. I’m so happy today I could fly across town with the crows and not even care that I’m like the ugliest bird there is. I’m tired of living the no-life, so its time to start celebrating. I have also decided that I don’t like anything important so I’m just going to spend the rest of my life laughing for no reason.

Later people! 🙂

Help me.

Sunday, October 17th, 2004

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m getting over this shitty cold, and was feeling a lot better. Then yesterday I was attacked by some major illness, causing me to puke my guts out until something that resembled an organ came out. Ok, think I’ve said enough. All I know is that I don’t feel better, I have no energy, I’m dizzy, and I will die if I eat food. I need someone to take care of me.
Oh yeah, my name disappeared from google and co. so I think I’ll leave my site here for a while.

Is there a service in this city that will bring me medicine, beverage, and toilet paper?

Attack of the germs

Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

I’m sick. Nobody I work with wants my germs so I came home. Which is a good thing, because I kept getting dizzy and hot. If I had a thermometer I would take my temperature. My hands have been really cold and damp all day. I once heard that if you are running a temperature, then your hands will be hot. If that is true, I’m not running a temperature … just suffering from a case of clammy hands.

When I’m at work my hands are always cold (only clammy when I’m sick), but its so cold there and my hands are the first things to freeze. I hate it because I’m always getting introduced to people, and shaking a cold hand is not that appealing. One day I was so cold, literally shivering at work. I was sitting on my hands and one of my co-workers wanted to introduce me to her new accounting assistant. I’m like “Hi, I’m Nellie. Please excuse my hands, I’m really cold today.” She laughed. I mean, I have to say something. I can’t just go around getting the reputation of being “Miss icy hands”.

My puzzle is almost finished. In fact I think I could probably finish it in about 20 minutes, but everytime I try to sit on the floor, all the snot rushes into my nose and gets all stuffy. So I stand up to clear my nose and I get really dizzy. I have to sneeze right now. God Bless Me. Thanks. I’m welcome.

Today at work someone, or should I say something, left me a voicemail. It was just this song that kept playing over and over again. I recognized the tune but I can’t think of the song. I keep thinking that it was my bonny lies over the ocean, but thats not the song. Oh well. I listened to it for about 2 minutes, anticipating some grand finale … but I got impatient and hung up. It sounded like someone was playing it on a flute. Ode to Nellie. A couple weeks ago these dumb girls called me and left me this voicemail that was mostly them giggling and saying my name in a really weird voice. Then at the end, they were like “haha Nellie. What a dumb bitch”. What is the point of that? At least when I used to prank people, I pranked people that I actually knew. Who gets off pranking complete strangers?

Can’t breathe. Dying. Someone should check on me occasionally to make sure I didn’t die, rotting away here. Otherwise, noone will ever notice.

Oh yeah, my website will be moving within the next week hopefully. I’m still working on picking a new name for my site. I like my current site, but I’d like to make my stuff more private. I will be distributing emails to the people I like when it is finished. And you can still link it … just don’t make reference to my last name.


Thursday, October 7th, 2004

I went to “Games Unlimited” today and picked up two very awesome jigsaw puzzles. I am very excited about that. Tomorrow is supposed to be 76 degrees! It might be your last chance to get out and have some fun! Anyone want to go to Kennywood with me?

Originally I was supposed to go with Todd but he doesn’t care to associate with me anymore. Even though I don’t always see the bright side of things, at least I know what is important to me in life. Things aren’t always easy, but taking it out on others and hurting them isn’t going to make life easier. At least that is my opinion. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with really simple things in life, and it isn’t easy being me. But I don’t shut people out just because I think my life would be less stressful without them. Maybe it would be less stressful, but then what would the point of living be? It would be a fake life, with fake things and fake relationships … you aren’t a very good friend if you are only there when things are fun and good. We only have one life, and after its over …. who knows if you have a chance to do anything else. Well, those are my priorities … be there for the ones you love, regardless of how easy or hard it is. If you don’t agree, then that is fine. If you would rather have a bunch of friends that don’t give a shit about you, and bail out when the goin’ gets tough, thats fine with me, just not how I want to be. Anyways, that is all I have to say about that right now. There are lots of other people out there who love me unconditionally, I’m just disappointed. I guess I’m still waiting to find that person that will understand me and love everything about me.

ANYWAYS, if I went to Kennywood tomorrow it would be the happiest day of my year. There is nothing I want more in the world. Anyone? Please. I’m not trying to feel pitied right now, I just want to go to Kennywood REALLY REALLY bad.

No need to rant, instead celebrate!

Friday, October 1st, 2004

I was going to rant about my Cricket Phone that I recently had shut off. Here is a bit of history of what went down, what the problem was, and how it was resolved. It all turned out in my favor by the way.

Ok, about two weeks ago I signed up for service with AT&T and decided to have my phone number from my Cricket Phone ported to my new AT&T phone, just to save the hassle of having to change my number on everything. For those of you unaware of how porting works, I will give you a brief summary. You sign up for service with another provider, give them your current number … and then basically you don’t have to do anything. Your new provider contacts your current provider, it gets switched, and your old provider automatically shuts off your old service once the number has been ported. That is exactly what happened. I was using my old phone, and right afterwards my new phone made a noise … I had a text message saying my number had been ported successfully! Woah, I was just on the other phone though! So I tried to call someone on my old phone and I just got a busy signal. Cool! That was easy, right?

Well, the problem was … when my old Cricket Phone had been disconnected, it decided to pretend I did not exist. My bill for the month was due on September 30th and I had intentions on paying it. It was like September 22 when my old phone stopped working. Whatever, I was just going to pay it. So I try to login to my account online, and it says “sorry you don’t exist” … it wouldn’t login at all. So I try to call 1-800-CRICKET. Guess how bad their service is? BAD. You cannot access any options, let alone talk to a customer service representative without first entering your cellular number or your account number. So I tried to enter my cellular number, but again … I did not exist and the automated guy said, “sorry goodbye” and hung up on me! I called back several times and tried every single option on the menu but it was requiring me to put in my phone number or account number. I do not know my account number. I do not know my account number because I do not get a paper bill. I do not get a paper bill because you have to pay 55 cents a month to get a paper bill! YES. You actually have to pay extra to get a bill in the mail! My online account was non-existant, and I was like “UM”. Oh yeah, I think I already wrote about the BIG GREEN CRICKET STORE here that does NOT accept payments! Aghh!

So, I had wanted to have the phone re-activated with a different number for my brother. I went to the BIG GREEN CRICKET STORE today and decided if they told me that they didn’t do that there I was going to blow up the building. There was a line out the door. Everyone in there was ghetto, and had broken phones that they had busted while throwing them in fits of rage. GOD, people are so STUPID. Anyways, I got to the dude and he looked up my account and said my balance was $0. I didn’t argue, but I did say that I hadn’t paid my bill that month. He was like, “Oh well, you don’t have to pay then … the computer does not lie.” OK, cool. Because my plan is NOT prepaid, so I did owe my bill for the month. He was like, “This is great. This is the beginning of the month so it is the best time to reactivate the phone since we don’t prorate plans.” So if I had gone in the middle of the month I would have had to pay for a full month at the end of the month. That is retarded. Who doesn’t prorate? That is funny because I went in about two months ago and asked if they prorated because I was shopping around for different phones and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to get billed for a full month if I had my phone shut off in the middle of the month or something. And the guy told me that they DEFINITELY would prorate my bill. LIARS.

So I walked out with a new number and a reactivated phone and I only had to pay $15. I was expecting to have to pay my bill, but apparently CRICKET doesn’t have their shit together. Not my problem. My sweet revenge for every time I dropped a call because I live in something with walls. Yeah, get CRICKET only if you live in a tent … with very thin material. Just kidding, that phone actually worked really really good in the city, until I moved into the cave. My AT&T phone works worse than my CRICKET phone. What is a girl to do? I hate phones.

Todd and I are going out to eat in a little bit and I am going to go hang out with him and the cat. But thanks to Julie, I now know where I can go get some jigsaw puzzles. I’ll take a raincheck on that … maybe soon though. I’m getting in the mood for some puzzle fun pretty soon.