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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

I’m not really insane, but … having your first and last name on a journal could potentially lead to trouble. Not that I think I am popular, but I google a lot of people. There has to be someone out there as crazy as me … in fact I know a few of them myself. Anyways … since starting this website, I have never put my last name anywhere. Nothing comes up in a search, nothing in the source-code. I’m stumped. The only thing I could come up with was the listing in the whois database. Well, I’ve officially changed my name, you shouldn’t be surprised. You can investigate if you really want to. Until further notice, my site will be here because I don’t need trouble. Now that I have a job, which I talk about, I do not need someone at work to come across my site. Really, I just don’t need that. And I don’t need snooping relatives or long lost friends finding out that I’m still alive. I’m thinking of changing my domain, I have nothing creative to name my site though.

I’m sorry

Monday, September 27th, 2004

Sorry for the ranting on the last entries. And sorry to anyone who had to actually experience my whining and bitching. I was not in a good mood. It was Friday night and I probably needed to take a nap. I didn’t feel well, my head was pulsating and this guy upstairs was blasting the entire “Queen” album and stomping and clapping to songs such as “Another one bites the dust” and “We will rock you”. I think he was alone too. Scary. My new phone was not functioning and then my computer got attacked with an unearthly amount of pop-ups and spyware. And to top it all off, I totally forgot to watch the season premiere of “Joan of Arcadia”.

I’m better now. Today I’m tired and groggy, but that is what 5 hours of sleep does to me. I need 10 hours of sleep. Not 5,6,7,8 or 9. 10. With ten hours of sleep I feel like the Queen Bee. I rock. With five hours of sleep I feel like the fly that just got sprayed with a half of a bottle of hairspray, but just won’t die.

I’m starting a new exercise routine tomorrow. And this time I am going to be serious about it. My new job consists of sitting and doing nothing. I walk up and down the steps about 10 times a day, but its not a lot of steps. My work is only a two story building, and I work on the second floor. And I only have to go downstairs to mail something, visit the accounting department, or to go outside. I need a workout buddy, but then again that could just get annoying. People suck sometimes and there are days that I don’t want to have contact with humans after work. Sometimes I don’t even want to have contact with humans at work, but that is osmething I just have to deal with.

There was something else I was going to say but I forget.


Friday, September 24th, 2004

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp … another one bites the dust. Oh my God, I need out of here RIGHT NOW! I’m busting out the bomb kit.

Bite the big one GRR

Friday, September 24th, 2004

My phone is a piece of … excuse my language, SHIT. Thank you everyone for never EVER letting me have a phone that works. Thank you customer support for not speaking English. THANKS! I got so irritated with At&t customer support, because a) I couldn’t hear him b) he did not speak English. I’m grateful to be paying for this service. I need to take a walk and blow off some steam. Because not only that, but my computer just exploded with pop-ups and about 40 viruses. I wasn’t even doing anything on the computer when it happened. I was talking to my dad on the phone, who had called me to complain about fleas. Who freakin’ cares about fleas, fleas are nothing. My world is falling apart. GRRRRR. Seriously I’m in this really irritated mood right now and I want to punch someone in the face. I hope my computer just blows up so I can throw it in the river with my phone. Then I will jump into the river like Kate did in “Kate & Leopold” and I will fall into the time-continuim that will shoot me back into the 1800’s, when all this crap didn’t exist and I won’t have to worry about it. Oh yeah, and I’ll marry that cute prince guy too. Aah, how nice it would be to live back in the day when women had no responsibility but to cook, clean, and take care of the children. Except I’m smart. I would marry the guy, pretend to be pregnant, then break the news to him that I had suddenly become infertile. Due to the fact that divorces were non-existent back then he’d just have to deal with it or kill me. Oh yeah, and my cooking is worse than poison … so don’t count on that either. Yeah, he’d probably kill me. Sounds good right about now.

Protected: Mystery Bus

Friday, September 24th, 2004

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Ohhh Yeah

Sunday, September 19th, 2004

Oh yeah, I’m excited. Things that are exciting:

1. My apartment smells like sewage
2. Green Day CD comes out Tuesday
3. Halloween!
4. Sweater wearing season (I’d still prefer summer)

I just got back from FC. I got to see all of the cool floods from hurricane Ivan since everything in FC is on the river. We went to the next town over on Saturday morning to check out some yard-sales, and there were ducks swimming in the Sheetz parking lot! Wooo! Ducks. Sheetz. Awesome! I really wanted to stop there and get some coffee too. I would have had to swim there though, plus I’m pretty sure it wasn’t open anyways.

We all went out to dinner on Saturday night and I ate some shrimp garlic thing that made me feel pretty queasy for the rest of the night. My grandma let me taste her lobster since I have never tried any before. It was o.k. but nothing I would actually pay extraordinary amounts of money for. I’d rather eat chips and dip.

I was afraid that my apartment flooded the entire time I was gone. Luckily it hasn’t. But it smells like sewage or something nasty. The storage room has a little bit of water around the edges of the wall, but other than that its all good. I just need to get rid of this smell. And I did clean before I left so I’m sure I didn’t leave any rotting food sitting around.

My cats have fleas so I spent the weekend with my insane dad, trying to de-louse the house. He had me moving furniture, putting powder everywhere, spraying things on the cats … thank God I wasn’t around when the cats all had to get baths. It was hard enough to give Todd’s cat a bath, and his cat is a wussy. My cats can get quite evil if they want to.

I want to go somewhere and do something fun. NOW. I want to go to Kennywood next month. I want to see scary things and ride rollercoasters. I don’t care how cheesy it is, I want to go. Some dude called me today from a drawing I had entered at the Irish Festival and told me that I won a trip to Florida. He was lying. It costs money. Good thing Todd let me in on the secret before I got really excited and threw away all my money.

Gahh. It sure does feel cold outside. I wonder if I will have to turn the heat on soon. I am afraid of heat, so I have to go out and buy a carbon-monoxide detector before I die from heat-poisoning. Call me crazy, but better safe than sorry! I want a cat and I want one now. Someone please bring one to me because when I’m here all alone I miss my cats and I miss Todd’s cat, and I think that I just miss having a cat around in general. So please buy me a cat so I can be happy. Thanks.

I’m going to go puke right now, so have a nice night.

Drama gives me a headache

Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

I’m always the quiet one. I can tune things out when I want to. I can sit beside ten people who are in this intense conversation meanwhile laughing, crying, bitching, or screaming … and I can be completely obvlivious to what they are saying. I don’t feel that it is a problem whatsoever. I’m happy that I can just ignore everything if I feel like it. I don’t even have to try, it comes naturally. Today I was very grateful that I had this skill. My office has way too much drama. Everyone freaks out about everything … and I just go about my business and ignore them. It’s nice. I do get annoyed by the whispering and closed doors … that is not cool. If you scream it in front of me, I don’t care … I will ignore you. But when these little groups get together and whisper … it annoys the hell out of me because it is rude, unprofessional, and I can’t hear! Not that I would want to … but just in case. Ughh, and the people I work with make a shitload of money, they are old, they have big huge nice houses, and they still act like children.

My oh my, I’m in a pleasant mood right now. I feel like eating some cockroaches today. Mmmm. I know where you can get some too. For free. Just go to Spice Island in the land of Oaks and you will get complimentary cockroaches with your meal. Todd and I went there on Saturday and when he lifted up his napkin, a cockroach ran out from underneath. I never actually saw it, but the thought of it sure spoiled my appetite.

My apartment is a huge mess. I don’t care. I’m tired and cranky. I may never clean again. Yesterday I worked from 9-5, then 6-11 at Vento’s. I didn’t get home until 12:15 and I had to watch TV for about an hour just to unravel.

(The rest of this entry disappeared when I moved to Word Press so um THE END!!!)

I am in denial

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

Summer can’t be over, it just cannot possibly be over. I’ve heard a few people predicting the worst winter ever or something too. The leaves are already turning, they were turning by mid-August. That is not normal. This was not a summer to brag about, and there had better not be a blizzard every single day starting tomorrow. I’m mad. Summer, get your ass back here right now!

Today was the worst day of work I have ever experienced. Okay, so it’s not like something horrible happened. And remember, I’ve had this job less than one month, so I don’t have many days to compare it to. Today was just my worst day of work so far. Nothing happened. I was dying of boredom. I had nothing to do. I checked my email every 4 seconds. And it doesn’t really matter, because when I get an email a pop-up box comes onto my screen and pretty much describes the entire email right there. I was freezing to death today and my nose was cold and runny all day long. I didn’t have time to fill my coffee mug up at Panera Bread before work so I suffered through the morning with no coffee. There is coffee at work but it is so disgusting that I woudl rather go without than drink that foul tasting laxative. Around 11:00 I suddenly remembered that the Exxon Station across the street had cappuccinio, so I hurried over and got some. It was soooo good, and it really warmed me up. I spent my lunch break traveling to (edited) to deposit my paycheck from Vento’s. Even though it was like $2, it is almost time for another paycheck from there … so I figured I had better get my butt to the bank and do something with it. I’m glad I have direct deposit now, but I’ll still have paychecks from Vento’s and no time to deposit them. The bank lady gave me these prepaid postage envelopes and keeps telling me that I can mail my deposits to her, but I still don’t know if I trust the USPS with my paychecks. But since my next paycheck will be less than $100 I think I might chance it. I’d never do it with, say a $1,000 paycheck … but even if it did get lost I’m sure Al would give me a new one. Yay. I’m getting pretty hungry for some of that pizza and grease.

Speaking of pizza and grease, I am training someone on Saturday night. What fun! Al told me that he hired three new people, so I am going to train some girl to work on the cash-register. Umm, I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as training on a cash register, but what the hell … it should be fun. I can make her carry all the heavy stuff up the steps and I will do nothing. Hopefully there will be some stupid sporting event or some Political crap to watch on TV all night. That is all we are allowed to watch at work. John Kerry, President Bush bashing, or a sport. I want to watch N@N but obviously my opinions don’t matter.

Todd and I are giving his cat a bath tonight. It should be interesting, hopefully he will behave. Todd just took him to the vet last week because he had scabs on his skin and he kept coughing up hairballs. The vet said nothing was wrong with him, but last night Todd discovered fleas on him. Poor kitty … its weird because he sits on our laps all the time and neither of us have ever seen one single flea.

That’s it for now folks. I’ve run out of things to talk about.

Yay! Thank you!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Somebody reads this stuff. I got my coffee mug back. Thanks Todd, I luv you!!!

Gaah, Grr. Damnit!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

I left my $5 Panera Bread coffee mug at Rite-Aid. And I’m not going back to get it in this nasty rain. Grrrr! Not only was the mug $5, but I get free refills for a month with that mug. Me=MADD. It is almost as bad as forgetting my foot somewhere. I want it now! They better still have it tomorrow morning or I am sueing Rite-Aid for being mean.